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Screening on Saturday 23rd March 2019


Below is the program for the evening of Saturday March 23rd, 2019. The Equinox has passed, and night is once more ascendant, though the weather may pretend otherwise.

This week we also show a preview episode of some different anime, based on a write-in suggestion that passed the JAFWA committee’s scrutiny.
We also have a second preview item after the late break – think Sailor Moon, if militarised.

SSSS Gridman Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka

JAFWA will be doing a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle fundraiser on Saturday May 4th, 2019. Volunteers to help will be appreciated.

This bulletin has been made seeking further acknowledgement of the Perth Nerd Herd.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:10pm Irodzuku: The World in Colours Ep 8/13
5:35pm Legend of the Galactic Heroes Ep 7/12
6:00pm Land of the Lustrous Ep 9/12
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm SSSS.Gridman Ep 1 (preview)
7:55pm Hinamatsuri Ep 7/12
8:20pm Lupin III part 5 Ep 18/24
8:50pm Sword Art Online: Alicization Ep 13/?
9:15pm Late Break
9:25pm Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka Ep Ep 1 (preview)
9:55pm Goblin Slayer Ep 7/12 (v)
10:25pm Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Golden Wind Ep 9/39 (v)

Doors Open before Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

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Dates of Interest

  • Saturday March 23rd 2019 — Love Live! Sunshine!! Over the Rainbow – Fan Screening at at Hoyts Carousel.
  • Saturday April 13th 2019 — Nexus Toy Fair, Victoria Park Leisure Centres – Aqualife and Leisurelife (Leisurelife), 34 Kent St, East Victoria Park, Western Australia 6101. Entry $2.
  • April 18th to April 22nd 2019 — Science Fiction convention SwanCon 2019 at Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges, 46-54 Marine Terrace, Fremantle WA 6160.
  • Thursday May 2nd 2019 — A Silent Voice subtitled screening at Event Innaloo.
  • Saturday May 4th 2019 — JAFWA doing a Bunnings sausage sizzle down at Cannington.
  • Thursday June 6th 2019 — Ponyo subtitled screening at Event Innaloo.
  • Friday June 28th to Sunday June 30th 2019 — Supanova 2019 – Perth Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.
  • Thursday July 4th 2019 — Princess Mononoke subtitled screening at Event Innaloo.
  • October 5th and 6th 2019 — Madman Anime Festival – Perth 2019 Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.


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Irozuka Sekai no Ashita kara (Iroduku: The World in Colours)

In Nagasaki, a descendant of mages, 17-year-old Hitomi lost her sense of colour at a young age and grew up lacking emotion. Her grandmother Kohaku, a great mage, sends Hitomi 60 years into the past, to the year 2018. There, she spends time with a 17-year-old Kohaku and friends from school club activities.

This evening’s Episode:Fragile Fragments

Kohaku theorizes that Hitomi unconsciously used magic on herself that resulted in her monochromatic world, and has Aoi does all sorts of embarrassing experiments with Hitomi to try and get a hint on how she can break the spell. Or at least send her home to her own time period.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These (aka Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Die Neue These Kaikou)

In humanity’s distant future, two interstellar states – the monarchic Galactic Empire and the democratic Free Planets Alliance – are embroiled in a never-ending war. The story focuses on the exploits of rivals Reinhard von Lohengramm and Yang Wen-li as they rise to power and fame in the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance respectively.

This evening’s Episode:The Capture of Iserlohn, part 2

The mission to capture the impregnable Iserlohn fortress all depends on the acting skills and daring of Captain Walter von Schonkopf of the Rosen Ritter. But is he loyal, or leading the 13th fleet into a trap? He has many hurdles to overcome. But is Iserlohn is successfully taken, there will be a lot of interest in rear-Admiral Yang Wen-li, when all he wants to do is retire.

Houseki no Kuni (Land of the Lustrous)

In a possibly future Earth inhabited by jewels that take the form of people, Phosphophyllite (Phos) is weak (with one of the lowest hardnesses) and considered useless by their peers. Phos asks their aloof but wise colleague Cinnabar for help after they receive an assignment to create a history encyclopedia, thus begin their friendship and personal growth. Meanwhile, the “jewel people” have to keep defending themselves against the Lunarians who want to take advantage of their luxury value.

This evening’s Episode:Spring

Phos is still tormented by the loss of Antarcticite. Phos spends the rest of the winter mastering the gold alloy used to replace the missing arms, and now running all through the body. As spring arrives and the other Lustrous awaken from hibernation, Phos, who appears to be forgetting about Cinnabar, becomes the center of attention due to their gold arms.

Preview Item – SSSS.Gridman

Yuuta Hibiki, an amnesiac first-year high school student living in the city of Tsutsujidai. He meets the Hyper Agent Gridman in an old computer, who stated that the boy has a mission he must fulfill, as he sets out to find the meaning to those words and his memory loss. The sudden appearance of Kaiju would eventually change the usual dynamics of Yuuta and his classmates. Yuuta and his friends now seek to stop the kaiju and uncover the truth behind the disappearances, with assistance from mysterious friends of Gridman that can transform into weapons Gridman can use in combat.

