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Weekly Bulletin for 25th Anniversary Saturday 12th December, 2015


Below is the program for extra-long, 25th Anniversary celebration on December 12th, 2015.

Yes, we said extra-long, 25th Anniversary celebration.

This news makes us feel old. We look back on the history of JAFWA and we find so many great anime was shown during the years. So we are going to make this a Retro screening night, where we screen samples of the best and most influential anime from JAFWA’s screening history, and then trim that down into something that won’t overfill Saturday.

Of course, if our more recent JAFWAite members find some of this old-school anime appealing, let us know and we may be able to arrange to screen the entire anime series in 2016. We next return on January 9th.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

1:00pm R.O.D. OAV 1/3
1:30pm Video Girl Ai OAV 1/6
2:00pm Full Metal Panic!? fumoffu Ep 12/12 (n)
2:25pm short break pizza order?
2:35pm Card Captor Sakura Ep 1/70
3:00pm Azumanga Dai-Oh Ep 21/24
3:25pm Tenchi Muyo OAV 1/6 (n)
3:55pm Samurai Champloo Ep 9/26
4:20pm short break pizza order?
4:30pm Marmalade Boy Ep 1/76
4:55pm Maison Ikkoku Ep 1/96
5:25pm El-Hazard OAV 3/6 (n)
5:50pm Kimagure Orange Road Ep 1/48
6:25pm dinner break
7:00pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:10pm Photon OAV 1/6 (n)
7:35pm Neon Genesis Evangelion Ep 19/26 (v)
7:55pm Martian Successor Nadeshiko Ep ?/26
8:25pm G.T.O. Ep 8/43
8:45pm Late Break
8:55pm Full Metal Panic! Ep 20/26 (v)
9:20pm Berserk Ep 1/25 (v)
9:45pm Record of the Lodoss War Ep 2/13 (v)
10:10pm Gurren Lagann Ep 6/27

Doors Open before Screening:~12:50 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

Dates of Interest

  • Saturday December 12th – JAFWA’s 25th anniversary marathon screening from ~12:30PM. Then we have the end of year break, and wish you Happy Holidays!
  • Saturday January 9th – JAFWA returns for 2016.
  • Saturday February 13th – tentative WaiCon at Cannington Exhibition Center.

And never forget the other theatrical releases forthcoming from reelanime.


Read or Die

An alternate history world where the British Empire has remained a major superpower. The Empire’s continued existence is guaranteed by the British Library, an external intelligence agency working within the actual British Library and its Special Operations Division. We follow the adventures of Yomiko Readman, also known as “The Paper”, a superhuman agent of the Library’s Special Operations.

Tonight’s Episodes:Episode one

The White House has been evacuated as the samurai Gennai Hiraga appears on top of the White House and annihilates it using a mysterious power. Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Yomiko Readman gets her hands on an ultra-rare German first edition book, “die Unsterbliche Liebe” (or “The Immortal Beloved”). The book is dusty and dirty, but has sheet music handwritten in its pages, in the margins and on the blank pages in the back and front. Almost immediately she is attacked by a superhuman-like clone of Jean Henri Fabre riding a giant mecha grasshopper.

Video Girl Ai (Den’ei Sh?jo)

Yota Moteuchi finds out that the girl he likes, Moemi Hayakawa, is in love with his best friend, Takashi Niimai. Disappointed by this fact, he decides to rent a video from a mysterious video store that appeared in front of him on his way home. The video store was called “Gokuraku” (“Paradise”). The unique thing about this video store was that the videos in the store contained “video girls”, girls which literally come to life and out of the user’s television when the video tape is played to cheer the renter up. Not knowing about the video girls, Yota chooses to rent the video ‘I’ll Cheer You Up!’, starring Ai Amano. Ai comes to life with the purpose to brighten up Yota’s life and encourage him to pursue his love.

Full Metal Panic!? fumoffu

Fumoffu emphasizes the high school romantic comedy aspects of Full Metal Panic! with often crude humour and focuses on the romantic tension between former child soldier Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori. It frequently parodies itself and anime stereotypes.

Tonight’s Episode:5th Period Hot Spot” (Finale)

A classmate accidentally opens Sousuke’s biohazardous container, causing a classroom quarantine. Sousuke now fears the repercussions from his angry classmates.

Card Captor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto, an elementary school student who discovers that she possesses magical powers after accidentally freeing a set of magical cards from the book they had been sealed in for years. She is then tasked with retrieving those cards in order to avoid an unknown catastrophe from befalling the world.

Tonight’s Episodes:Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book

Sakura Kinomoto awakens from a dream of standing near the Tokyo Tower. She introduces herself, her family, and her friends. After coming home from a normal day at school, Sakura hears a sound coming from the basement. Believing it to be a burglar, she enters the basement cautiously, armed only with her cheerleading baton. She finds a glowing book and opens it to find a deck of 52 cards. When she accidentally activates the Windy card, the other cards blow out of her house. Cerberus appears from the book and formally appoints Sakura as the “Cardcaptor” and gives her the Sealing Wand.

