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Screening on Saturday 17th November 2018


Below is the program for the evening of Saturday November 17th, 2018.

But first, some bad news. Due to scheduling mistakes, we no longer have the Event Afternoon on November 24th. Sorry. There will still be the normal JAFWA session after 5PM.

Since we are hoping to finish as many series as possible by the end of year, so that we don’t have too many cliffhangers lasting a month or more before we return in 2019, this week we will have two episodes of “Cells at Work” and “Death March to a Parallel World Rhapsody”.
And yet we still have room for another preview episode – once again demonstrating the current fad for the isekai (other world) genre, where a human being from modern day Earth is sucked into a fantasy world and somehow becomes the most powerful. And yjough this does not appear to leave musch room for variation, somehow the Japanese authors manage to make novel and intriguing variations on this theme. Come and see for yourself.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

The question has been raised again, is “Cells at Work!” too bloody to show early in the night, when we have our family friendly shows. Please add your opinions to our FaceBook page.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:15pm Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card Ep 17/22
5:40pm Cells at Work! Ep 9/13
6:05pm Cells at Work! Ep 10/13
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Ep 1 (preview)
7:55pm Death March to a Parallel World Rhapsody Ep 8/12
8:20pm Death March to a Parallel World Rhapsody Ep 9/12
8:45pm Sword Art Online: Alicization – series 3 Ep 4/?
9:10pm Late Break
9:25pm Lupin III part 5 Ep 7/24
9:55pm Overlord season II Ep 3/13 (v)
10:25pm JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Ep 36/39 (v)

Doors Open before Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

Comment on our FB page.

Dates of Interest

  • Saturday November 24th 10AM-5PM — Perth Gamers Festival at Perth Town Hall. Then come to JAFWA afterwards.
  • Sunday November 25th 9:30AM-1PM — Collector Zone Toy and Hobby Fair. Craigie Leisure Centre, Whitfords Avenue, Craigie, Craigie 6025.
  • Saturday December 15th — JAFWA’s end of year marathon screening from ~1PM. Bunch of good stuff to see.
  • March 9th 2019 — Next Perth Japan Festival at Forrest Chase.


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CardCaptor Sakura: Clear Card

The long=awaited sequel. Sakura and Syaoran are starting junior high school. With the Final Judgment passed, Sakura thinks school life will be quiet, but then all her cards suddenly turn blank. The mysterious new power she discovers will change how she thinks about her powers.

This evening’s Episode:Sakura and the Crazy Sweets

Sakura has another dream with the mysterious figure and has a feeling that she finally figured out its identity. During home economic class, the roll cakes start jumping around and fuse into a large monster. Meanwhile Kaito is preparing to take the Clear Cards.

Hataraku Saibou (Cells at Work)

The world is a dangerous place for a red blood cell just trying to get her deliveries finished. Fortunately, she’s not alone… she’s got a whole human body’s worth of cells ready to help out. The mysterious white blood cell, the buff and brash killer T cell, the nerdy neuron, even the cute little platelets — everyone’s got to come together if they want to keep you healthy.

This evening’s Episodes:Thymocytes” and “Staphylococcus aureus

As Killer T Cell and Helper T Cell get into an argument about the former’s harsh training methods, Dendritic Cell shares his photo album with the Naive T Cells and explains the two’s shared past, when in training in the Thymus. A past that both Killer T Cell and Helper T Cell would prefer forgotten forever. Elsewhere AE3803 is rescued from a germ by a mysterious immune cell called Monocyte, who doesn’t speak and wears a hazmat suit. Much to the chagrin of White Blood Cell who arives late on the scene. He intends to do better, but is it enough when the hot springs paraside of the nasal cavity gets invaded by a band of Golden Staph, who gain strength in numbers.

Preview Item – Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime)

Living alone and never having had a girlfriend, 37-year-old Satoru Mikami is dissatisfied with how his life has turned out. But after dying at the hands of a robber, he awakens to a fresh start in a new world…as the lowest of the low – a slime monster.

