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Weekly Bulletin for Saturday 20th June, 2015

Event Afternoon

JAFWA has the hall from 12:30PM to 4:30PM, where it is make our own amusement time.
There should be at least one sewing machine is coming along, for cosplay creation related purposes. Leanne has offered to take photos of people in Cosplay, and any Neko Nationers can come to our event afternoon first. Rember, Supanova is next week
We may have forgotten to emotionally blackmail Ryan and James to bring in the 8 player Super Smash Bros again so JAFWA will bring out the projector and screen. Crossing our fingers.

What do you want to do?


Below is the program for June 20th, 2015.

We farewell “D-Frag!” this week. Of course, it is possible to now order the DVD from Madman.
If this doesn’t give you chills, it is possible that the weather will. Please rug up warm when attending JAFWA.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:15pm Fairy Tail Ep 167/175
5:40pm Log Horizon season 2 Ep 15/25
6:05pm Assassination Classroom Ep 5/22
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Yamada and the Seven Witches Ep 1 (preview)
7:55pm Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 3/13
8:20pm D-Frag! Ep 12/12 Final
8:45pm Sword Art Online season 2 Ep 20/24
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm Akame ga Kill Ep 8/24 (v)
9:45pm Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Ep 5/12
10:10pm JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure Ep 2/26 (v)

Doors Open Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

Dates of Interest

  • Saturday June 20th – JAFWA’s next Event Afternoon, where we have the hall before JAFWA (from ~1:30PM to ~4:30PM) and make our own entertainment.
  • Saturday June 27th – No JAFWA as people go to Perth Supanova.
  • July 18th – JAFWA AGM and elections to the JAFWA committee. Please consider nominating.

And never forget the theatrical releases forthcoming from reelanime.


Fairy Tail

Magic and mayhem in the nation of Fiore. The members of the infamous mages’ guild Fairy Tail spend their days sorting out problems for the residents of Magnolia and battling the odd apocalyptic demon or dark guild. Of course they don’t let little things like that get in the way of having fun.

Tonight’s Episode:100 Against 1

Natsu’s battle with Master Jiemma of Sabertooth is brought to an abrupt and inconclusive end by his daughter Minnerva, who forces Natsu to back off by briefly taking Happy hostage. Nonetheless, Natsu’s little outburst shakes up quite a few members of Sabertooth, not least of which Sting, and motivates Minnerva herself to the place of the expelled Yukino in the tournament. Erza represents Team A in the next day’s event; Pandemonium. An endurance challenge against a citadel full of 100 monsters. And she immediately wrecks the competition by challenging all 100 monsters at once.

Log Horizon season 2

Life continues for Shiroe and the others trapped within the world of Elder Tale. The city of Akihabara is now prosperous and thriving thanks to the efforts and innovations of the adventurers. But prosperity does not guarantee safety, Shiroe’s skills have already been tested against the nefarious Nureha and her guild Plant Hwyaden, and now he must find a way to secure Akihabara’s future against those who would seek to claim it for themselves.

Tonight’s Episode:The Midday Vampire

Isuzu, Rudy, Serara, Tohya, and Minori are now off on their very own quest; to collect the ingredients for their magic bag. They’ve got their gear, they’ve got their wagon, and they’ve gotten a lot of advice from the other members of Log Horizon before setting off. But now it’s all up to them, whether the quest succeeds or fails is completely in their hands

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom)

The students of Class 3E are the lost causes of Kunugigaoka Junior High. But they have been given one last chance to redeem themselves. Their new teacher is not human, he’s a monster that blew a hole through the moon and now threatens to do the same to Earth in twelve months’ time. If the students can manage to kill him before then, they get 10 billion yen and the gratitude of the worlds’ governments. So, it’s time to assassinate the teacher! Which is kind of a shame, because he’s a really good teacher.

Tonight’s Episodes:Assembly Time

In addition to Karasuma from the Ministry of Defence, E Class now has the international assassin Irina Jelavich taking half of their English classes. And it all seems to have been according to Koro-sensei’s plan, giving the students access to a teacher with real-world experience of foreign languages. Jelavich has started taking her lessons seriously and been accepted by the students, although she doesn’t think much of their nickname for her. Koro-sensei, meanwhile, continues to bond with his students … in-between assassination attempts.

preview – Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Yamada and the Seven Witches)

Ryuu Yamada’s, well deserved, reputation as a delinquent is no longer his biggest problem. After an accident on the stairs causes himself and the school’s top student Urara Shiraishi to swap bodies, the discovery of this strange ability makes his life a great deal more complicated. But for the gruff, friendless Yamada, spending some time literally in other people’s shoes might not be such a bad thing.

