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No Screening this Saturday, 1st July 2023

No JAFWA until Saturday 8th July 2023!

The year is half over, and JAFWA is taking its regular break from Screening this Saturday. We wish to be refreshed when we return in July proper, with the Annual General Meeting and committee election coming up during our second screening. Still time to nominate for the election, or raise an issue for the AGM.

Though if you attend the Hall this Saturday from Midday, you are likely to encounter the local Doctor Who club.

But for the week of the 8th, we will be starting several new regular series, which haven’t been decided yet. Stay tuned!
Thanks to everyone who filled in the survey form, but not a lot of people admitted to rating the second season of “Tokyo Revengers” very high. This disappoints your beloved MC.

Dale’s Suggestive Remarks

There was another entry in our suggestion box, from Saturday 17th of June.
However, the handwriting is cramped and the pen ink keeps running out, and with my eyesight I can’t reproduce it accurately

Basically he is saying that he has a DVD of the original “Kimba the White Lion” series, from 1965, and is nominating it for the retro time-slot.
I believe it is in Black & White, and I am not clear if it is dubbed into English or properly subbed. His main issue is that the episodes are not sequential on the DVD, but all mixed up.

I can probably deal with the mixed up order of the episodes. But if it is black & white, it is verging on being even more retro than I can deal with comfortably. Still sounds awesome though.
Thinking back on it, I may have seen some “Kimba” episodes on TV when I was a much, much, much younger. Mind you, what sticks harder in my memory is something called “Marine Boy”, and maybe something called “The Amazing Three”.

The expected program

Below is the tentative program for the evening of Saturday July 8th, 2023.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles. With assistance from a grant from and

4:15pm new series 1 Ep 1/?
4:40pm Dr Stone season 3 Ep 8/12?
5:05pm new series 2 Ep 1/?
5:30pm dinner break, with possibly interesting stuff
6:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
6:30pm new series 3 Ep 1/? (retro)
6:55pm Kaina of Great Snow Sea Ep 10/11
7:20pm Demon Slayer season 3 Ep 3/?
7:45pm Jujutsu Kaisen Ep 20/24
8:10pm Late Break
8:20pm new series 4 Ep 1/?
8:45pm Golden Kamuy season 4 part A Ep 7/13 (V)
9:10pm Vinland Saga season 2 Ep 9/25 (v)

Doors Open before Screening:~4:00 PM

Program Finishes:~9:45 PM

Comment on our FB page.

Dates of Interest

presuming an outbreak of the Pandemic progression does not cause this to cancel.

  • Saturday July 15th 2023 — All signed up members requested to attend JAFWA’s Annual General Meeting, held before the JAFWA screening.
  • Saturday July 15th 2023 Dinner Break — JAFWA’s Annual Elections during the JAFWA screening, assuming we get enough nominations.
  • Weekend July 29th & 30th 2023 — Fuyu Anime Market.
  • Weekend August 5th & 6th 2023 — Pixel Expo 2023 at Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre.
  • August 14th to September 17th 2023 — South West Japan Festival 2023 at various locations in Bunbury.
  • Weekend November 3rd to 5th 2023 — Kai-Con 2023.

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