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Screening on Saturday 17th February 2018


Below is the program for the evening of Saturday February 17th, 2018.

This week we are going to be showing the first episodes of a couple of new shows from Japan, just to expand your knowledge of what other anime is produced in Japan. It would be be nice if JAFWA could screen every anime that is produced in Japan, or even the good half, but it is just not possible. Still we have some, what we hope, are interesting samples for you this week.
Hopefully these preview episodes will dull the pain that tonight is the last episode of “Restaurant to Another World”.

Kokkoku junjo Ito

Unfortunately, our plans to run a booth at MadFest on the first week of March have fallen through. Time was not on our side.
However, there is still a chance to get involved with the operation of JAFWA. We are looking for some volunteers to help out at a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle on May 5th, for fundraising purposes. Does anyone wish to help cook sausages in a bun, and even < shock/horror > help serve the general public< / shock/horror >?
Please contact President Drew at the next JAFWA screening if you are interested in helping this endeavour.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:15pm Sakura Quest Ep 4/12
5:40pm Knight’s & Magic Ep 4/13
6:05pm Restaurant to Another World Ep 12/12 (final)
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Made in Abyss Ep 10/13
7:55pm Lupin III Ep 17/26
8:20pm Kokokku Ep 1 (preview) (v)
8:45pm The Ancient Magus Bride Ep 4/24
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm KonoSuba II Ep 4/10 (n)
9:45pm The Saga of Tanya the Evil Ep 4/12 (v)
10:10pm Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Ep 4/39 (v)

Doors Open before Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

Dates of Interest


Sakura Quest

Yoshino Koharu is a young girl trying to look for a job in Tokyo, but is only met with a series of rejections. However, she has a seemingly lucky break when she receives a job offer to work with the tourism board of the economically struggling Manoyama village as their “Queen”. With no other choice, Yoshino accepts the offer and travels to Manoyama only to find out that she was hired based on a case of mistaken identity and that her contract term is for one year instead of the one day, as she had initially thought. With nowhere else to go, Yoshino reluctantly becomes Queen of Manoyama.

This evening’s Episode:The Lone Alchemist

Yoshino and her friends help Sanae move into their cabin. On the way, their truck breaks down and they enlist the help of Doku, Manoyama’s local mechanic and inventor, to repair it. Doku also gifts them a prototype powered exoskeleton he developed to help them move their things. After hearing that the town has a large wood carving district, Yoshino gets the idea to use the wood carvers’ skills to help promote Manoyama.

Knight’s and Magic

A world where medieval knights use giant robots called Silhouette Knights to fight against demon beasts, magical ravenous animals that devour everything on sight. Tsubasa Kurata is a mecha otaku from Japan who gets killed in a car accident. Tsubasa is reincarnated in this new parallel world as Ernesti “Eru” Echevallia, a boy born into a noble family. Tsubasa’s previous otaku memories inspire Ernesti into creating his own Silhouette Knight in order to defend his kingdom.

This evening’s Episode:Light & Shadow

While Eru and the engineers try to find a way to fix the Telestale’s high mana consumption, Eru also builds weapons for the Silhouette Gears including an automatic crossbow. Addy and Kid reports to their father about the Telestale’s performance which he in turn informs Marquis Dixgard. Under Marquis Dixgard orders, the Order of the Scarlet Rabbit has three Telestale Silhouette Knight brought to Fort Casadesus where the Marquis will inspect and test the Knights personally.

Isekai Shokudo (Restaurant to Another World)

The Western Restaurant Nekoya is a restaurant situated in a mundane corner of an undisclosed Tokyo shopping district which, despite its name, offers a lot of Japanese dishes in addition to Western ones. It opens during usual business hours and closed during holidays and weekends. But secretly it is open on Saturdays, as on this particular day it creates doorways to another world inhabited by elves, dragons, animal men and other fantastic creatures, who enter the restaurant and partake on its menu, with all of them becoming regular patrons.

This evening’s Episode:Pork Soup / Croquettes” (Finale)

For the occasion of Meat Day the Master serves free pork soup with the regular meals, which quickly gains the praise of the guests. At the same time, Alexander the half-elf visits his old friend, the sage Altorius, and over croquettes learns that 70 years ago Yomi, his lost comrade-in-arms, was not killed in their battle against the demon god, but has a surprising connection to the Nekoya.

Made in Abyss

An orphan girl named Riko who lives in the town of ?su on an island in the sea of Beoluska. The city surrounds a strange, giant hole going deep into the earth, which is commonly called the Abyss. The Abyss harbours artefacts and remnants of a civilisation long gone, and is therefore the popular hunting spot for so-called Cave Raiders, who undertake arduous and dangerous descends into the mist-filled pit to recover whatever relics they can find. However, the deeper one goes into the Abyss, the more one is afflicted by a progressively fatal malady called the Curse of the Abyss; few who have descended into the lower regions have returned to tell of their experiences.

