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Screening on Saturday 9th April 2022

Screening on the evening of Saturday, April 9th 2022

April is upon us, yet JAFWA still shines forth as your local source of anime-watching goodness.

Thanks to everybody who signed the petition to keep it open, but to quote Tokyo Underground:

It’s a sad day. We have just been advised the Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre will close at the end of March 2023 and will cease all activities at the end of September this year. The Centre has the largest Japanese resource library and wonderful harmony Japanese garden, and provides adult Japanese language classes, cultural workshops, film nights, exhibitions, displays, seminars and school visits . A regular stall holder at the Perth Japan Festival. The aim of the centre is to promote understanding and exchange between Western Australia and Hyogo through education, government, culture, tourism, sports and business. We will miss you.

Prefectural Center

NOTE We are now required by City of South Perth to check our attendees’ Vaccination status.

Also welcome our newest Associate Members – the Curtin Pop Culture Club!

Looking for volunteers to help out at our next Bunnings Sausage Sizzle fundraiser, to be held Saturday May 7th at Cannington Bunnings.

Cash for Containers

As people may have noticed, JAFWA collects the recyclable containers (cans and bottles) that are disposed of by our attendees. It helps in a small way.

if you too would like to help JAFWA, and get rid of your unwanted recyclable containers, then please take them to Containers for Change, and quote JAFWA’s account number – C10505693.

Covid-19 Safety Precautions

We continue taking precautions to limit the possible future waves of CoVid-19, and we ask that you co-operate and even help where possible with our efforts to keep you safe – some social distancing, extra cleaning with antiseptic, library under limited access, etc. Also, we must ask that anyone unfortunate enough to be infected to not attend JAFWA until they are contagion free.
– Help is always welcome during set-up and pack-up due to the extra duties imposed by COVID-19 precautions.
– Please arrive early to confirm personal details due to COVID 19 regulations. There will be Contact Tracing, either by the SafeWA app on your keitai (mobile phones), or by signing in at the contact tracing sheet near the entry.
– We are now required by City of South Perth to check our attendees’ Vaccine status.

Below is the tentative program for the evening of Saturday April 9th, 2022.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles. With assistance from a grant from and

5:15pm Non Non Biyori repeat Ep 6/12
5:40pm Uramichi-Oniisan Ep 6/13
6:05pm Restaurant to Another World season 2 Ep 10/12
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Fena: Pirate Princess Ep 8/12
7:55pm Steins; Gate Ep 9/24 (retro)
8:20pm Lupin III part 6 Ep 9/25
8:45pm To Your Eternity Ep 9/20
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm Golden Kamuy Ep 5/12 (V)
9:45pm Cells At Work: Black Ep 4/13
10:10pm Re:Zero: season 2 part B Ep 10/12 (v)

Doors Open before Screening:~5:00 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

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Dates of Interest

Barring a resurgence of COVID-19 pestilence, these fannish events of interest are scheduled to happen:

  • Saturday April 9nd 2022 9AM->12PM — Nexus Toy and Collectors Fair at Victoria Park Leisure Centres – Aqualife and Leisurelife
  • Saturday April 23rd 2022 ~1PM->10:30PM — JAFWA’s next marathon anime screening. Program still accepting suggestions.
  • Saturday May 7th 2022 — JAFWA’s next Bunnings Sausage Sizzle fund raiser at Cannington. Volunteers requested.
  • rescheduled Saturday May 28th 2022 from 10AM — Tokyo Alley at Curtin Stadium-Curtin University
  • Saturday July 16th 2022 9AM->12PM — Nexus Toy and Collectors Fair at Victoria Park Leisure Centres – Aqualife and Leisurelife.
  • Saturday Sept 3rd 2022 9:30AM->6PM — Pixel Expo 2022: Perth’s Premier Animation and Gaming Expo at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre


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Non Non Biyori – Repeat

In the countryside small town village of Asahigaoka, a place lacking many of the conveniences that people from the city are accustomed to. The nearest stores are a few miles away and one of the local schools consists of only five students, each of whom is in a different grade of elementary or middle school. Hotaru Ichijo, a fifth grader from Tokyo, transfers into Asahigaoka Branch School and has to adjust to countryside life with her new friends. A year has passed

