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Do I have to be a member to go to JAFWA?

No, you do not have to be a member to go to JAFWA meetings.  In fact, if you have never been to JAFWA before, your first entry is Free!

When does JAFWA meet?

JAFWA meets every Saturday, except for the first Saturday in a month. There are some dates when JAFWA does not have a meeting or where circumstances prevent JAFWA from meeting. If this happens there usually is a meeting on the first Saturday of the next month to make up for it. Screening Program for the dates that JAFWA meets.

Any changes to the date/time/location of the meeting will be announced on the JAFWA website and mailing list.

Where does JAFWA meet?

JAFWA usually meets at the Collins Street Centre, 4 Collins Street South Perth, on the corner of Collins Street and Shaftesbury Street.

On the rare occasion JAFWA cannot reserve the Centre, JAFWA will arrange an alternate venue if possible. If there is a change in the location the new location for that meeting will be announced on the JAFWA website and mailing list as well as the Screenings Program. Notes will also be posted at the usual location directing you to the new location.

Where can I park?

There is parking right outside the Centre.

Disabled parking is also available.

Is Public Transport available?

The Collins Street Centre can be reached by bus using route 910 from Perth or Fremantle, and is about 2 minutes walk at the most.  The buses also go past the Canning Bridge Train Station on the Perth to Mandurah train line.  The latest bus that goes to and from the stops just near the Centre leave at approximately 11:45pm, usually well after JAFWA ends.

Please confirm the times the buses leave Collins Street/Canning Highway with Transperth on their website at or call Transperth Information on 13 62 13.

How much does it cost?

The fees are detailed here

What is the average age of people attending the screening events, and how many people usually turn up?

No information on the age of people attending JAFWA is available but we have people attending that are less than 12 years old and older than 50.

The average number of people going to each JAFWA meeting in 2002 is 157.

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