Tonight’s Episode:Poison and the Curse

Riko and Reg begin their trek further down the Goblet of Giants, but as they press onward, they sense a presence moving along with them as they speak. The poisonous spines of an Orbed Piercer can pierce steel, and it is faster and smarter than our protagonists.

Lupin the Third – Part 4

The internationally infamous Arsène Lupin, master thief and unrepentant womaniser, continues to seek out ever more challenging heists to pull off. With him goes an eccentric band of misfits; Jigen the scruffy sharpshooter, Fujiko the femme fatal of dubious loyalty, and Goemon the stoic swordsman. And close on their heels no matter where Lupin and his gang end up, the unrelenting Inspector Zenigata. Determined to put Lupin and his cohorts in prison for the seemingly endless list burglaries and thefts they have already pulled off.

Tonight’s Episode:The Murdering Marionette

Lupin and his team are kidnapped by Greco, some sort of philanthropist who has sworn to rid the world of all criminals. Trapped in a giant underground basement, they’re challenged to find a way to get out, but they are informed by Greco that one of them has been secretly brainwashed in order to become his personal puppet.

preview episode – Kokkoku (Moment by Moment)

In order to save her brother and nephew who have been kidnapped by a mysterious religious group known as the Genuine Love Society, Juri and her family cast a spell using a stone hidden by her grandfather to enter the world of stopped time known as Stasis. However, when they infiltrate the kidnapper’s base, they’re met by other people who can also move about freely. Juri will slowly learn the rules of Stasis, and the creatures that inhabit it.

This evening’s Episode:The First Moment

Juri Yukawa fails another job interview and reflects on the family’s bad employment situation. One day, men belonging to a cult called the Genuine Love Society kidnap her brother Tsubasa and her nephew Makoto. Faced with an impossible ransom demand, Unable to get the money in time, Juri’s grandfather brings out a special stone and shows them the family secret.

Maho Tsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus Bride)

Chise Hatori, 15 years old. Lost, without hope, and without family, she is bought for money … not by another person, but by a non-human sorcerer named Elias Ainsworth. Though she hesitates, she begins life anew as his apprentice and future wife.

Tonight’s Episode:Everything must have a beginning

After the stress of witnessing a dragon’s death, Chise awakens on a train with Elias. They are approached by a cat messenger who informs Elias the Cat King is waiting. Chise learns the rumour she is Elias’ wife has spread across the world. Chise is watched by a mysterious woman before meeting the Cat King, who reveals there is a problem within the kingdom.

preview episode – Junji Ito collection

A horror anime anthology series adapted from the works of manga artist Junji Ito.

Tonight’s Episode:Souichi’s Convenient Curse / Hell Doll Funeral

Souichi lives in the delusion that he is amazing, that he is hiding his “special” abilities from the peons that surround him. And he is more than happy to curse those that annoy him, or don’t appreciate him. But curses have a way of backfiring.
And what are parents to do when their daughter transforms into a doll?

Youjo Senki (The Saga of Tanya the Evil)

In an alternate universe similar to 1910’s Europe, in an empire torn apart by countless wars with all nearby countries. An arrogant Japanese is reborn as Second Lieutenant Tanya Degurechaff of the Imperial Army, a 9-year-old soldier girl. In search for an escape, Tanya decides to enter into the Empire’s Mages Division and fight in World War I, hoping to reach a high enough rank as fast as possible to remain far from the battlefield and in this way avoid the risk of being killed. Even if she’s now forced to speak with a young girl’s lisp, Tanya soon turns into a ruthless soldier who prioritises efficiency and her own career over anything else, even the lives of those beneath her.

Tonight’s Episode:Campus Life

Six months after leaving the front lines Tanya is still at military university and is doing well at her studies. She meets General Zettour in the academy library and he asks her opinion of the war. She predicts that it will become a world war and outlines a strategy for the empire, using the firepower and agility of mages to minimize military losses. He is impressed by her battle knowledge and ideas. He asks for a report which she sees as an opportunity for career advancement.

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken – Diamond is Unbreakable (Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure – Diamond is Unbreakable)

It’s the year 1999, 11 years after Jotaro Kujo’s desperate fight against Dio in Egypt. Jotaro meets with Josuke Higashikata, the illegitimate son of his grandfather Joseph Joestar. He discovers that Josuke also has the same “Stand” power and that a new threat is surfacing in Morioh City.

Tonight’s Episode:The Nijimura Brothers, Part 2

As Josuke enters the house. determined to rescue the critically injutred Koishi, Nijimura Keicho attempts to attack him with his Stand Bad Company, but hits his brother Okuyasu instead. Can Josuke recover Koichi from a booby-trapped room, and save him in time?

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