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Screening on Saturday 8th April, 2017

Below is the program for the evening of April 8th, 2017.
We have two episodes of “Sweetness and Lightning” to make up for last month
This week will be the last episode of the original “Bubblegum Crisis”, and this last episode is so long that we will need to shorten the Dinner Break to fit it in.
The winning vote for the new Late Night timeslot was “Attack on Titan” second season, and we hope to have the first episode for this week.

Thank you to everyone who last week attended our Bunnings sausage sizzle at Cannington.

March Comes in like a Lion></a>  <a href=Attack on Titan II

For the upcoming theatrical screening of A Silent Voice, Tokyo Underground reports:

The Japanese box office sensation Koe no
Katachi (A Silent Voice), a poignant story about disability, bullying and friendship is screening at Luna Leederville this Thursday April 6 and Friday April 7 at 8.00 pm. Join us from 7.00pm for some Pre Show Extras including prizes to be won plus a complimentary tasty pizza from Siena’s in Leederville (whilst stocks last). We hope to see you there!

Tickets can be purchased online

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:10pm Akagami ga Shirayuki-hime Ep 18/24
5:35pm Sweetness and Lightning Ep 9/12
6:00pm Sweetness and Lightning Ep 10/12
6:25pm dinner break
7:00pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:15pm Bubblegum Crisis Ep 8/8 (retro) (final)
8:05pm Ore Monogatari Ep 18/24
8:30pm ReLIFE Ep 8/13
8:55pm 3-gatsu no Lion Ep 1 (preview)
9:20pm Late Break
9:30pm Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Ep 18/25 (v)
9:55pm Attack on Titan 2 Ep 1/? (v) (TBC)
10:20pm Jojo: Stardust Crusaders Ep 28/48 (v)

Doors Open before Screening:~4:50 PM

Program Finishes:~10:50 PM

Dates of Interest

  • From Thursday April 6th — anime movie A Silent Voice at the usual cinemas – Luna Leederville, Hoyts Carousel, Event Innaloo.
  • April 12th to 17th 2017 — SwanCon 42.
  • June 23rd to 25th 2017 — SupaNova 2017 Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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Akagami no Shirayukihime – (Shirayuki (“Snow white”) princess of the red hair)

Shirayuki is a young pharmacist from the kingdom of Tanbarun who is cheerful, spirited and dedicated to her job. She also has brilliant red hair, which is very rare. When the first prince of Tanbarun decides to claim her unique beauty for himself, Shirayuki flees to the neighbouring kingdom of Clarines to start her life over. There may be eccentric nobility here as well, but there are also friends, and at least she can do her job.

This evening’s Episode:Many Different Resolves

Shirayuki and her kidnapper Kazuki, have in turn been captured by the notorious Claw of the Sea pirates. Their attempt to escape is foiled, and the Pirates interrogate them, believing their enemies the Lions of the Mountain want Shirayuki. Meanwhile, Zen and the others begin their search and soon reunite with Obi and meet the Lions of the Mountain leader.

Amaama to Inazuma (Sweetness and Lightning)

Kohei Inuzuka is a teacher and a recent widower, raising his young daughter alone. With a full time job keeping him busy, little Tsumugi has been getting mostly pre-packaged meals. But a chance encounter with one of his students, Kotori Iida, leads Kohei to take up cooking in order to provide proper meals for his daughter.

This evening’s Episode:Our Family’s At-Home Curry” and “Summer Vacation, Kitty, and Aji

After dropping Tsumugi off at a kindergarten sleepover, K?hei recalls the at-home curry his family used to make. And by coincidence he finds his wife Tae’s old recipe book. With memories of mother’s cokking, it is time for the summer holidays and K?hei and Tsumugi go to the beach, but return due to the weather being too hot. They bring some aji fish to Kotori’s restaurant, where Kotori, her friend Shinobu and Kohei’s friend Yaji manage to cook up some interesting dishes.

retro series – BubbleGum Crisis

In the near future, Tokyo was left flattened from a great earthquake. A new city, MegaTokyo, was then recreated with the aid of a multi-national company, Genom Corp. Genom created and mass-produced biomechanical creatures called Boomers to aid in the restoration of MegaTokyo. When the Boomers began to run out of control, the ADPolice at first tried to stop them, but they proved to be very difficult to deal with. Under the looming Boomer threat, a group of four girls from varying sections of society banded together. Calling themselves The Knight Sabers, they were the only ones with enough firepower and resourcefullness to defend the fledgling MegaTokyo from Genom and its berserk Boomers.

