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No screening on Saturday 4th February, 2017

No Screening

There will be no JAFWA screening on February 4th – it is the first Saturday of the month, our normal week off.
Be aware that the Yu-gi-Oh movie “Dark Side of Dimensions” is currently screening at select theatres.

Dates of Interest

  • Sunday February 5th 2017 — Tosche Station Collectors Fair, from 10AM.
  • Thursday February 9th 2017 — Hoyts Carousel, see Your Name movie.
  • Saturday February 19th 2017 — Paper Crane origami class at Tokyo Underground.
  • Sunday February 19th 2017 — Collectors Zone! Toy and Hobby Fair in Joondalup, from 9:30AM.
  • Saturday February 25th 2017 — Jafwa Event afternoon. One Hall for make your own fu!.
  • March 4th & 5th 2017 — Madman anime Festival.
  • Sunday March 19th 2017 — 1PM to 5PM Piney Lakes Park, Murdoch Drive, Winthrop. City of Melville and Japanese community Picnic and Fun Day to fold 1000 paper cranes for Brain Cancer. See also
  • March 25th & 26th 2017 — Oz Comic-con.
  • April 12th to 17th 2017 — SwanCon 42.

Madman Anime Festival

From Facebook:

Madman Anime Festival was the anime event of 2016… and in 2017, it’ll be even bigger! We’re bringing MadFest to Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne!!

Culture Notes and News

The Hiroba newsletter has been discontinued. Instead, for Japanese news provided by the Consulate-General of Japan, Perth, use the following links:

Dale’s Suggestive Remarks

I have had an e-mail query:

considering the variety of hair colour in anime if you had to choose another hair colour what would it be?

Well, since the Japanese have a supposedly homogenous appearance, and a lot of anime does not have a lot of quality detail, animators have to use cheap tricks, like hair colour to distinguish characters.
That aside, if I personally wanted an anime hair colour, what would it be? Well, I am sort of blonde so take it to extremes and make my hair golden coloured (kinpatsu). Or, my name translates as green so give me green hair? However when my ego is stoked, there is the possibility my hair could be regal purple.
Though perhaps I should take a leaf from regenerating Doctor Who and say “I always wanted to be ginger”.

What would your answer be?

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