This evening’s Episode:The Storm Dragon, Verudora

One day, office worker Satoru Mikami is killed after being stabbed. He awakens in a cave in an unfamiliar fantasy world to discover that he has been reincarnated as a slime, possessing various skills formed from his final thoughts before death. While exploring the cave, gaining new skills along the way, the slime comes across and befriends an ancient dragon named Veldora, who was sealed in the cave centuries ago.

Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody)

Ichiro Suzuki is a programmer who was tasked with fixing several bugs in two MMORPGs his company is preparing for publication. While taking a nap, he somehow wakes up in another world as Satou Pendragon, with what looks like the menu screen of the game he was working on appearing before his inner eye. Due to cheat codes, his level jumps to 310 and he becomes extremely wealthy. Satou decides to hide his level, and plans to live peacefully and meet new people. However, the return of a demon king, may cause a nuisance to Satou’s plans.

Tonight’s Episodes:Immortality That Began With a Death March” and “Deeply Held Attachment That Began With a Death March

The undead sorcerer who has been targetting the elf princess Mia makes his appearance to abduct Mia. Will Satou have to take upon the mantle of Hero to rescue her, as he fights his way through the Cradle. Though for one of his level, and more important, knowledge of RPGs, he may be able to take a few shortcuts… Or in the end, will the immortal King of Night achieve his wish? So many rescues required, so many tears shed.

Sword Art Online: Alicization

Kazuto has been recruited to assist in testing an experimental FullDive machine, Soul Translator (STL), which has an interface that is far more realistic and complex than the previous machine he had played to help develop an artificial intelligence for the Ministry of Defense (MOD) named A.L.I.C.E. He tests the STL by entering a virtual reality cyberspace created with The Seed package, named UnderWorld (UW). In the UW, the flow of time proceeds a thousand times faster than in the real world, and Kirito’s memories of what happens inside are restricted.

Tonight’s Episode:Departure

Kirito makes Eugeo regain his composure and they fight the goblins together. While facing the goblin leader, Eugeo is gravely wounded and both he and Kirito remember their past together. An injured and enraged Kirito then takes on the goblin leader, seeking to save Sleka.

Lupin the Third – Part V

The series is set in modern-day France, and follows the thief Arsène Lupin III, and his associates the marksman Daisuke Jigen, the swordsman Goemon Ishikawa XIII, the con artist Fujiko Mine along with his nemesis Inspector Koichi Zenigata, and are joined by the Ami Enan, a teenage hacker.

Tonight’s Episode:His Name is Albert

Lupin is hired by his old friend Gaston to steal a certain painting from the vault of Mr. B, a compulsive art collector. The painting is a Picasso forgery ostensibly painted by Gaston’s grandchild. Lupin succeeds in his heist, but he and Jigen end up being chased by the French Secuirty Forces. It is not just the painting that is an imposter.

Overlord season II

Since appearing in another world, Ains has sent out daily commands as the ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. He also maintains his alter-ego Momon, the strongest adventurer in E-Rantel, to gather funds and keep an ear to the ground. He sets out on quests considered suitable for a adamantite class adventurer, like defeating the Gigant Basilisk.

Tonight’s Episode:Lizard Men, Gathering

Zaryusu the herald and Zenburu the Dragon Tusk chief duel, wagering more than just the future of the Lizardmen alliance. As the countdown to destruction finishes, Cocytus leads his forces to defeat the Lizardmen, who show some surprising resistance. But will he be able to give a good report to Lord Ainz?

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken – Diamond is Unbreakable (Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure – Diamond is Unbreakable)

It’s the year 1999, 11 years after Jotaro Kujo’s desperate fight against Dio in Egypt. Jotaro meets with Josuke Higashikata, the illegitimate son of his grandfather Joseph Joestar. He discovers that Josuke also has the same “Stand” power and that a new threat is surfacing in Morioh City.

Tonight’s Episode:Another One Bites the Dust, Part 2

Hayato tries to avoid meeting Rohan, only to discover the events that occurred last time will still happen even without him being there, resulting in Rohan’s death by Bites the Dust’s explosion. When Josuke, Jotaro, Koichi, and Okuyasu arrive at the scene shortly afterwards, can Hayato attempts save them from Killer Queen?

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