Azumanga Dai-Oh

Chronicles the everyday life in an unnamed Japanese high school of six girls and two of their teachers: child prodigy Chiyo Mihama and her struggle to fit in with girls five years older; reserved Sakaki and her obsession with the cute animals who seem to hate her; spacey Ayumu “Osaka” Kasuga with a skewed perspective on the world; Koyomi “Yomi” Mizuhara’s aggravation at an annoying best friend; Tomo Takino, whose energy is rivaled only by her lack of sense; sporty Kagura and her one-sided athletics rivalry with Sakaki; their homeroom teacher Yukari Tanizaki; and her friend, physical education teacher Minamo “Nyamo” Kurosawa.

Tonight’s Episode:Anticipation / I Just Couldn’t / Watery Grave / Island of Dreams / Mountain Cat

Yukari announces a field trip to Okinawa, to which Chiyo is ecstatic as this is her first field trip due to her skipping from grade school to high school. On the day of the trip, Tomo and Kagura are revealed to have a fear of flying when the plane takes off. The girls immediately go sightseeing at Naha. After comparing the depiction of the Shureimon to a two thousand yen bill, they are drawn to the shisa in the Shuri Castle. The girls decide to have dinner at a hotel restaurant. While Tomo and Yomi concentrating on competitive eating at the buffet, Chiyo and Osaka are awed by the chanpur?. The girls visit the Manzamo cliffs the next day, but Chiyo has acrophobia from the heights

Tenchi Muyo

Tenchi Masaki accidentally releases an alien space pirate, thereby drawing the attention of other space faring individuals. His actions unintentionally cause the destruction of his school.
Started the Harem Anime genre.

Samurai Champloo

Set in an alternate version of Edo-era Japan with an anachronistic, predominantly hip-hop, setting. It follows Mugen, an impudent and freedom-loving vagrant swordsman; Jin, a composed and stoic r?nin; and Fuu, a brave girl who asks them to accompany her in her quest across Japan to find the “samurai who smells of sunflowers”.

Tonight’s Episode:Evil Spirits of Mountain and Stream

Mugen, Jin, and Fuu need to cross a border so they purchase travel passes since they don’t have any. When their passes turn out to be fake, the trio are sentenced to death. However, when the guards offer Mugen a chance to save his friends; if he can deliver an object through a forest full of bandits and return in time, Jin and Fuu will be spared.

Marmalade Boy

Miki Koishikawa’s ordinary life as a high school sophomore is turned upside down when her parents suddenly announce that they are getting divorced in order to swap partners with a couple they met in Hawaii. They seek her approval of the shocking change, and at a dinner where Miki meets the other couple as well as their son Yuu, who is about her age, she reluctantly agrees to the arrangement. Yuu, while at first a jerk who takes every opportunity to make fun of Miki, turns out to be fun and attractive, and Miki finds herself falling for him. Little by little, she accepts her new family arrangement and opens up to Yuu as they become friends.

Maison Ikkoku

A bitter-sweet comedic romance involving a group of madcap people who live in a boarding house in 1980s Tokyo. The story focuses primarily on the gradual developing relationships between Yusaku Godai, a poor student down on his luck, and Kyoko Otonashi, a young, recently widowed boarding house manager.

Tonight’s Episode:Sorry to Keep You Waiting! I’m Kyoko Otonashi!

Kyoko moves in as the new manager and catches her first glimpse of the wacky tenants of Maison Ikkoku. Godai, the other main character in the series, instantly falls in love with her upon first sight.

El Hazard: The Magnificent World

three high school students Makoto Mizuhara, Katsuhiko Jinnai and Nanami Jinnai and the History teacher Masamichi Fujisawa who are mysteriously transported to the fantastical world of El-Hazard. El-Hazard is threatened by a possible war between the human nations and the insectoid Bugrom tribe.

Tonight’s Episode:Springs of Arliman

Our hero, still disguised as the Princes, must follow the Priestesses to a hot springs retreat, and not reveal he is male.

Kimagure Orange Road

Chronicles the everyday life in an unnamed Japanese high school of six girls and two of their teachers: child prodigy Chiyo Mihama and her struggle to fit in with girls five years older; reserved Sakaki and her obsession with the cute animals who seem to hate her; spacey Ayumu “Osaka” Kasuga with a skewed perspective on the world; Koyomi “Yomi” Mizuhara’s aggravation at an annoying best friend; Tomo Takino, whose energy is rivaled only by her lack of sense; sporty Kagura and her one-sided athletics rivalry with Sakaki; their homeroom teacher Yukari Tanizaki; and her friend, physical education teacher Minamo “Nyamo” Kurosawa.

Tonight’s Episode:“Transfer Student! Humble First Love!

Kyousuke and his family transfer to a new school, where romantic complications begin.

