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JAFWA meets every Saturday, except for the first Saturday in each month or when indicated otherwise. The screening usually starts at 5:15 pm, with doors opening at 5:00pm, and finishes around 10:30 pm. Please check the program for any changes to dates and times.

The dinner break starts at 6:30pm and finishes at 7:30pm. During the dinner break Anime Music Videos (AMVs) or other special items are shown. At the end of the dinner break public announcements are made and the door and members prizes are drawn.

There is also a late break at around 9:15pm for about 10 minutes before the screening continues.


The meetings are usually held in the Collins Street Community Center, South Perth.

1 block north of the intersection of Canning Highway and Douglas Avenue.

The following map shows the location:


The community center has approximately 40 parking bays.

Disabled parking is available just outside the main door.

Public Transport

Canning Highway is 1 block away, with buses going either direction (to Causeway, or to Canning Bridge) regularly.

JAFWA meetings are an alcohol free event and the consumption of alcohol during the meeting is not permitted. If you are caught drinking an alcoholic beverage you will be asked to leave.

Rubbish bags and bins are provided to put your rubbish in. Please clean up any mess you make otherwise the permission to eat and drink in the theater will be withdrawn.

Age Restrictions

The items shown at the screenings are not rated by the Australian Board of Censors. This is due to the fact that these shows are unavailable in Australia. As such, we have classified our shows based on the Australian rating system and the judgment of the JAFWA Board.

The items shown at the start of the screening have ‘G’ or ‘PG’ ratings. The later shows have ratings that range from ‘PG’, ‘M’ to ‘MA’.

We rarely show ‘R’ rated material, but when we do, it is done in good taste and is programmed to be the last item for the night. Please note that such shows are clearly marked on our program schedule, and persons under 18 years of age shall be asked to leave before the screening of such material.

Age Group Condition of Entry
Under 12 You can only attend with a responsible guardian-type adult (ie parent or something similar).
12 – 17 You need parental permission to attend the screenings.As proof of parental permission JAFWA issues a ‘Young Adults’ pass, which will be provided upon receipt of a properly filled out permission letter. Once the permission letter is properly filled out bring it with you to a JAFWA meeting to get your ‘Young Adult’ pass.The permission letter can be obtained from the door ogres at a JAFWA meeting or can printed by selecting the permission letter link.

If you are attending JAFWA for the first time and do not have a permission letter with you we will let you in for that one time but you will be required to provide a properly filled out permission letter the next time you attend a JAFWA meeting.

18 and over Assumed to be “wise enough” to look after themselves, so have no restrictions.

Drinks & Food

You can bring your own drink and food or you can get it from:

  • JAFWA Canteen
    JAFWA has a canteen in the theater with various drinks, biscuits, candy and other types of food available at reasonable cost.
  • Fast Food & Take Away
    There are various fast food and take away food places, within a couple of blocks – walking distance.


It would be nice if the meetings were free but JAFWA has to pay for the hire of the Hall and assorted equipment costs, and there are some running costs involved as well.

The entry fee paid also entitles you to take part in the door prize raffle held near the end of the dinner break (~7:15pm). You have to be at the drawing to collect your prize.

Schedule of Fees

Please read the membership page to find out how to become a JAFWA member and the benefits you get by being a member.

Associate members are those that belong to other clubs with which JAFWA has special arrangements. People belonging to these clubs have to show proof that they are a member of one of the clubs with which JAFWA has an arrangement to be eligible for the discount. Currently members of the these clubs are considered definitely associate members: Gamers Guild, Westlodge, UWAnime, Murdoch Anime Directive.

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