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2010 JAFWA committee elections

Being an incorporated club, JAFWA is required to have an annual election, and this year it will be held during the Dinner Break of June 19th. (because SupaNova is on the weekend of June 26 pre-empting JAFWA).

The election is to choose 8 people who will become the governing committee of JAFWA. These 8 poor slobs will be the ones to decide what the JAFWA program will contain, plan world domination, and otherwise organise JAFWA. May the powers that be look kindly upon us!

To have been eligible for nomination, you must be a current fully-signed up JAFWA member, since at least the beginning of April (3 months before the election), and resisdent of WA. Preferably you should also care about JAFWA.

The current JAFWA committee consists of:

  • Dale Verdi
  • Jacen
  • Lindsay McLennan
  • Owen (Ferret) Wylde
  • Paul Clune
  • Phillip Cummins
  • Sally Sutherlin
  • Wendy Hale

Nominations close on Saturday 12th June 2010.

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