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Weekly Bulletin for Saturday 22nd March, 2014


Below is the program for March 22nd, 2014.

Retro movie! A classic from yesteryear
We do not have an Event afternoon. Sorry.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:15pm KinIro Mosaic Ep 8/12
5:40pm Fairy Tail Ep 107/180
6:05pm Problem Children from another world Ep 8/25
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Log Horizon Ep 9/25
7:55pm They Were Eleven movie TBC
9:25pm Late Break
9:30pm Jormungand: Perfect Order Ep 9/12 (some violence)
8:45pm Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 6/12 (v) TBC
9:25pm Kill la Kill Ep 7/24 (v) TBC

Doors Open Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

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Kiniro Mosaic (Golden Mosaic)

Shinobu Omiya once stayed in England, where she met and befriended Alice Cartelet. Years later when Shinobu is in high school, Alice comes to Japan as an exchange student and the two renew their friendship.

Tonight’s Episode:What Day is it?

Alice is excited about the upcoming school festival, the local festival she went to previously having whetted her appetite. When she, Shino and their friends gather to discuss what their class should do for the festival sparks start to fly between Shino and Alice. Karen’s class, meanwhile, is putting on a play. She exudes confidence about her part in the play, but refuses to give the others any details.

Fairy Tail

Magic and mayhem in the nation of Fiore. The members of the infamous mage’s guild Fairy Tail spend their days sorting out problems for the residents of Magnolia and battling the odd apocalyptic demon or dark guild. Of course they don’t let little things like that get in the way of having fun.

Tonight’s Episode:Ark of Embodiment

Ultear has found, and overcome, Zeref. Now she sits cradling him under the trees, promising to make him king of the world of Great Magic. Evergreen and Elfman are pinned on a cliff face by a monster summoned by Rustyrose. Despite their difficulty in working together Elfman comes up with a strategy that results in the beast going over the cliff instead of them, but they still have to deal with its summoner. The World of Great Magic is, apparently, imminent. A world in which those who cannot use magic, which is roughly 90% of all people in the world, will die.

Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kura Sou Desu Yo (Problem Children are Coming from Another World Aren’t They?)

Welcome to the world of Little Garden. A place full of magical beasts, mythical figures, and powerful inhabitants. Fame and fortune await the bold, for anything can be had if you are willing to gamble your power, or even your freedom, for it.

Tonight’s Episode:Seems That a Great Disaster Will Arrive With the Sound of a Flute?

The main event of the Fire Dragon Celebrations is about to begin, this is Kasukabe’s big match. Asuka meanwhile is troubled by the things she has discovered about her new tiny companion. The little fairy is pursued by dark forces that seem tied to the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and may in some way be connected to another Demon Lord. Jin has dug up what information he can on Kasukabe’s opponent but he and Leticia are still somewhat nervous. Kasukabe has declined a partner for the duel, even though the rules permit her to have one.

Log Horizon

Elder Tale is an MMO with over twenty million players world wide. When a new expansion is added to the game, Shiroe and his friends find themselvers amongst the several hundred thousand players across the world that are now literally trapped inside the game.

Tonight’s Episode:Round Table Conference

At Soujiro and the West Wind Brigade’s invitation, a meeting of the major guilds of Akihabara is about to begin inside the Guild Hall, all according to Shiroe’s plan. With his own Log Horizon included the table houses twelve guild masters, comprising the top combat, crafting and support guilds. Now that everyone has assembled, Shiroe gets the meeting started. His purpose is to prevent Akihabara from getting any worse than it already is.

Movie: Juichinin Iru! (They Were Eleven)

The intergalactic community has one place of absolute prestige, Cosmo Academy. Every year many apply, and every year a mere handful manage to meet the rigorous standards for entry. Tadatos Lane is determined to get into the Academy, having completed all the preliminary tests. He joins nine other candidates in a final practical exam, making their way to a derelict spaceship where they must survive for fifty days on their own. But the ship holds unpleasant surprises for Tada, and even more ominous their party of ten includes an extra member …

Jormungand: Perfect Order

Child soldier Jonah continues his job as bodyguard to the eccentric arms dealer Koko Hekmatyar. Allies are threatened and enemies start to pile on as her plans for the mysterious “Jormungand” begin to take shape.

Tonight’s Episode:New World: Phase 2

Kasper has announced the launch of HCLI’s new global transport and logistics network. But those in the know are more interested in Koko’s plans. Her focus is currently on kidnapping one Elena Barburin, a specialist in quantum physics. With that done, Koko and company set off on a world-wide business tour starting in Osaka. Scarecrow has Shokolade trailing them through Japan whilst other operatives check out Koko’s finances. It seems she has been slowly selling off assets over the last two years, building up a large amount liquid capital…

Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)

Akihito Kanbara is the half-human son of a dreamshade. Although never completely normal his life becomes a little more exciting when he meets Mirai Kuriyama, the last surviving member of a cursed clan of dreamshade hunters, and Akihito takes it upon himself to help her integrate with the other spirit warriors of their town and boost her confidence.

Tonight’s Episode:Shocking Pink

Discarded clothing, a strange green liquid, an empty shampoo bottle and a very angry Mitsuki … It all started one week ago. Kuriyama and Mitsuki had become fast friends after their time together at the local festival, and at the Literature club meeting Kuriyama unveiled her newly returned Dreamshade Hunter’s license. Her suspension over, and her bank balance and stomach still mostly empty, she was in need of a good bounty, and upon mentioning this to Shindou during another photo shoot the dreamshade asssessor directed her to the roof of their school …

Kill la Kill

Ryuko Matoi is a girl on a mission; to find the person responsible for her father’s death. Her search has led her to Honnouji Academy, a brutal, totalitarian school where the student council, led by Satsuki Kiryuin and empowered by their Ultima Uniforms, rule over everyone else. Ryuko quickly finds herself at odds with Satsuki’s dictatorship, but aid comes to Ryuko both from unexpected allies within the school … and a set of skimpy talking clothes.

Tonight’s Episode:A loser I can’t Hate

It’s another dinner of mystery croquets at the Mankanshoku house. For Ryuko, the lively household is a wonderful experience compared to her own childhood. The next day at school, lunch is interrupted by a parade of club presidents all keen to take down Ryuko. It seems a three star uniform has been offered to the person that defeats her. More stars means a better life …

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