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No screening on Saturday 29th December 2018 – enjoy Christmas and prepare for the New Year

No Screening until Saturday January 12th, 2019

Merry Christmas one and all!
And in case this doesn’t align with your particular creed, please translate my salutations and well-wishing into the appropriate festive/seasonal equivalent. And don’t forget the Japanese often eat that traditional Christmas meal of KFC chicken.

We continue our annual End-of-Year rest break, where as mentioned we attend various Solstice related festivities and prepare to welcome in the New Year. Worry not as JAFWA will return in 2019 (we have booked the Hall and everything).
Until then, enjoy the festivities, and try not to suffer too much from anime withdrawal. In this season of jolliness, we are pleasantly surprised to discover that on Christmas Day SBS Vicelend intends to screen “Spirited Away” on Tuesday 25th Dec at 12:00pm.
One of my favourite Christmas anime is “Tokyo Godfathers”. What is your favourite Christmas anime?

We are still organising the program for January, based on the last survey results, but I will give a single hint at this stage – I can say that a historic hunt for stolen gold wil join our titanic lineup. And don’t forget that we will be continuing the regular series “Lupin III”, “Overlord”, and “Sword Art Online: Alicization”.
We thank the audience on Dec 15 who voted strongly for us to include the old 2-part OAV “Battle Angel Alita” anime into the program for January.

Most recent Battle Angel Alita trailer.

The expected program for December 8th is expected to be something like as follows:

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles. With assistance from a grant from

5:10pm new regular series #1 Ep 1/?
5:35pm new regular series #2 Ep 1/?
6:00pm new regular series #3 Ep 1/?
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm new regular series #4 Ep 1/?
7:55pm Sword Art Online: Alicization – series 3 Ep 7/?
8:20pm new regular series #5 Ep 1/?
8:45pm Lupin III part 5 Ep 9/24
9:10pm Late Break
9:25pm Overlord season II Ep 7/13 (v)
9:55pm new regular series #6 Ep 1/?
10:25pm new regular series #7 Ep 1/?

Dates of Interest

  • Saturday January 12th 2019 — JAFWA returns triumphant for 2019!
  • January 12th and 13th 2019 — GhengisCon Perth’s best little Sci-Fi convention, next to UWA.
  • Sunday February 24th 2019 from 9:30AM-1PM — Collector Zone Toy and Hobby Fair. Craigie Leisure Centre, Whitfords Avenue, Craigie, Craigie 6025.
  • March 9th 2019 — Next Perth JapanFestival at Forrest Chase.
  • October 5th and 6th 2019 — Madman Anime Festival – Perth 2019 Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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