Photon: The Idiot Adventures

Photon, possesses superhuman strength but is extremely simple-minded. He engages in heroic adventures of different varieties. He accidentally gets married to a rebel space pilot named Keyne, and becomes involved in fighting an evil wannabe galactic emperor and his “bumbling henchmen”.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Set in a futuristic Tokyo fifteen years after a worldwide cataclysm. The story centers on Shinji, a teenage boy who is recruited by the shadowy organization NERV and his father to pilot a giant bio-machine called an Evangelion in combat against monstrous beings known as Angels. The series explores the experiences and emotions of other Evangelion pilots and members of NERV as they attempt to prevent another catastrophe.

Tonight’s Episode:Introjection

Shinji, horrified and emotionally devastated by the battle between Unit 01 and Bardiel and witnessing Toji’s near-death, as well as Gendo’s indifference to the situation, quits NERV for a second time. However, as he is leaving Tokyo-3, the Angel Zeruel appears and easily defeats the other Evangelions.

Martian Successor Nadeshiko

In the year 2196. Earth is at war with a race of alien invaders called the “Jovian Lizards”. A company called Nergal designs a space battleship, the ND-001 Nadesico. While the ship is powerful and its crew consists of the top civilian experts in their fields, these individuals tend to have “some slight personality disorders”.

Tonight’s Episode:???


Great Teacher Onizuka

22-year-old ex-b?s?zoku member Eikichi Onizuka, upon seeing a display of a teacher’s power over girls, decides to become a teacher himself. However, he earns his teaching degree, just barely, at a second-rate college. In his quest, he discovers two important things: he has a conscience and a sense of morality. He teaches life lessons rather than the routine schoolwork. He is hired as a long-shot teacher by a privately operated school, in Kichij?ji, to tame a class that destroys teachers.

Tonight’s Episode:Bungee Jumping Made Easy

When Kunio and his friends are confronted by local punks, they believe they are saved when Eikichi arrives. However, he refuses to help, believing their predicament will teach them about taking responsibility. Faced with a bungee jump, Kunio proves how far he will go to prevent his mother from dating Eikichi.

Full Metal Panic!

Follows Sousuke Sagara, a soldier since childhood, and a member of the covert anti-terrorist private military organization known as Mithril, tasked with protecting Kaname Chidori, a hot-headed Japanese high school girl

Tonight’s Episode:Venom’s Flame

Tessa shares with Kaname the nature of resonance between two Whispered. Meanwhile, the SRT prepares for a mission against terrorists led by Gauron, who survived the Helmajistan incident and is wreaking havoc at Palau’s Berildaob island.


Set in a medieval Europe-inspired dark fantasy world, the story centers on the characters of Guts, a lone mercenary, and Griffith, the leader of a mercenary band called the Band of the Hawk. Themes of isolation, camaraderie, and the question of whether humanity is fundamentally good or evil pervade the story, as it explores both the best and worst of human nature.

Tonight’s Episode:The Black Swordsman

A girl is being assaulted in a bar when Guts walks in. He kills all the assailants but one and orders him to tell his master, the Baron, that the Black Swordsman is coming. Guts later finds and kills the Baron and removes a demonic relic called a Behelit from around his neck. In the end of the episode it flashes back to when Guts kills Bazuso and meets Griffith.

Record of the Lodoss War

Recounts the adventures of a youth by the name of Parn, the son of a dishonored knight. Part of his motivation for adventuring is to find out what happened to his father, and to restore his family’s honor. Despite his inexperience, Parn is considered the leader, who is accompanied by his childhood best friend Etoh, his friend and sometimes advisor Slayn, and his newfound mentor Ghim. They are accompanied by Parn’s romantic interest, the high elf Deedlit, who comes from the Forest of No Return seeking an answer to her people’s isolationism and an end to what she sees as a slow march to extinction and a thief named Woodchuck. Throughout the series, Parn comes into contact with friends and foes alike. His allies include King Kashue, King Fahn, Shiris, and Orson; his enemies include Emperor Beld, Ashram, and the evil necromancer Wagnard.

Tonight’s Episode:Blazing Departure

In an origin episode, Ghim sets out to find Leylia, Neese’s daughter who has disappeared. Meanwhile Parn steps in to save Liara from a group of attacking goblins. Once the goblins have dispersed Etoh appears and together they return to Parn’s village. Elsewhere Ghim meets up with Slayn, whilst an elf notices goblins on the march. Parn dons his father’s armour and Etoh accompanies him to destroy the goblins.

Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann

In a fictional future where Earth is ruled by the Spiral King, Lordgenome, who forces mankind to live in isolated subterranean villages. Two teenagers living in a subterranean village, Simon and Kamina, who wish to go to the surface. Using a mecha known as Lagann, Simon and Kamina reach the surface and start fighting alongside other humans against Lordgenome’s forces.

Tonight’s Episode:Sit in the Hot Tub ‘Till You’re Sick!!

Having picked up new members in their last adventure, Team Gurren continues onwards to the Gunmen rallying point. However, not everything is as it seems to be at a slight pit stop at a hot springs getaway in the middle of nowhere.

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