This evening’s Episode:We Made Friends With Fireflies ” season 2

Natsumi tries to come up with some conversation topics while alone with Hotaru, only to find her go off about an anime series that she herself hasn’t watched, but she soon comes across something of interest to Hotaru. The next day, Natsumi takes Hotaru and Renge bug hunting, where she shows them a cicada nymph. Later, Hotaru invites the girls to view some fireworks with them, only to find the store has run out, leaving only a single underwhelming one. As Hotaru feels down about disappointing everyone, Kazuho takes everyone to a special place filled with fireflies.


31-year-old Uramichi Omota has two sides to his personality. He appears as the young man in charge of physical exercises on the educational program “Maman to Together.” Although he has a fresh and upbeat demeanour on the show, he is actually a bit emotionally unstable, he can’t help but reveal his jaded, worn-out personality.

This evening’s Episode:That Thing That You Can’t Remember the Name Of

Even with a healthy body, Uramichi’s mind is bothered by something he can’t recall. It is affecting his sleep, and his job. As per usual, the children are not that helpful. But what is worse is something he was not told of. But poor Iketeru-san has never been on an hot springs excursion before. Will the rest of the cast take pity on him and help make the company retreat enjoyable?

Restaurant to Another World (Isekai Shokudou) season 2

The Western Restaurant Nekoya is a restaurant situated in a mundane corner of an undisclosed Tokyo shopping district which offers a lot of Japanese versions of Western dishes. It opens during usual business hours but is closed during holidays and weekends. But secretly it is also open on Saturdays, as on this particular day it creates doorways to another world inhabited by elves, dragons, animal men and other fantastic creatures, who enter the restaurant and partake of its exotic food, with many of them becoming regular patrons. But while Nekoya mainly offers food, it is also a place where relationships are forged, inspirations made, and salvation for the needy is provided.

This evening’s Episodes:Teriyaki burger / Chocolate Parfait again

Jack, Kento and Terry – now novice adventurers – are saved from a tight spot by fellow Nekoya regular Tatsugoro, who invites them to the restaurant for a new dish the Master has put on the menu: Teriyaki burger. Later on, Queen Lastina, the sovereign of the Demon Kingdom, mulls over her fate as a vassal lord of the Great Empire and her distinct lack of demonic blessings. When she retires to her chambers, she is surprised to find a Nekoya door there, and upon entering the restaurant, she meets with her acquaintance Princess Adelheid, who rekindles her confidence over a shared serving of chocolate parfait.

Fena: Pirate Princess (Kaizoku Oujo)

An orphan girl, Fena Houtman, has been raised on an Island where there is no hope of becoming anything more than chattel, to be used and discarded by soldiers of the British Empire. But Fena is more than just another powerless orphan. When her mysterious past comes knocking, Fena will break the chains of her oppressors.

Tonight’s Episodes:A Knight’s Vow

The Bonito II rushes to port at Chaouen, making it just in time to get Yukimaru to a doctor they know. While Yukimaru recovers, Shitan calls Fena a witch for her role in nearly getting Yukimaru killed twice in a span of ten years. With Brule by her side, Fena later manages to reconcile with him. Eventually, Yukimaru wakes up.

Steins; Gate

Rintaro Okabe is a self-proclaimed “mad scientist” who believes that an international organization is conspiring to reshape the world according to its own interests. He and his friend Itaru Hashida inadvertently create a gadget able to send messages to the past. The discovery and experimentation of this instrument become the catalyst of fundamental alterations to the present. Oblivious of the consequences of their actions, Rintaro and his friends end up creating modifications of grievous proportions. He must then try to find a way to return as close as possible to the original timeline in order to save his precious lab members.

Tonight’s Episodes:Chaos Theory Homeostasis II

As Faris learns about the PhoneWave upon overhearing a discussion between Rintaro and Daru, Rintaro discovers that the IBN has gone missing from the lab, which was apparently never found in the first place as a result of Moeka’s D-Mail. Kurisu deduces that the minor changes to the past that resulted from their previous D-Mails have caused a butterfly effect, leading to changes beyond their control.

