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The Japanese Animation Fans of Western Australia (JAFWA) has been around for more than 20 years. Because it started with some friends meeting at someone’s home to watch anime no-one is quite sure when JAFWA was born. Based on peoples recollection it was decided that JAFWA has officially existed at least since 23rd of November 1990 (which is the anniversary of Dr. Who, easy date to remember).

JAFWA was started in 1990 by Michael Studte and Tom Edge out of their own homes. Word of mouth caused the attendance to increase so that JAFWA had to move to a church hall, then up to the lecture theatres at Curtin University. For various reasons JAFWA moved its screenings to the University of Western Australia a few years ago but is now back at Curtin University, until rates rise sent JAFWA to the Collins Street Community Center in South Perth.

Besides Tom Edge and Michael Studte the other members were David Kamenek, aka the Killer Dwarf Assassin, aka The Door Ogre, another Tom (cannot remember his surname), and John Dennis. These people formed the first JAFWA committee and have raised he enjoyment of Japanese animation and manga from its small beginnings to a level where more than 80 people enjoy the JAFWA screenings every week.

Over time all the original committee members have left to get a life for themselves. There being nothing better than anime on the bug screen and being among other creatures of their own kind, that is the Otaku or dedicated anime fan kind, they relapse and on occasion can be found at the screenings.

By the beginning of 1997 all the original committee members had left and a new generation of enthusiasts had been lured, by means fair and foul, to take over.

In August 1998 JAFWA changed from a gathering of anime fans to a fully incorporated club.

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