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Membership Types

Associate Membership

Associate memberships are provided to people that are already members of another club with which JAFWA has an associate membership arrangement.Associate members pay only $5.00 as the entry fee instead of the normal $6.00.

To be recognised as an associate member proof of membership in one of the associated clubs has to be provided. This is usually a valid membership card in that other club.

For information as which clubs provide associate membership please contact the board.

Standard Memberships

Memberships are available for a period of a season or year and provide a range of benefits to members.Season memberships are valid until the end of a JAFWA season. There are four JAFWA seasons in a year, which means that a season lasts for about three months. To gain financial benefit from a seasonal membership due to the discounted entry fees the seasonal memberships should be obtained or renewed within two weeks of a season boundary.

Annual memberships are valid for the period of a calendar year.

  • Entry fee discount
    Instead of the standard entry fee of $6.00, members only pay $4.00
  • Library Access
    Members have access to the JAFWA library of anime and manga resources. The library can be found at the rear of the theater.
  • Members Only Door Prize Draw
    There is a an extra door prize that can be won only by members. This door prize is drawn straight after the normal door prize draw during the dinner break.
  • Orders for Anime & Manga
    JAFWA provides an anime and manga ordering service for members where members can order items from the USA or Japan. JAFWA does not make any profit on this service and passes the cost of purchasing the ordered items straight on to the member. For further information tal to the person managing the orders. The service is usually set up on the far side at the front of the theater near the table with the anime magazines.
  • Other Club Discounts
    JAFWA has arrangements with other clubs that provide entry fee discounts for JAFWA members. Please contact any of the board members for further information.
  • Media Conversion
    For members that do not have a NTSC video player or a DVD player JAFWA provides free conversion to PAL video tapes. The original NTSC tape or DVD disc must be provided as well as a blank tape. For further information check with one of the board members.
  • Shopping Discounts
    JAFWA merchandise is available at a discount. There are also shops in Perth that provide discounts to JAFWA members. List of vendors currently confirmed: Tactics in London Court, Perth(10%), Little Robot in Myaree (5%), Shumi Shop in Myaree (above Little Robot) – 10%. See Links page.

  • Season Membership: $12.00
  • Annual Membership: $40.00

To join JAFWA just turn up at one of the meetings and ask the Door Ogres at the entrance for a membership form. Depending on your age there may also be a permission letter to be filled out and signed by your parent/guardian.

The items shown at the screenings are not rated by the Australian Board of Censors. This is due to the fact that these shows are unavailable in Australia. As such, we have classified our shows based on the Australian rating system and the judgment of the JAFWA Board.The items shown at the start of the screening have ‘G’ or ‘PG’ ratings. The later shows have ratings that range from ‘PG’, ‘M’ to ‘MA’.

We rarely show ‘R’ rated material, but when we do, it is done in good taste and is programmed to be the last item for the night. Please note that such shows are clearly marked on our program schedule, and persons under 18 years of age shall be asked to leave before the screening of such material.

Age Group Condition of Entry
Under 12 You can only attend with a responsible guardian-type adult (ie parent or something similar).
12 – 17 You need parental permission to attend the screenings.As proof of parental permission JAFWA issues a ‘Young Adults’ pass, which will be provided upon receipt of a properly filled out permission letter. Once the permission letter is properly filled out bring it with you to a JAFWA meeting to get your ‘Young Adult’ pass.

The permission letter can be obtained from the door ogres at a JAFWA meeting or can printed by selecting the permission letter link.

If you are attending JAFWA for the first time and do not have a permission letter with you we will let you in for that one time but you will be required to provide a properly filled out permission letter the next time you attend a JAFWA meeting.

18 and over Assumed to be “wise enough” to look after themselves, so have no restrictions.


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