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Weekly Bulletin for Saturday 28th March, 2015

Event Afternoon

JAFWA has the hall from 12:30PM to 4:30PM, where it is make our own amusement time.
There should be at least one sewing machine is coming along, for cosplay creation related purposes. Leanne has offered to take photos of people in Cosplay, and any Neko Nationers can come to our event afternoon first.
And we have been trying to emotionally blackmail Ryan and James to bring in the 8 player Super Smash Bros again so JAFWA will bring out the projector and screen.
What do you want to do?


Below is the program for March 28th, 2015.

We didn’t exactly have a movie for tonight, but we have 3 new items that may grab your fancy.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:15pm Fairy Tail Ep 159/175
5:40pm Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Ep 9/12
6:05pm Log Horizon season 2 Ep 7/25
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm D-Frag! Ep 4/12
7:55pm Harmonie OAV (special)
8:25pm Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Ep 00 (prologue)
9:10pm Late Break
9:25pm Junketsu no Maria Ep 1 (preview)
9:50pm Psycho Pass season 2 Ep 8/11 (vd)
10:15pm Danganronpa Ep 7/13 (v?)

Doors Open Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

Dates of Interest

  • Saturday March 28th – JAFWA event afternoon. Come make your own entertainment between 12:30PM and 4:30PM.
  • Sunday March 29th – Panic Annual General Meeting 11:00AM to 3:00PM. Rod Evans Community Centre (Main Hall), 160 Hay Street, East Perth.
  • Sunday May 2nd – JAFWA’s Fundraising Bunnings BBQ at Cannington. Come buy a sausage in a bun. Or even volunteer your sausage sizzling skills.


Fairy Tail

Magic and mayhem in the nation of Fiore. The members of the infamous mage’s guild Fairy Tail spend their days sorting out problems for the residents of Magnolia and battling the odd apocalyptic demon or dark guild. Of course they don’t let little things like that get in the way of having fun.

Tonight’s Episode:Lucy vs Flare

The first contest of the Grand Magic Games involved the creation of an entire town filled with replica contestants. A feat requiring so much magical energy it immediately makes Jellal suspicious. Raventail’s Nalpudding effortlessly and repeatedly attacks Gray, even ignoring other competitors to focus on him. And Sabertooth’s Rufus secures his victory with one simultaneous attack on every other competitor. But now it is time for the battle component of the day’s activities, and Lucy finds herself facing off against another member of Raven Tail; Flare Corona.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun)

High school student Sakura Chiyo has a serious crush on her tall, stoic schoolmate Nozaki Umetarou. But when she finally plucks up the courage to tell him she always wants to be with him, she finds herself employed as his assistant. Turns out Nozaki is a shoujo manga artist, and by working alongside him Sakura gets to see her high school crush in action … and see the not-so-perfect inspiration for his stories.

Tonight’s Episode:Do You Have Enough Excitement?

Sakura finds herself in a bit of a bind after school. It’s raining, she knew it was going to rain, and yet she still forgot her umbrella. For Nozaki, the situation is a chance to experiment and think on new plotlines for his manga. Lots of things can happen when it’s raining and you’re stuck at school.

Log Horizon season 2

Life continues for Shiroe and the others trapped within the world of Elder Tale. The city of Akihabara is now prosperous and thriving thanks to the efforts and innovations of the adventurers. But prosperity does not guarantee safety, Shiroe’s skills have already been tested against the nefarious Nureha and her guild Plant Hwyaden, and now he must find a way to secure Akihabara’s future against those who would seek to claim it for themselves.

Tonight’s Episode:Akihabara Raid!

The murderer Enheart Elreth is almost completely possessed by the vengeful spirit of his sword, Byakumaru. A solution is needed for this overpowered, teleporting serial killer, and despite the distraction of her guild master Crusty dramatically vanishing Reize has a plan. Akatsuki has made friends and trained with more of the adventurers of Akihabara, but the secret to the Teachings continues to elude her. And so the battle with Enheart begins, and ultimate victory will depend Princess Lenissia …


Kazama Kenji goal in life was simple; become a famous and feared delinquent. Instead he finds himself mixed up with his school’s struggling Game Development club and its various … eccentric … members. Yet the harder he tries to get away from them, the more he finds himself running into the other crazies in his school.

