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Saturday 8th October, 2011

No JAFWA on October 1st
Find some other way to enjoy Life. Westlodge is running in the afternoon.

The tentative JAFWA program for Saturday 8th October 2011 is below. To be held in the Collins Street Community Center on Collins Street just off Canning Highway in South Perth.

Things of Note:
1) The last Bean Poll, by a vote of 18 to 6, told us that JAFWA should finish up as much of the current series as possible, and begin screening all new stuff at the beginning of 2012.
2) People have asked that I once again order calendars from Japan this year. You can get some ideas from here. So far the most expensive are the Studio Ghibli Works, which with the current exchange rate are $39 each.
3) VillainCon? It’s a limited numbers convention to be held on October 1st and 2nd, (With membership restricted to 75 people) with an emphasis on the darker side of nature.This is the primary website:

Dale’s Suggestive Remarks, based on suggestion sheets handed in at JAFWA:
The ever reliable Thomson Hau Yan Chow wrote on 17-09-2011 a missive on the topic Suggestions about Anime:

1. Ikoku Meiru no Croisee’: Even it is made by the same author as ‘Gosick’, their style is very different – so far, at least – and I would like to watch more of it.
2. I am supporting the screening of ‘Sacred Seven’.
3. ‘Blood C: although the fighting scene is exciting enough, it just feels something is missing without the ‘Vietnam War Elements’ in the last 2 installments of the franchise.
4. After screening of ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’ I suggest we screen ‘A Certain Magical Index II’.
5 Tank Police: Not bad. Reminds me of ‘Patlabor’.

We are hoping that most of the current program lineup at JAFWA will be finished by the end of the year. Including ‘Gosick’. All so that we can start 2012 with a fresh new line-up. Start the campaign to put ‘Ikoku Meiru no Crosiee’ on in 2012!

Likewise, you may organise a ‘Sacred Seven’ for 2012 campaign.

While ‘Blood C’ does not have a vietnam war background like the first 3 instantations of the ‘Blood the Last Vampire’ franchise (OAV, TV anime, and live action movie), it is done by CLAMP so expect to see a lot of CLAMP background material to find its way in, if you are have an obsessive mania (aka -holic). Also, this CLAMP version has a certain inherent elegance, unlike all the other versions.

Should JAFWA show season after season of various anime series? I mean, look at all the different seasons of ‘Slayers’ we have already played, ‘Ghost in the Shell’, the 3 seasons of ‘Zero no Tsukaima’, likewise both seasons of ‘Spice and Wolf’, ‘Tower of Druaga’ and ‘Those who Hunt Elves’. Technically ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’ is not the sequel but side story to ‘A Certain Magical Index’, but you want the sequel as well. Can we resist?

‘Dominion’ makes you think of ‘Patlabor’?!? Apart from that they are both retro shows? ‘Dominion: Tank Police’ is Masamune Shirow’s joke version of a not-quite post-human future dystopia populated by run-away crime and bio-industrial pollution. Meanwhile ‘Patlabor’ is an almost serious projection of near-future technological trends in construction machinery and sociological problems as an excuse to have giant mecha in Tokyo, with a background of impending global warming caused flooding.
OK, so both shows have cool mecha, an exploration of human nature in an extrapolated future, but one is a joke based on serious issues, while the other addresses serious issues with occasional humour.

Long time attendee Greg McLeod also wrote on 17-09-2011 on the topic Suggestions:

I saw this at Manifest and really think it is good to show on a large screen.
This has really imaginative images and drawing, as to what could happen if you have a technology to see people’s dreams. Don’t spoil this by showing before the sun goes down.

I am beginning to get quite envious of Melbourne with The Melbourne Anime Festival aka Manifest.
JAFWA did wish to screen ‘Paprika’, as we do with all of the films of the late, great Satoshi Kon. Regrettably the Australian copyright for this incredibly wonderful animated movie is held by Sony Tristar, and they would not give us permission to screen it.
Pardon me while I go gnash my teeth.

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles

5:10pm Allison and Lillia Ep 25/26
5:35pm Gosick Ep 21/24
6:00pm Fairy Tail Ep 44/?
6:25pm Chi’s New Address Ep 079/104 =^_^=
6:30pm dinner break
Possibly showing something during Dinner Break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Chi’s New Address Ep 080/104 =^_^=
7:35pm Kamisama Dolls Ep 1 (preview)
8:00pm Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin Ep 9/13 (?)
8:25pm Blood-C Ep 4/? (v)
8:50pm A Certain Scientific Railgun Ep 23/24
Late Break
9:25pm Level E Ep 8/13
9:50pm Welcome to NHK Ep 14/24 (?)
10:15pm Dominion Tank Police Ep 3/4 (vn) (retro)
JAFWA Doors Open: ~4:55 PM
Program Finishes: ~10:55 PM

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