Tonight’s Episode:Awakening

A young boy named Yuta Hibiki awakens in the home of one of his classmates, Rikka Takarada, with no memory of his past and sees hallucinations of a robot named Gridman in an old computer terminal in Takarada’s family store. The next day, Yuta meets his friend Sho Utsumi, who helps him cope with his amnesia. Intrigued by Yuta’s story about Gridman, Utsumi asks Yuta to show him the terminal (which he nicknames “Junk”), and they run into Rikka along the way. A kaiju then abruptly appears and begins attacking the city.


Yakuza member Yoshifumi Nitta, ends up taking care of a mysterious girl with telekinetic powers named Hina who inexplicably appeared in his apartment. Even though she threatens him with her extraordinary powers.

Tonight’s Episode:And It’s The Same Old Hina

Both Hina and Anzu came from the future, and the future has not forgotten about them. Security chief Kei Ikaruga arrives to determine if the criminal Hina is safe to return to the future, or does she still use her telekinetic powers for no good.

Lupin the Third – Part V

The series is set in modern-day France, and follows the thief Arsène Lupin III, and his associates the marksman Daisuke Jigen, the swordsman Goemon Ishikawa XIII, the con artist Fujiko Mine along with his nemesis Inspector Koichi Zenigata, and are joined by the Ami Enan, a teenage hacker.

Tonight’s Episode:Fujiko’s Souvenir

One day, Lupin finds his hotel room’s toilet clogged. The resulting sanitary restriction, their need for secrecy, and Goemon’s strict preference for Japanese cuisine creates friction among Lupin’s gang, which is not helped when Fujiko unexpected appears, apparently let in by a drunk Lupin the previous night.

Sword Art Online: Alicization

Kazuto has been recruited to assist in testing an experimental FullDive machine, Soul Translator (STL), which has an interface that is far more realistic and complex than the previous machine he had played to help develop an artificial intelligence for the Ministry of Defense (MOD) named A.L.I.C.E. He tests the STL by entering a virtual reality cyberspace created with The Seed package, named UnderWorld (UW). In the UW, the flow of time proceeds a thousand times faster than in the real world, and Kirito’s memories of what happens inside are restricted.

Tonight’s Episode:Ruler and Mediator

In the great library, Eugeo and Kirito have learnt from the Cardinal of the history of the Administrator and how she implemented the Taboo Index. But what of the Cardinal?

Preview Item – Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka (Mahou Shoujo Tokushousen Asuka)

When a dangerous race of beasts known as the Disas attacked, spirits from another world formed an alliance with Earth and granted certain girls the power to become magical girls and fight against them. Three years after the war against the Disas, one of the magical girls, Asuka Otori, is trying to return to living a normal life. However, Disas Bears reappear from an unknown source, leading Asuka to come out of retirement and join a squadron of magical girls to fight this new threat.

Tonight’s Episode:The Magical Girl Comes Back

Asuka Otori, aka Magical Girl Rapture Asuka, is a magical girl who three years ago fought in a brutal war against the evil Disas race and was instrumental in their defeat. As Asuka tries to live a normal life at a new school, JGSDF member Yoshiaki Iizuka asks her to resume her duties as a magical girl as part of a special operations squad, but Asuka refuses due to the trauma she suffered. She is just barely learning to live as a normal girl, with normal friends.

Goblin Slayer

In a world of fantasy, adventurers come far and wide to join the Guild, in order to complete contracts for whatever jobs are available. An inexperienced priestess joins her first adventuring party, but comes into danger after her first adventurer contract involving goblins goes wrong. After the rest of her party is wiped out, she is saved by a man known as Goblin Slayer, an adventurer whose only purpose is the eradication of goblins with extreme prejudice. And when rumors of his feats begin to circulate, there’s no telling who might come calling next.

Tonight’s Episode:Onward Unto Death

After a brief rest in town, Goblin Slayer and his party venture back into the sewers of Water Town to investigate the source of the goblins. As a precaution, Goblin Slayer brings along a canary to warn them of any poison gas. The party delves deeper into the sewers but are led into a trap and locked in a tomb.

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken – Ougen no Kaze (Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure – Golden Wind)

Set in 2001, two years after the events of Diamond is Unbreakable, Koichi Hirose is sent to Italy and tasked by Jotaro Kujo to search for Giorno Giovanna, an aspiring mafia gangster who is a son of Dio Brando. But as Dio possessed the body of Jonathan Joestar at time of his conception, Giorno is technically a Joestar and takes more after them than the father he never knew. The series follows Giorno as he joins the mafia organization Passione, moving up through its ranks with the intention of becoming its boss to improve life in Italy.

Tonight’s Episodes:The First Mission from the Boss

Bucciarati’s group are reunited on Capri and are approached by Pericolo, one of Passione’s capos disguised as a janitor. Bucciarati hands over Polpo’s treasure from its hidden location and Pericolo makes Bucciarati a capo in control of Polpo’s turf. His first task is to protect Trish Una, daughter of the unknown Passione’s boss, from traitors within the organization.

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