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Weekly Bulletin for Saturday 14th February, 2015


Below is the program for February 14th, 2015.

It is St Valentine’s Day and the night will screen an atypical program, with a bias towards romance and dating. Today’s sponsor is bringing us a couple of Studio Ghibli films, us well as episodes from old favourites.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:15pm Umi ga Kikoeru movie
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Kiki’s Delivery Service movie
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm Card Captor Sakura Ep 35
9:45pm Koko wa Greenwood Ep 4/6
10:10pm Full Metal Panic fumoffu Ep 1 (v?)

Doors Open Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

Dates of Interest

  • Weekend 21&22 February – 10.00PM to 6:00PM ANI-Games (fundraiser for next year’s WaiCon). At HBF Arena in Joondalup, see It is probably cool, but don’t forget to attend JAFWA.
  • Saturday March 7thJapan Festival will be held at Forrest Place from 1:00-8:00pm.
  • Saturday March 14th – Evolve Pop Culture Fair 2015.Cannington Exhibition Centre & Showgrounds Cnr Albany Highway & Station Street, Cannington. A new convention celebrating comics, cosplayers, gaming, anime and all things in between.
    Tickets are $10, and children under 12 get in FREE.
    Collectables and comic booths, gaming, Gundam building booths and a cosplay competition are a small sample of some of the great things to check out.Don’t miss JAFWA
  • Saturday March 28th – JAFWA event afternoon. Come make your own entertainment between 12:30PM and 4:30PM.

Naruto Stage Play

Now that the long running manga and anime of Naruto has reached its end, it is being adapted to other mediums.
In Japan it is being turned into a Stage Play of all things. But the Japanese are old hands at converting anime to stage play events, so the various promo pictures (see here for example) may actually be very close to what will be seen on stage. There is even assorted promo videos on YouTube, try starting with this or this.

Would it be a worthwhile goal to petition PAniC to bring to stage play out to Perth? The price might be a bit steep.
On the Other Hand, is anyone planning to go to Japan and see it?

Sapporo Snow Festival

Japan, being in the Northern Hemisphere is having the season of Winter now, difficult as it is to imagine for those of us living in the Perth environs.
In the northern main island of Hokkaido, in its main city of Sapporo they have been having the annual world famous Snow Festival, where various teams produce fantastic snow sculptures.
You can Google various images of this year’s snow festival, but this one caught my fancy.


movie – Umi ga Kikoeru (“I can hear the Sea” / “Ocean Waves”)

From 1993, this TV film is set in the city of K?chi, on the Japanese island of Shikoku. It concerns a love triangle that develops between two good friends and a new girl who transfers to their high school from Tokyo. At Kichij?ji Station, Tokyo, Taku Morisaki glimpses a familiar woman on the platform opposite. Later, her photo falls from a shelf as he exits his apartment before flying to K?chi Prefecture. As the plane takes off, he narrates the events that brought her into his life. The story is told in flashback.
Ocean Waves was an attempt by Studio Ghibli to allow their younger staff members to make a film reasonably quickly, cheaply and with quality.

movie – Kiki’s Delivery Service (Majo no Takky?bin)

Thirteen-year-old Kiki leaves home with her talking black cat Jiji to train as a witch. She flies on her broomstick to the port city of Koriko. Kiki accepts a job delivering goods by broomstick. She meets a variety of people through her work, including an artist, an old woman, and Tombo, a geeky boy obsessed with aviation. At first Kiki is annoyed by Tombo and his extroverted friends.

Card Captor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto, an elementary school student who discovers that she possesses magical powers after accidentally freeing a set of magical cards from the book they had been sealed in for years. She is then tasked with retrieving those cards in order to avoid an unknown catastrophe from befalling the world.

Tonight’s Episode:Sakura’s Wonderful Christmas

Christmas is coming, which is also Yukito’s birthday, but Sakura is unsure what to get him. She asks Meilin for advice who tells her it can anything because if the person likes her they will like the gift. Sakura asks Yukito to go to the amusement park with her, using tickets given to her by Chiharu. Tomoyo and Kero follow them to film Sakura’s “date”. Sakura and Yukito run into Syaoran and Meilin. While they are at a cafe, the Firey card appears.

Koko was Greenwood (Here is Greenwood)

This six-episode anime OVA revolves around the activities of four boys in Greenwood Dormitory at a fictional prestigious Japanese all-boys private school named Ryokuto Academy.

Tonight’s Episode:The Phantom of Greenwood

Mitsuru is haunted by the new ghost (that is, not one of the normal Greenwood ghosts) of a cute girl who wanted to go out with a guy. The complications that ensue nearly wreck Greenwood.

Full Metal Panic fumoffu

Fumoffu emphasizes the high school romantic comedy aspects of Full Metal Panic! with often crude humor and focuses on the romantic tension between former child soldier Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori. It frequently parodies itself and anime stereotypes

Tonight’s Episode:The Man From the South / A Hostage With No Compromises

A secret admirer leaves a love letter in Sousuke’s shoe locker. Instead of finding the letter, he deduces that his locker was tampered with and promptly blows it up. From its fragments, Sousuke misinterprets the letter as a death threat and confronts his “stalker”.
After Sousuke’s encounter with a gang leaves its members disrespected, their leader decides to take Kaname hostage.

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