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JAFWA still in hiatus for the rest of May 2020

President Drew’s Announcement on the hiatus of JAFWA

please read it here.

The President’s poll on the re-opening of JAFWA

We have been in communication with the City of South Perth regarding the lifting of restrictions and the return of JAFWA.

The Collins Street Centre is now open for business.

There is still a maximum occupancy, under the Emergency Health Act, of 20 in the main hall and 12 in the upstairs room. This leaves JAFWA with three options:

  1. Open for June (13th), capping attendance in the main hall to 20 – this affects us mostly before the dinner break
  2. Waiting until the next stage of restrictions lift to recommence JAFWA with full capacity available (likely to occur around the same time as restarting in June)
  3. Waiting until the spread is further contained to minimise risk to JAFWA attendees.

I am well aware that if we do reopen early, we will have a reduced attendance due with those at risk maintaining their distance. We won’t know the full extent of how this will impact us until we open.

There are also health compliance commitments to maintain – we will need to clean down the areas we use (kitchen tops, etc) as well as the equipment we use (tables and chairs both before and after the session, and JAFWA equipment).

Which of these options do our JAFWAites prefer?

No Screening on this week or for the rest of this month.

JAFWA is still on Hiatus until the current pestilence passes. Though as the above poll indicates, JAFWA may resume as soon as June.
Whechever way you vote, JAFWA shall return with the panacea of anime goodness, for when good order is restored. When the situation allows for JAFWA to resume, our expected screening can be seen here.
As always, be excellent to each other!

And so long as Madman keeps operating, we will keep ordering stuff for you from their online catalogues with our club discount. Just e-mail us your orders, and we will respond with how to direct transfer the deposits and options for delivery. So far we have had a couple of JAFWAites pre-order stuff from the online catalogues.

With all the Travel bans, all is not lost if you need to reach out to Japan. We suggest you (remotely) visit our current favourite local shop (jump-start the economy):

BittaLime (Japanese kimono, antique, vintage fabric and collectables):
FB: BittaLime
Etsy: BittaLimeKimono
SC: BittaLime_Kimono

The latest Japanese Spring 2020 season of anime is underway in Japan. Do any of these or these titles look like they are worth previewing at JAFWA when we return? I am hoping for 2nd season of “Fruits Basket”, but also a desire for “Gleipnir”.

Comment on our FB page.

Dates of Interest

presuming the Pandemic progression does not cause them to cancel, as it did for Swancon.

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