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Saturday February 28, 2009

JAFWA will be glad to see you about 4:45PM this week, in the Jones lecture theatre 405.102.

Things of Note:

1) The first episode of the retro show “MahouTsukaiTai” was a little more risque than we recalled. We will put it on later in the evening.

2) We have a Photoshop (or similar) competition, featuring Chi the kitten from “Chi’s Sweet Home”. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Saturday 28th February 2009
All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles

5:10pm Slayers Revolution Ep 11/13
5:40pm Vampire Knight Ep 4/13
6:05pm Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei Ep 1 (preview)
6:30pm dinner break
Possibly showing something during Dinner Break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Chi’s Sweet Home Ep 25/104 =^_^=
7:35pm MahouTsukaiTai! Pt 2/6 (n)
8:05pm Pumpkin Scissors Ep 15/24
8:30pm Spice and Wolf Ep 3/13
8:55pm Soul Eater Ep 16/51 (v?)
9:20pm Late Break
9:25pm A certain Magical Index Ep 9/13
9:50pm Kara no Kyoukai Pt 4/? (v?)
Doors Open: ~4:50 PM
Program Finishes: ~10:50 PM
Members: $3.00
Associate Members: $4.00
Guest/General Public: $5.00
Children under 12 (under adult supervision): $1.00
After 10PM: $gold coin

JAFWA will attempt to rate the various program items to aid the viewer. JAFWA does not claim that the rating system will be very effective.

Key :-

N Nudity, characters without clothing.
D Disturbing, something that might upset the pschological balance of an “ordinary” person.
R Restricted, warning that viewers of insufficient maturity will be asked to leave.
V Violence, including death scenes.
? Weird Stuff, aka “What the…?”
TBA To Be Announced – we don’t yet know what this is.
TBC To Be Confirmed – uncertain if we will actually show this.

Unavoidable or Unexpected situations may cause program changes at a moment’s notice.

We hope to start the night off with another episode of “Slayers Revolution“, the fourth TV series of this franchise. The true nature of Zanaffer armour is revealed, and not even Lina Inverse’s mightiest spells are a match for it. KEEP OUT the approaching Demon!

Followed by “Vampire Knight“. Kaname tends to the bite marks Zero gave Yuki, while Kaien explains. Will Zero transfer to the Night Class, or will he use his anti-vampire gun before he becomes a Level E? What is Trigger of Conviction.

Before the Dinner Break is a sample of an anime we are thinking of putting into the program called “Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei” so that it can be properly previewed. Kafuka Fuura is cheerily walking to school one April morning when she suddenly spots a man trying to hang himself in a fit of despair. Kafuka manages to save his life but almost killing him in the process. Nozomu Itoshiki eventually cannot take anymore of the girl’s ridiculous ramblings, and runs off to school to start homeroom at the start of a new school year. Goodbye Mr Despair.

During the Dinner Break we will try to have something to show. I don’t know what yet. Does anybody have something? Remembering that we don’t screen anime during the Dinner Break except under exceptional circumstances.

After the Dinner break is a few minutes of kitten goodness with “Chi’s sweet home“. Chi has reached an age where she needs to exercise her claws. Chi obsesses.

Then we continue the retro series (last screened at JAFWA in 1998), the gentle tale of high-school romance, magic and aliens known as “MahouTsukaiTai!” (aka “I want to do Magic”), even if it is a bit risque. After their less than stellar performance against the aliens in the previous episode, the disheartened Sae is prepared to accept Nanaka’s advice to quit the magic club. But the magic club faces even greater peril from their natural enemy, the manga club! The aliens are also intrigued by this magic, and will home in on it like a bee to a flower. Giant Bells, Mistress Mizuha, and failed Magic.

Followed by more “Pumpkin Scissors” and the somewhat grim adventures of the War Relief Unit. Alice’s unit continues to fight the drug dealers, and end up meeting a dangerous enemy armed with a flamethrower. Decisions run astray.

And we continue another new regular series called “Spice and Wolf“. Lawrence and Horo make it to Patzuille, but before they meet up with Zeelen, Lawrence wants to sell his furs. Horo’s negotiations manage to increase the selling price due to the smell the apples left on the furs. Wolf and Business Skills.

Followed by the weirdness of “Soul Eater” continues. Kid’s fight against Crona and Ragnarok continues, but in the end Kid’s obsession with symmetry will end the battle. Meanwhile, Stein has visited Medusa, and he ends up convinced that she is a witch. Fierce fight at the Ghost Ship! The Hell in my Head?

After the Late Break we contine the show called “Toaru no Majutsu Index“, where magic and esper super-science collides in an anime with too many girls. Toma and Stiyl arrive at Aureolus’s office where Izzard, Aisa and a sleeping Index greet them. Stiyl reveals that Aureolus was Index’s partner three years ago and was devastated that her memory needed to be erased. He subsequently went into hiding for betraying the Catholic Church to perfect his power, Ars Magna. Vampire Killer (Deep Blood).

And to end the night we once again try to add something a little different JAFWA program with the fourth part of the quasi-horror OAV “kara no Kyoukai“, which roughly translates as Boundary of Emptiness. The Hollow Shrine. We return to the time just after the second episode, where Shiki was about to kill Mikiya, until a car hit her. Shiki is left in a coma, with Mikiya to carry on. He will graduate from high school before Shiki recovers, and Shiki awakens now with the ability of Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, yet unable to recall Mikiya’s name. After graduating Mikiya meets the sorceress Toko Aozaki who hires him.

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