Tonight’s Episode:Turnover

Yamada is in the staff room, getting chewed out by his teacher for his poor behaviour both in and out of class. It’s not a lecture he wants to hear, he left his previous school just to avoid being known as a delinquent but it seems things are no different here. Having the teacher compare him to the model student Shiraishi is just infuriating, so when Yamada spots her a few moments later on the stairwell, he decides to do something about it …

Amagi Brilliant Park

Amagi Brilliant Park is an amusement park, a place of magical wonder and whimsy. Or at least it’s supposed to be. The park has fallen on hard times and that’s bad news for the staff. Who genuinely are magical. There’s no place for these oddballs from a fantasy world except an amusement park, so they need theirs to stay open. That’s where Kanie Seiya comes in, a pompous high school student and burned out child star is the perfect person to manage this particular mad-house.

Tonight’s Episodes:Not Enough Reinforcement!

Despite initially wanting nothing to do with their run-down park, Kanie Seiya, it seems, is not quite heartless enough to stand by and watch them all get tossed out on the street. Or it might just be that he wants to wipe the smirk off the face of Takaya from Amagi Development. So he’s now the new manager of Amagi Brilliant Park. Still, meeting the minimum number of attendees to fulfil their quota is going to be an enormous task. That’s why his first order of business … is to close the park.


Kazama Kenji goal in life was simple; become a famous and feared delinquent. Instead he finds himself mixed up with his school’s struggling Game Development club and its various … eccentric … members. Yet the harder he tries to get away from them, the more he finds himself running into the other crazies in his school.

Tonight’s Episode:At This Rate, You’ll Have Zero Friends for all Eternity!” Finale

The “Cell phone Snatch” battle between the former student council and the Game Dev Club (Provisional) continues. Former vice-president Naganuma is out, which is good, but Chitose is having a hard time with former president Tama on her own. Which is why Ken is heading back to the classroom to help her out, although Chitose doesn’t much like the idea that she needs help from him, whilst Roka and Sakura face former treasurer Matsubara together. And the teachers … aren’t doing much to stop it.

Sword Art Online 2

It has been a year since the victims of Alfheim Online were freed from their virtual prison, and more than a year since Sword Art Online was shut down. But Virtual Gaming has not died, instead it’s bigger and better than ever. For Kirito and his friends there are many places to see and people to meet in the online world.

Tonight’s Episode:Sleeping Knights

The duel with Zekken, whose name is actually Yuuki, goes better than expected. The young sword master chooses Asuna as the winner or her challenge and reveals that the whole reason for the duels was to find an extra person to help her six-member guild, The Sleeping Knights, be the first to defeat the boss for the current floor. A raid that requires at least seven people. They’re looking to make a lasting memory, and leave a permanent mark in ALO, before real life pulls them away.

Akame ga Kill (Red-Eye Kill)

Tatsumi was hoping to find enough money in the capital to save his poverty stricken village, what he found instead was corruption and slaughter. The prime minister is the power behind the throne, manipulating the infant emperor for his own gain, and the common folk of the empire suffer under his reign. A group of assassins known as Night Raid prowl the city, leaving a trail of corpses in their wake. But as Tatsumi quickly discovers, they may be the only hope the empire has.

Tonight’s Episode:Kill the Three – part 2

With General Esdeath’s return to the capital, the manipulative Prime Minister immediately sets her the task of destroying Night Raid, having her subordinates kill more of his political rivals whilst pretending to be the assassin group. With their reputation under threat, and potential political allies being dispatched, the team splits up to guard the two next most likely targets. Tatsumi and Bulat are the ‘lucky’ ones, running into Esdeath’s three loyal servants. But whilst Bulat easily dispatches the first of them, one of the others is his old commander; General Liver.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Shirou Emiya, a high school student and amateur magus living in Fuyuki City, finds himself a participant in the Fifth Holy Grail War. A secret tournament between mages and their servants, reincarnated heroes and legendary figures, to claim the Holy Grail; a chalice that can grant any wish.

Tonight’s Episode:Dancing After School

Shirou, it seems, has a capacity for self-regenerative magic. Something he, and his servant Saber, discover after his poor condition at the end of the battle with Berserker quickly vanishes. Shirou presents Saber as a friend of Kiritsugu’s in order to let her accompany him to school and other places without raising too many questions, although Sakura isn’t thrilled by the idea of the two of them living together. Meanwhile Rin is on the trail of another servant, the Caster. But Archer wants to know why she is ignoring the inexperienced, easy target that is Shirou.

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure)

The Joestar’s are a wealthy English family, but one with a dark fate. Ever since the days of Jonathon Joestar and his adopted brother Dio Brando, and the succession struggle that came about from Dio’s greed, the Joestar family line has found itself embroiled in supernatural horror and world-threatening ambition. And it always falls to the current Jojo, whoever it may be, to stop the madness.

Tonight’s Episode:Dio, the Invader

The young Dio made his presence felt in the Joestar household. Whilst Jonathon’s father and the manor staff, and just about everyone else that interacted with him, fell for the ruse of the polite, genial, friendly Dio, Jonathon got to see the real person behind the mask as Dio killed his dog, spread false rumours, and attacked Jonathon’s new love Erina. And speaking of masks, when Jonathon attacked Dio for assaulting Erina, and for the first time ever beat him, a bit of Dio’s blood fell on the strange stone mask that hangs on the Joestar manor’s wall … and it reacted.

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