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Weekly Bulletin for Saturday 21st May, 2016


Below is the program for May 21st, 2016.

So many changes to the JAFWA regular program. Last week we farewelled “Shirobako” and “Death Parade”. This week we see the final episodes of “Noragami Aragato” and “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure ” (season 1).
But despair not, you have successfully voted in the next generation of JoJo, and we will see the ‘Stardust Crusaders’ chapter start in a few weeks time (consider how long it would normally take to produce the next generation).
That is not the only new regular items in the JAFWA program. This week marks the beginning of regular screenings of “GATE”, “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” and “Erased”! With more to come next week. Note: since we screened the first episode of “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” only a couple of sessions ago, we will go directly onto episode #2 this week.

A word of warning. The Autumn Equinox has come and gone, and old enemy the sun has been defeated once more. But as a certain series of books warn us “Winter is coming”. We no longer need to use the Hall’s ventilation to cool us, from now on we need to rug to keep warm.

We have almost forgotten to thank Lotteries West, who are preparing to provide us with a grant to continue our good work.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:10pm Fail Tail season 2 Ep 18/90
5:35pm Noragami Aragato Ep 13/13 (final)
6:00pm FLCL Part 2/6 (?)
6:25pm Sushi Police Ep 12/?
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm GATE Ep 1/24
7:55pm Assassination Classroom series 2 Ep 11/25
8:20pm Charlotte Ep 11/13
8:45pm Knights of Sidonia series 2 Ep 11/12
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm Kabaneri of the iron fortress Ep 2/?? (v)
9:45pm Erased Ep 1/12 (v)
10:10pm JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Ep 26/26 (v) (final)

Doors Open Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:50 PM

Dates of Interest

  • Saturday June 18th – JAFWA’s next Event afternoon, of make your own fun. Possibly last chance to prepare for SupaNova.
  • Friday June 24rd to Sunday 26th – JAFWA week off, for Supanova Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre.
  • Saturday July 16th – JAFWA’s AGM in the afternoon 3PM, with the Elections during the Dinner Break. All signed up members please consider.
  • September 3rd to 4thEvolve 2016 Pop Culture Expo HBF Stadium in Mount Claremont, Western Australia.

And never forget the other theatrical releases forthcoming from reelanime.


Fairy Tail second series

Magic and mayhem in the nation of Fiore. The members of the infamous mage’s guild Fairy Tail spend their days sorting out problems for the residents of Magnolia and battling the odd apocalyptic demon or dark guild. Of course they don’t let little things like that get in the way of having fun.

Tonight’s Episodes:Seven Dragons

Seven dragons entered this era before Lucy could close the Gate. Enormous and powerful, they easily shrug off the attacks of the combined Magic Guilds. If only there was such a thing as Dragon Slaying magic. But is even is enough, as Natsu faces off against future Rogue.

Noragami Aragoto season 2

Hiyori Iki continues to interact with the world of gods, and in particular the still-homeless war god Yato and his divine instrument Yuki. Yato still hasn’t fulfilled his promise to re-attach her loose soul, and it may not happen anytime soon now. Because the war god Bishamon is back, and she still has an axe to grind with Yato. And she’s not the only one looking to meddle in Yato’s affairs…

Tonight’s Episodes:The God of Fortune’s Message (finale)

Yato failed to save Ebisu from being executed by the Heavens. All praise the new Ebisu. Also, Yato has to choose between Yukine and Nora for one final time, with Hiyori as a witness.

Retro Show from 2000: FLCL

12-year old Nandaba Naota lives in the city of Mabase with his widowed father and grandfather. His hometown is a fairly ordinary place, apart from the giant factory shaped like a steam iron up on the hill, where nothing special ever happens. That is until the day a woman on a Vespa scooter runs him down, revives him, and then bashes him in the head with a guitar … after that things start to get weird.

Tonight’s Episodes:Fire Starter

The robot that came out of Nandaba Naota’s head now resides at his home. As does the mysterious and possibly dangerous HaruHaru Haruko. Mamimi is obsessed with a hand-held video game called Fire Starter, in which the player performs the role of an arsonist in order to please the Lord of Black Flames, Cantido. And Naoto’s head is developing another horn – could this be a new robot?

Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (Gate: The Self Defence Forces Fight Like This in That Place)

Youji Itami is a 33-year old otaku. He loves anime and does his best to never miss a convention or product sale. Youji is also a member of Japan’s Self Defence Force. After an invasion of Tokyo from an alternate universe, Youji’s unit is sent through the gateway to this alternate dimension to push back the invaders, taking him away from his beloved anime and manga. But maybe this won’t be all bad … because this parallel universe is straight out of a fantasy manga.