Tonight’s Episode:They’re the Band of 14 Devils!

Despite things looking grim for Roka’s club, Kazama hits upon the idea of simply piling together lots of existing games into a single attraction, rather than trying to create a new one. With a small army of shanghaied volunteers to assemble their “Game Castle”, the Fake Game Dev Club manages to win over Takao and her team. And perhaps more importantly, Takao and Roka are able to be friends again. Although that doesn’t stop Chitose from trying to go ahead with the ‘punishment’ for Takao losing. That just leaves one outstanding issue … the club names.

OAV – Harmonie

“Everyone has their own little world.”

Akio Honjou has his friends at school, Yoshida and Watanabe, the two people who share his interests. Their time between classes is spent in lively discussion of their favourite TV shows. But there is someone else in the class that Akio can’t help but notice; Juri Makina. Of course, they are in totally different social circles. Their worlds could never come into contact.

Preview – Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Shirou Emiya, a high school student and amateur magus living in Fuyuki City, finds himself a participant in the Fifth Holy Grail War. A secret tournament between mages and their servants, reincarnated heroes and legendary figures, to claim the Holy Grail; a chalice that can grant any wish.

Tonight’s Episode:Prologue

A young girl full of smiles. A man at her front gate. A present. A book. And then he is gone. “Have a safe journey father …”

Rin Tohsaka lives in a stately mansion, apparently all on her own. After an unpleasant awakening by alarm clock she prepares for school, stopping only to collect an ornate pendant “just in case”. But the walk to school is devoid of other students. It seems all her clocks were fast by one hour, and it happened when she found that pendant …

preview – Junketsu no Maria (Maria the Virgin Witch)

The Hundred Years war was a time of great suffering and strife in middle-ages Europe as France and England clashed time and again. But in the midst of this was Maria; one of the most powerful witches of her time and a woman utterly opposed to war. But when her meddling starts to draw the attention of other powerful forces, Maria suddenly finds she has bigger problems than her familiar Artemis teasing her about her lack of … experience.

Tonight’s Episode:Virgo Intacta (Perfect Virgin)

In the woods near their village, a mother and daughter make their way, cautiously, to the home of the witch Maria. Although the little girl’s grandmother, Martha, always came home safely, they still say a prayer for protection just in case. The witch’s home is dark, but they can just make out the aged crone by the dim light. Maria it seems, is not a bad witch. She has Martha’s medicine ready and even promises to look out for the little girl, Anne’s, father now that he has been sent off to war. But the dim light conceals something else about this witch …

Psycho-Pass 2

Makishima Shougo is dead, and Akane Tsunemori still works for Public Security. With a new junior inspector and two new Enforcers she struggles to protect the public from the latent criminals in their midst, whilst hiding from them the horrible truth of the Sybil System. But a new menace walks the streets, a new threat that once again cannot be judged by Sybil. And this time they’re not just a lone psychopath, this time they’re recruiting.

Tonight’s Episode:Omnipotence Paradox

As a frankenstain’s monster of body parts stitched together, Kamui cannot even be seen by the Sybil system, let alone judged. And from his position of unbreakable anonymity he has carefully planned out the end of the Sybil System’s Hegemony. In the midst of this, Inspector Shimotsuki continues her crusade to have Akane fired and the psychotic Tougane put away. But the one detail she could never have learned, is that the person controlling the robotic Chief she is reporting all this to, is Tougane’s equally psychotic mother. And the pair of them now have plans for Shimotsuki.


Hope’s Peak Private Academy is a famous boarding school, known as a place for students who are the best in their field. When the unremarkable Makoto Naegi wins a lottery to enter the school he and fourteen other new students find the horrible truth hidden within; Hope’s Peak is a prison, and the only way out is to kill one of the other inmates without getting caught.

Tonight’s Episode:All All Apologies

The true murderer of Hifumi and Ishimara is revealed to be Celes, in a complex plot involving a costume to frame Yasuhiro and roping Hifumi into being her accomplice. After the trial, Naegi confronts Kirigiri about her disappearing during the investigation and she reveals to him to a secret room filled with books. But Naegi is attacked by a masked assailant and awakens to find the room emptied. The only thing he was able to read was a single note; “you must not leave this academy”. And on his way back Naegi finds Ohgami and Monobear have come to blows in the gym…

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