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Saturday 11th August, 2012

The tentative JAFWA program for Saturday 11th August 2012 is below. To be held in the Collins Street Community Center on Collins Street just off Canning Highway in South Perth.

Things of Note:
1) JAFWA’s AGM will be held during the afternoon of August 25. After which you shall obey your new overlords.
1a) During the evening of August 25, we will be auctioning off the complete set of “Black Lagoon” manga (in English), so bring plenty of money for bids.
2) This week two new regular series begin – “Hanasaku Iroha” adn “Jormangund”.
3) Remember to rug up, as our Hall does not have a lot of heating.


All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles

5:15pm Sakamichi no Apollon (kids on the slope) Ep 4/12
5:40pm Mouretsu Pirates Ep 12/26
6:05pm Fairy Tail Ep 67/? (v)
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Hanasaku Iroha Ep 1/26
7:55pm Usagi Drop Ep 4/11
8:20pm Hyouka Ep 1 (preview)
8:45pm Tiger and Bunny Ep 19/25 (v)
Late Break
9:20pm Jormangund Ep 1/12 (v)
9:45pm Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 4/24 (?)
10:10pm Another Ep 3/12 (vd)
JAFWA Doors Open: ~4:55 PM
Program Finishes: ~10:50 PM

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