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Code of Conduct

The “Code of Conduct” forms part of the by-laws of JAFWA.

All attendees of JAFWA, that is members, guests, and anyone else attending JAFWA will be bound by it.

The “Code of Conduct” is displayed at the entrance of the venue and copies of it are available when buying a ticket or membership upon request.

Code of Conduct

  1. Comply with the Safety & Health regulations for the venue
  2. JAFWA is a family friendly organisation, please refrain from using foul or inappropriate language
  3. Please refrain from talking during screening
  4. Please be quiet during announcements
  5. Mobile phones to be switched off or switched to vibrate/silent mode for people who are on call.
    If you receive a mobile call:  

    • Answer immediately and ask the other party to hold for 30 seconds
    • Walk outside and continue conversation.
  6. Minimum dress standards:
    • Safety regulations require the wearing of enclosed footwear at all times.
    • Neat casual dress is required at all times, if you are inappropriately dressed you may be asked to leave.
    • No weapons, real or replica are to be brought to a JAFWA screening
      [Exceptions will be made for gazetted costume nights (cosplay)]
  7. No “horse play”, “play fighting” or other disruptive behaviour within the hall, venue or environs at anytime [Note 1]
  8. No throwing items within the hall at anytime
  9. Rubbish to be placed in bins/bags provided.
  10. Young adults must have a young adults pass or valid membership card. This must be shown upon request from a JAFWA staff member [Note 2].
  11. Show membership cards/young adult passes when paying at the door
  12. Always show tickets when re-entering the hall after you have paid


  1. The “environs” is defined as the premises of screening venue, for a lecture hall on a university campus the “environs” is the entire university campus.
  2. JAFWA Staff = JAFWA Committee and appropriately delegated persons

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