Tonight’s Episodes:The Self-Defence Force Goes to Another World

The night sky is illuminated by a series of flares. One one side of an open plain, an army of knights and monsters gathers. On the other, machine-gun nests and tanks. Battle will soon be joined… 11:30am Saturday. Youji Itami, a man who proudly states he would pick his hobby over his job, is on the train heading for the Tokyo district of Ginza. His phone game, where he is a hero facing a horde of fantasy monsters, has his undivided attention.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Season 2 (Assassination Classroom, Season 2)

The 10 billion yen bounty on the head of supersonic, tentacled schoolteacher Koro-sensei remains unclaimed. Despite the best efforts of everyone involved. The students of class 3E are still training to assassinate their teacher, in between getting an education and all sorts of valuable life lessons from him. But will they manage to do it before this overgrown, yellow octopus carries out his threat to destroy the entire world?

Tonight’s Episodes:End of Term Time: 2nd Period

Principal Asano will not allow Class E to be seen as successful, and destroy his educational plan fro Kunigaoka high school. With the final exams rapidly approaching, he takes over the teaching of Class A, poisonously brainwashing the students, in an act that actually repulses his son and number one student. Meanwhile Class E have Koro-sensei and and each other to teach them.


Otosaka Yuu has the ability to take over other people’s bodies, albiet only for a few seconds. Limited though this super power is Yuu intended to exploit it for his own benefit, but his efforts only served to attract the attention of other teenagers with strange powers. Now Otosaka Yuu is an, unwilling, student at Hoshi no Umi Academy. A school created to keep people like him out of trouble … but also to keep them safe.

Tonight’s Episodes:Charlotte

After rescuing his sister and being filled in on the situation, Shunsuke urges Yuu to stay with Ayumi at his research facility until his abilities disappear, as they put him at risk of being targeted. There, he learns that special abilities are the result of inhaling particles spread by a short-period comet called Charlotte. Unfortunately Yuu is not hidden enough

Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki (Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine)

The colony ship Sidonia continues its journey through the region of space controlled by the titanic and almost indestructible Gauna. Ace pilot, and former scavenger, Nagate Tanikaze now leads the defence of his home, aided by an upgraded arsenal of weapons for the Gardes mecha that he and the other pilots fly. But it is still a dangerous task, and the Gauna may not be the only problem. The immortal leaders of Sidonia’s populace have their own power struggles and plans for the ship and its population. And there is also the fragment of a Gauna kept in Sidonia’s research lab … which took the shape of Tanikaze’s deceased fellow pilot Shizuka.

Tonight’s Episodes:Encounter

Tsumugi and the red gauna Benisuzume face off, allowing Nagate to continue to search for survivors of Izana’s recon squad. Nagate is secretly the clone of the greatest human mech-warrior that ever lived, but could even his original manage to survive all the enemy gauna that are clsoing in on Nagate?

Kotetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

Ikoma is a lowly engineer in the walled city of Arawakin, one of a series of city-stations linked together by rail lines and serviced by massive, armour-plated steam trains. The reason for such lumbering transport? The Kabane. Victims of a plague that turns people into flesh-eating zombies and encases their hearts in iron. Outside the walled cities the Kabane roam the land. Within them the people are ready to slaughter any new arrival should they show the slightest hint of infection. Everyone from peasant to soldier lives in constant fear, but not Ikoma. He intends to fight back.

Tonight’s Episodes:Never-Ending Darkness

Ikoma, discovering that he has stopped the Kabane virus from infecting him, tells his fellow steamsmith Takumi of his success with his bolt gun and anti-virus technique. Meanwhile survivors of the Kabane attack fight a defensive battle within Aragane station while seeking an opportunity to escape in the Kotetsujo.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (The Town Without Me)

Fujinuma Satoru is just another failed manga artist, making ends meet as a cynical pizza delivery boy. But there is one thing in his life that is genuinely extraordinary. From time to time, Satoru finds himself involuntarily transported a short distance back in time, giving him the chance to prevent an imminent disaster. He never knows exactly what he’s supposed to prevent, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. For all his cynicism Satoru wants to help others, because there is one instance from his childhood, far enough back that he barely remembers any of it, where he failed.

Tonight’s Episode:Flashing Before my Eyes

In the year 2006, Satoru Fujinuma is a 29-year old manga artist who occasionally experiences a phenomenon known as “Revival”, in which he is sporadically sent back in time by a few seconds, allowing him to perform life-saving feats, though at cost to himself. Satoru is visited by his mother, Sachiko, who reminds him of an incident 18 years ago in which an adult named Jun Shiratori, who Satoru had trusted, was arrested for the kidnapping and murder of some of his classmates.

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure)

The Joestar’s are a wealthy English family, but one with a dark fate. Ever since the days of Jonathon Joestar and his adopted brother Dio Brando, and the succession struggle that came about from Dio’s greed, the Joestar family line has found itself embroiled in supernatural horror and world-threatening ambition. And it always falls to the current Jojo, whoever it may be, to stop the madness.

Tonight’s Episodes:The Ascendant One” (finale)

Jojo and Stroheim have finally forced the Kars into the molten lava of an active volcano. Will this be enough to kill an immortal Pillar Man? What more of a handicap does JoJo need? Is it time for the mantle of JoJo to be passed onto another generation?

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