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COVID-19 hiatus

President Drew’s Announcement on the hiatus of JAFWA

My fellow JAFWANs,

On 22 March a Federal announcement was made on public gatherings. Given how JAFWA uses the hall and our size, we met the requirements to continue operation.

However, the City of South Perth has decided to err on the side of caution, and at 12:20 on 23 March 2020 I was notified that the City of South Perth has therefore cancelled all bookings effective immediately.

As JAFWA has a long-term booking, these will be immediately rebooked once the hall is re-opened.

It is very unfortunate, but also a practical way to protect all at our club and our society. JAFWA is a grand part of society, and so JAFWA must do its part to minimise infection spread.

Therefore, effective immediately, all JAFWA memberships are extended for the duration of the Social Gathering freeze (a pause on your membership until JAFWA reopens). As a sign of good faith from the City of South Perth, JAFWA has been granted permission to retain the keys to the premises. They expect that JAFWA will return, as does your JAFWA committee.

JAFWA will return once the Social Gathering freeze is over, and as current president I hope and expect to see all your wonderful faces present when we do recommence our club activities. The first screening back, whenever that may be, will be that same programme as per 27 March 2020. Members recorded on the current March 2020 attendance sheet will be used for a Membership prize draw that night.

JJAFWA belongs to you. Please keep healthy over the upcoming period, and stoke the fires of enthusiasm for your club. We will be communicating via Facebook and a members-based email group on upcoming shows that we hope to screen, anime news and some small competitions. Discussions and questions are welcome!

Finally, my personal email is attached. Please contact me/the committee if you need or want to talk – the JAFWA committee does indeed care about our members and their health, as the club wouldn’t be what it is without your support. We can be contacted via: (our main general contact);
JAFWA via Facebook; – me directly (and please no signing me up for spam). If for any reason you may be affected by Corvid-19, my inbox is always open.

Many thanks for your support for JAFWA, I look forward to seeing you ASAP!

Drew Edgar
JAFWA Kancho

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