Lupin III part 6

The World’s geatest gentleman thief Lupin III, and cohorts, contending with detective Sherlock Holmes when Lupin becomes the top suspect in the murder of the former’s longtime partner, Dr. Watson. Lupin is also after a treasure hidden by The Raven, a mysterious organization that manipulates the British government from the shadows

Tonight’s Episodes:The Jet-Black Diamond

The specialist treasure hunter calling herself Cherry lures Lupin to an “underground” auction of some treasure of the great pirate Zeke Barbatos who was active in Brazil 75 years ago. The treasure reportedly included the Jet-Black Diamond and Venus Ruby. At the auction, Lupin encounters an elderly woman who buys a kokeshi doll similar to his own which is part of the treasure.

To Your Eternity (Fumetsu no Anata e) season 1

An omnipotent narrator casts an orb of light to the Earth, watching as this entity copies the shape of a rock and then, many years later, mimics the moss on a rock. When a wolf dies beside the moss, it evolves, taking on the creature’s shape and gaining movement for the first time. As the wolf, the orb observes the dead wolf’s owner, a young man who lives alone on a frozen tundra. The time the orb spends with the boy leaves a mark on the entity as it observes, mimics, and bonds with the boy and then the other creatures it eventually comes across—all while transcending death and living for time immemorial.

Tonight’s Episode:Deep Memories

As Fushi treats a hungry Gugu, the former is taught by the latter about the concept of death and wonder how is it that he can take the form of the dead. Gugu feels relieved when Fushi agrees he will take Gugu’s form to remember him if he dies in the same fashion Fushi did with March and the nameless villager.

Golden Kamuy

Saichi Sugimoto, a survivor of the battle of 203 Hill in the Russo-Japanese War has become a miner in Hokkaido in order to provide for the widow of his dead comrade, Toraji. He hears a dubious story of hidden Ainu gold stashed by a criminal group, and accidentally finds clues to its location. He decides to search for the gold along with an Ainu girl, Asirpa, who rescues him from Hokkaido’s harsh northern wilderness. Though other parties are also hunting for the gold.

This evening’s Episode:Race

Sugimoto is tortured by twin brothers Youhei and Kouhei Nikaidou. Shiraishi breaks into Sugimoto’s cell and releases his bonds, allowing him to kill Youhei. He fakes a fatal injury using Youhei’s intestines, and is able to escape and reunite with Asirpa. While hunting, Asirpa and Sugimoto come across the tracks of two men: Tanigaki and Tetsuzou Nihei, a famous bear hunter.

Cells at Work! Code Black (Hataraku Saibou Burakku)

A newbie Red Blood Cell is one of 37 trillion working to keep this body running. But something’s wrong. Stress hormones keep yelling at him to go faster. The blood vessels are crusted over with cholesterol. Ulcers, fatty liver, trouble (ahem) downstairs… It’s hard for a cell to keep working when every day is a CODE BLACK.

This evening’s Episodes:Forefront, Gonococci, and Conflict

AA2153 comforts some Platelets terrified by the Gonococci infection. After taking several casualties, the Neutrophils retreat and regroup in a lymph node, but their captain warns that Gonorrhea has no chance of healing naturally. Several cells accuse the Neutrophils of not doing their jobs. Meanwhile AA2153 and a teammate deliver oxygen to the infested area.

Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re: Life in a Different World from Zero) season 2 part B

Subaru Natsuki is an ordinary high school student who is lost in an alternate world, where he is rescued by a beautiful, silver-haired girl. He stays near her to return the favor, but the destiny she is burdened with is more than Subaru can imagine. Enemies attack one by one, and both of them are killed. He then finds out he has the power to rewind death, back to the time he first came to this world. But only he remembers what has happened since.

This evening’s Episodes:Love Me Down to My Blood and Guts

As a result of the fight against the mabeast guiltylowe, the mansion is set ablaze. Subaru leaves to find Beatrice while Otto and Petra run to escape the burning mansion. Back in the graveyard, Emilia undergoes the third trial, where she is subjected to a series of visions and voices from potential futures.

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