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Weekly Bulletin for Saturday 6th February, 2016


Below is the program for January 30th, 2016.

Because this is the first Saturday of the month, the Doctor Who club WestLodge has booked the Hall before us, and they run till 5:30PM or so. Thus JAFWA will not start until about 6PM, though people can enter about 5:45PM.
Also means there won’t be room for “Sushi Police” or “Amagi Brilliant Park mini-theatre”.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

6:00pm Shirobako Ep 15/24
6:25pm Noragami Aragoto Ep 4/12
6:50pm dinner break
7:25pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:40pm Young Black Jack Ep 1 (preview)
8:05pm Assassination Classroom 2 Ep 3/12
8:30pm Charlotte Ep 4/13
8:55pm Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Ep 23/25 (Season 2 Ep 11) (v)
9:20pm Late Break
9:25pm Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine Ep 3/12 (v)
9:50pm JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure Ep 17/25 (v)
10:15pm Death Parade Ep 4/12 (?)

Doors Open Screening:~5:55 PM

Program Finishes:~11:00 PM

Dates of Interest

And never forget the other theatrical releases forthcoming from reelanime.


Shirobako (White Box)

Aoi Miyamori and her four friends made up the Animation club at their high school, and all five of them aimed to go into the Anime industry after graduation. Now Aoi, like her friends, has made her dream come true. She works for Musashino Animation, a little studio in Tokyo. The job comes with all sorts of challenges and stresses but Aoi wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t something she wanted to do.

Tonight’s Episodes:Will These Drawings Work?

Mushino Animation gears up for the production of Third Aerial Girls Squad anime, as well as introducing new staff. However it does seem to involve a lot of meetings.

Noragami Aragoto

Hiyori Iki continues to interact with the world of gods, and in particular the still-homeless war god Yato and his divine instrument Yuki. Yato still hasn’t fulfilled his promise to re-attach her loose soul, and it may not happen anytime soon now. Because the war god Bishamon is back, and she still has an axe to grind with Yato. And she’s not the only one looking to meddle in Yato’s affairs…

Tonight’s Episodes:Wish

Kureha and Hiyori are held captive, and can only guess as to what fate will bring. For the dastardly Kureha has led Yato and Yukine to battle Bishamon.

Preview Item – Young Black Jack

Hazama Kuroo, the patchwork medical genius Black Jack, was a master of his craft even before he was recognised as a doctor. In the 1960s, at a time of social and political unrest in Japan, Hazama began his unorthodox career in medicine. This is the story of his exploits in that time.

Tonight’s Episodes:Where’s the Doctor?

After a tragic accident where a train collided with a bus stuck on the tracks, dozens of injured are rushed to a nearby hospital. There we are introduced to Black Jack as a young medical student who has undertaken the job of re-attaching an arm and leg of a young child caught in the accident.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Season 2 (Assassination Classroom, Season 2)

The 10 billion yen bounty on the head of supersonic, tentacled schoolteacher Koro-sensei remains unclaimed. Despite the best efforts of everyone involved. The students of class 3E are still training to assassinate their teacher, in between getting an education and all sorts of valuable life lessons from him. But will they manage to do it before this overgrown, yellow octopus carries out his threat to destroy the entire world?

Tonight’s Episodes:Itona Horibe Time

Itona has Koror-sensei cornered and at the mercy of his tentacles. But can Itona continue to live with these tenatcles, or does he need the eductaion of the Assassination Classroom?


Otosaka Yuu has the ability to take over other people’s bodies, albeit only for a few seconds. Limited though this super power is Yuu intended to exploit it for his own benefit, but his efforts only served to attract the attention of other teenagers with strange powers. Now Otosaka Yuu is an, unwilling, student at Hoshi no Umi Academy. A school created to keep people like him out of trouble … but also to keep them safe.

Tonight’s Episodes:Moment of Earnest

Following Yusa’s loud transfer to Yuu’s class, Nao brings her and the boys to their third task in Kannai Academy, where they believe a user with telekinesis is attending and cheating at baseball.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Shirou Emiya, a high school student and amateur magus living in Fuyuki City, finds himself a participant in the Fifth Holy Grail War. A secret tournament between mages and their servants, reincarnated heroes and legendary figures, to claim the Holy Grail; a chalice that can grant any wish.

Tonight’s Episode:Incarnation

Shir? and Rin plan to breach Ryuudou Temple and rescue Shinji while Saber fights Gilgamesh and destroys the Holy Grail. Saber reveals she can only use her Noble Phantasm once before fading, since Rin cannot supply her with enough mana due to her sharing it with Shir?…

Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki (Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine)

The colony ship Sidonia continues its journey through the region of space controlled by the titanic and almost indestructible Gauna. Ace pilot, and former scavenger, Nagate Tanikaze now leads the defense of his home, aided by an upgraded arsenal of weapons for the Gardes mecha that he and the other pilots fly. But it is still a dangerous task, and the Gauna may not be the only problem. The immortal leaders of Sidonia’s populace have their own power struggles and plans for the ship and its population. And there is also the fragment of a Gauna kept in Sidonia’s research lab … which took the shape of Tanikaze’s deceased fellow pilot Shizuka

Tonight’s Episodes:Course

With the rest of the Immortal Assembly dead, Kobayashi announces that Sidonia will set a course for the Lem Star System, pursuing the Gauna hive cluster which threatens the colonists of planet Lem VII. Meanwhile, Yure remembers what Kunato said about how he created Tsumugi – by impregnating Placental Shizuka with human DNA, unaware that it is seemingly pregnant again.

Amagi Brilliant Park mini-theatre – Graffiti Backstage

Last year we screened Amagi Brilliant Park, where the employees are really refugees from a magical world, who need to make the park a success or risk losing all. Sometimes they are their own worst enemies. A background look at some of the events from the series.

Tonight’s Episodes:number #4

The Diggory’s disguise costumes work too well. Tirami and Macaron decide to use an illicit one to play a prank on Kanie.

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure)

The Joestar’s are a wealthy English family, but one with a dark fate. Ever since the days of Jonathon Joestar and his adopted brother Dio Brando, and the succession struggle that came about from Dio’s greed, the Joestar family line has found itself embroiled in supernatural horror and world-threatening ambition. And it always falls to the current Jojo, whoever it may be, to stop the madness.

Tonight’s Episodes:The Deeper Plan

Lisa Lisa explains to Joseph and Caesar how the creator of the Stone Mask, Kars, is seeking a perfectly cut Red Stone of Aja known as the Super Aja to power the Stone Mask and become the ultimate lifeform. With a week left until the rings inside Joseph dissolve and kill him, Lisa Lisa pits JoJo and Caesar against Loggins and Messina respectively for their final lesson. However, when Joseph reaches his destination, he finds Loggins has already been killed by Esidisi, so his battle to the death will be 6 days early.

Death Parade

The Quindecim is a bar, accessible only by a pair of elevators. Within this stately and impressive establishment the bar is tended by a man known as Dequim, with the assistance of a small but skilled staff. No one comes here alone, and no one remembers how they ended up here … at first. But the result is always the same; the guests must play a game against each other, and the stakes could not be higher.

Tonight’s Episode:Death Arcade

A boy named Yousuke Tateishi and a TV celebrity named Misaki Tachibana arrive in the Quindecim, with Misaki convinced that they are on a hidden camera show and asking Yousuke to behave accordingly. The two participate in an arcade fighting game, where they each play as fighters based on themselves.

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