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Weekly Bulletin for Saturday 22nd February, 2014


Below is the program for February 22nd, 2014.

Don’t forget that Luna Leederville will also be screening Hayao Miyazaki’s much-awaited final creation, The Wind Rises from February 27.

JAFWA will have it monthly movie night on February 22nd. This will not be an Event Afternoon.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:15pm KinIro Mosaic Ep 5/12
5:40pm Fairy Tail Ep 105/180
6:05pm Problem Children from another World Ep 6/10
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Log Horizon Ep 6/25
7:55pm Stein ;s Gate “Burdened Domain of Déjà vu” movie
9:25pm Late Break
9:30pm Jormungand: Perfect Order Ep 6/12 (some violence)
9:55pm Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 4/12
10:20pm Kill la Kill Ep 4/24 (v)

Doors Open Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~11:00 PM

Dates of Interest


Kiniro Mosaic (Golden Mosaic)

Shinobu Omiya once stayed in England, where she met and befriended Alice Cartelet. Years later when Shinobu is in high school, Alice comes to Japan as an exchange student and the two renew their friendship.

Tonight’s Episode:With Big Sis

Alice and Shinobu are enjoying the gardens at the school. As their friends walk past Shinobu runs up to greet them and ends up embarrassing herself. This leads to a conversation about Shinobu and Yoko, their friendship stretches back to elementary school when Yoko helped Shinobu find her sister’s classroom. But back in the present day Shinobu has just got her test results back, and they could be better.

Fairy Tail

Magic and mayhem in the nation of Fiore. The members of the infamous mage’s guild Fairy Tail spend their days sorting out problems for the residents of Magnolia and battling the odd apocalyptic demon or dark guild. Of course they don’t let little things like that get in the way of having fun.

Tonight’s Episode:Fire Dragon vs Flame God

Whilst the rank and file of Grimoire Heart are no match for the members of Fairy Tail, the Seven Kin of Purgatory are another matter. Natsu has tangled with Zancrow and found there is a flame even he cannot consume, that of a Godslayer. The other members of Fairy Tail are also squaring off with individuals from the Seven Kin. Thankfully Zeref remains undisturbed, although not all of the Grimoire Heart lieutenants are occupied fighting Fairy Tail. Purehito meanwhile waits upon the beach for news of his dark guild’s victory.

Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kura Sou Desu Yo (Problem Children are Coming from Another World Aren’t They?)

Welcome to the world of Little Garden. A place full of magical beasts, mythical figures, and powerful inhabitants. Fame and fortune await the bold, for anything can be had if you are willing to gamble your power, or even your freedom, for it.

Tonight’s Episode:Looks Like the Problem Children are Participating in the Disturbance at a Festival?

Kasukabe is the first to find the letter, and she awakens Asuka. They then rush the letter to Izayoi, who spent the night in the library studying with Jin. It is an invitation to a festival at the North Wall celebrating the birth of the Fire Dragon. It turns out, however, that Black Rabbit had been hiding the invitation from them. Even Jin is worried, due to the distance they must travel to reach the festival. For the three ‘Problem Children’ however, there is no question about whether they will go or not. They also intend to have some fun at Black Rabbit’s expense for hiding the letter …

Log Horizon

Elder Tale is an MMO with over twenty million players world wide. When a new expansion is added to the game, Shiro and his friends find themselvers amongst the several hundred thousand players across the world that are now literally trapped inside the game.

Tonight’s Episode:Resolve

Serara is now back with the rest of the Crescent Moon Alliance, and they and Shiro’s group have learned something important; food here can have flavour, it just takes time and effort. Shiro has also taken notice of the changes in the People of the Land who are beginning to act beyond the limited dialogue and patterns they had when Elder Tale was just a video game. The party for Serara’s return is still in full swing, and Henrietta takes Marielle aside to tell her that players outside their guild should not be told about the tasty food. Shiro wants it to remain their secret for now.

Movie – Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu (Steins;Gate: Burdened Domain of Déjà vu)

“Feelings are memories that have reached the gate of Fate.”< Kurisu Makise has returned to Akihabara after a year in America, and although her reuinion with eccentric scientist Okabe Rintarou, aka “Hououin Kyouma”, is heartfelt their time together does not last long. Okabe is having visions of alternate timelines, a byproduct of his time travel experiences, and soon Kurisu will need to decide whether to heed Okabe’s advice and avoid tampering with the past further or put the rest of the world at risk for the sake of the person most precious to her.

Jormungand: Perfect Order

Child soldier Jonah continues his job as bodyguard to the eccentric arms dealer Koko Hekmatyar in this second season. Allies are threatened and enemies start to pile on as her plans for the mysterious “Jormungand” begin to take shape.

Tonight’s Episode:Castle of Lies: Phase 2

Tojo has made contact with his former commander and teacher, and head of Japan’s black-ops SR Squad, Colonel Hinoki to warn him off of Kasper’s business dealings in South East Asia. Hinoki, however, shows little sign of altering his plans and instead prepares to ambush and engage Koko’s squad as well, sending an invitation for a meeting to both Koko and Tojo. Meanwhile SR Squad members have attempted an assassination of Kasper and, whilst the initial attempt failed, Kasper is still not out of the building and some SR Soldiers are still alive.

Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)

Akihito Kanbara is the half-human son of a dreamshade. Although never completely normal his life becomes a little more exciting when he meets Mirai Kuriyama, the last surviving member of a cursed clan of dreamshade hunters, and Akihito takes it upon himself to help her integrate with the other spirit warriors of their town and boost her confidence.

Tonight’s Episode:Bitter Orange

As expected, Kuriyama went after the Hollow Shadow. Heading into the mountains to face the dreamshade that possessed her childhood friend Yui Inami, only to be ambushed by Yui’s younger sister Sakura just as it reached them. Trapped in a maze-like dream world and unwilling to fight back, Kuriyama is only saved by Akihito’s sudden appearance. His timing is doubly fortunate, not only has he stymied Sakura’s attack but Kuriyama has grown weak from the continued use of her blood-based powers and Akihito is forced to carry her as they flee from Sakura’s renewed assault.

Kill la Kill

Ryuko Matoi is a girl on a mission; to find the person responsible for her father’s death. Her search has led her to Honnouji Academy, a brutal, totalitarian school where the student council, led by Satsuki Kiryuin and empowered by their Ultima Uniforms, rule over everyone else. Ryuko quickly finds herself at odds with Satsuki’s dictatorship and must challenge the power of the student council in order to find her father’s killer. Aid comes to Ryuko both from unexpected allies within the school … and a set of skimpy talking clothes.

Tonight’s Episode:Dawn of a Miserable Morning

>Ryuko awakens from a dream of Senketsu being sliced to pieces to the sound of a siren somewhere in the distance. At the noise Mako springs from bed in a panic, rushing to get ready for school even though its only 4AM. Ryuko finds Senketsu being washed by Mako’s mother, but Mako won’t delay and drags Ryuko out the door in her pajamas. Now finally, in the midst of the crowds marching to school is a chance to hear Mako’s explanation for why they must head to school so early. It is because today is … a “No-Late” day?

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