This evening’s Episode:Scoop Chase” Finale

An ambitious technical scientist and an aspiring reporter both plan to make their names at the expense of the Knight Sabers, and of all people, Nene is caught right in the middle.

Ore Monogatari! (My Love Story!)

Takeo Gouda is tall. No, Takeo Gouda is huge. He’s a high-schooler in a giant’s body. That’s been great for all the school sporting clubs he was part of, but less useful in his attempts to find love. But the real problem there is his handsome best friend Makoto Sunakawa, who ends up getting confessions from everyone Takeo likes. In fact it happens so often Takeo now expects it. And then one day, quite by accident, Takeo meets Rinko Yamato …

This evening’s Episode:My Christmas

Hearing about how Osamu and Nanako have already kissed after the Christmas date, Takeo contemplates waiting for the right time to kiss Rinko. But Takeo Gouda’s birthday is on New Year’s Day, so he and Rinko go on a date to celebrate the New Year and his Birthday.


Kaizaki Arata is 27 years old and has held a full time job for a grand total of 3 months (quitting because it “wasn’t a fit for his talents”). He spends his days getting turned down at job interviews, lying to his friends about having a job, and moping around his apartment. When his parents finally get sick of sending him money he is thrown a lifeline by Yoake Ryou, a representative of the RELife Company. RELife gives jobless deadbeats like Arata a new lease on life… By giving them a pill that makes them look like teenagers again and having them repeat high school.

Tonight’s Episode:Rift

Honoka and Arata take makeup exams, which only Honoka passes. But Honoka’s position as volleyball captain is at stake with all the extra studying she needs to do. Can her friendship with Rena get her through?

preview item – 3-gatsu no Lion (March Comes in like a Lion)

Rei is a 17-year-old professional sh?gi player who lives by himself. He is estranged from his family and has scarcely any friends. Among his acquaintances is a family which consists of a young woman—Akari Kawamoto—and her younger sisters—Hinata and Momo—who also keep several cats. As the story progresses, Rei deals with his maturing as a player and as a person, while developing his relationships with others, especially the Kawamoto sisters.

This evening’s Episode:Rei Kiriyama” and “The Town Along the River

Synopsis unavailable.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re: Life in a Different World from Zero)

Being teleported to a fantasy world means you’re the chosen one, right? Natsuki Subaru certainly thought so, but it seems he’s not the fated hero, he’s just another guy in a world full of wizards, warriors and demi-humans. Still, there are decent people in this world and Subaru quickly finds people willing to lend him a hand, people he wants to help in return. But how can a mere high school student hope to challenge the monstrous and magical forces of this world? After all he only gets one shot at this, right?

Tonight’s Episode:From Zero

Puck transforms into his monstrous self to kill Betelgeuse and his cult. He then kills Subaru by freezing him to death as punishment for letting Emilia die and depriving him of his reason for living. Once more returned from death, Subaru find that Rem now still exists. Disheartened by his various attempts to change the future, perhaps it is time to give up and run away.

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) season 2

The entirety of mankind lives encased within a series of fortified walls which protect them from the Titans, giant humanoid monsters who devour people, that roam the world beyond the outer wall. But now, after nearly a hundred years of relative safety, new Titans have appeared. The security of the walls is a thing of the past, and mankind may be facing extinction.

Tonight’s Episode:Beast Titan

As the encased Annie is taken into custody, Hange and her team discover the Titan sealed inside the walls and Pastor Nick of the Wall Cult appears urging them to cover it from sunlight. Meanwhile, Erwin is informed that Wall Rose was breached and Titans are roaming inside.

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken – Stardust Crusaders (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders)

It’s 1989. Fifty odd years have passed since Joseph Joestar did battle with the immortal Pillar Men and now his
Japanese grandson, Jotaro Kujo, finds his life turned upside down. A strange new ability awakens within his
bloodline, granting him great power but threatening to kill his mother.

… An ancient enemy of the family has returned.

Tonight’s Episode:Anubis, part 1

With Kakyoin needing to spend a few more days in hospital to heal his eyes, the others continue across the Nile river on boat to Kom Ombo. Meanwhile, a young man named Chaka discovers a mysterious sword that only he appears to be able to draw out of its sheath. The sword then suddenly moves on its own, killing Chaka’s family members before revealing its identity to be that of the Anubis Stand, who declares Chaka as its master and sends him to pursue Jotaro’s group.

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