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Saturday 7th April, 2012

No JAFWA on the weekend of April 7th
tis the season to attend Swancon and/or observe Easter.

NOTE: Because Swancon and Easter are on the weekend of April 7 this year, Westlodge is wanting to do their session on afternoon of April 14 before JAFWA. In fact they are asking if they could get about 30 minutes of our session so that they can finish up. So JAFWA will be a little short that evening. But we are looking to make it a themed night rather than a regular program. Nephi is still designing the program, all will hopefully be revealed shortly.


Dale’s Suggestive Remarks, based on suggestion sheets handed in at JAFWA:
From Greg McLeod wrote on 24 March 2012 on the Topic “Suggestions“:

Yes you must show Zero no Tsukaima F.
The first episodes are looking good.

I must, must I?

There was only room in the JAFWA program for either “Zero no Tsukaima F” or “A Certain Magical Index II” as a regular series, and the other as a preview, being as they could be considered the same harem type dating-sim derived genre. It sounds like you object to the choice we made.
Well, you could raise a petition to remove the second series of Index, then we would have room for Zero’s hapless familiar.

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