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Weekly Bulletin for Saturday 23rd February, 2013


The tentative JAFWA program for Saturday 23rd February 2013 is below. To be
held in the Collins Street Community Center on Collins Street just off Canning
Highway in South Perth.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:15pm Kamisama Hajimemashita Ep 4/12
5:40pm Hyouka Ep 3/22
6:05pm Fairy Tail Ep 78/175
6:35pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Hanasaku Iroha Ep 15/26
7:55pm Space Brothers Ep 4/12
8:20pm Sword Art Online Ep 4/25
8:45pm Girls und Panzer Ep 4/13
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm Shin Sekai Yori Ep 4/24 (mild splatter)
9:45pm Mawaru-Penguindrum Ep 17/24 (weird stuff)
10:10pm A Certain Magical Index II Ep 20/24

Doors Open Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

Things of Note

Your committee is looking for volunteers. We need:

  • People to help at the stall for Comic-Con on the weekend of the 9th-10th of March.
  • People to help sell sausage-in-a-bun at Bunnings Cannington on the 17th March.

Contact a committee member at a screening or call 0404 113 223.


Kamisama Hajimemashita (KamisamaKiss)

After her father runs away to escape his gambling debts and she is evictedfrom their meagre apartment, Nanami Momozono finds a sudden change in herfortune after rescuing a stranger from a dog. She is rewarded by being made thediety of the local shrine, gaining a home, two cheerful servants and one verysnarky fox spirit.

Tonight’s Episode:The Diety is Kidnapped

In the midst of a rainy school afternoon, the task of cleaning the classroomis interrupted by the discovery of a white snake in the hallway. Nanami chidesthe other students for trying to bash it with a broom and instead helps itoutside into the bushes, and gets a bunch of stange marks around her wrist forher troubles. Tomoe is unimpressed, since the markings are a snake version of awedding ring and Nanmi can expect her new ‘husband’ to show up soon to collecther. However Tomoe has no intention of letting that happen, which means Nanamifinds herself with a full-time, undercover bodyguard.


Unable to say no to his elder sister, Oreki Hotaro joins his school’sClassic Literature Club to prevent it from being shut down. And despite hisearnest desire to avoid expending any energy at all, the other members of theclub will drag him along on all manner of mysteries. Making good use of thedeductive skills he refuses to believe he possesses.

Tonight’s Episode:A Descendant of the Classics Cluband Her Reasons’

After Chitanda asks to meet him the Saturday after school, Oreki is caughtsomewhat off guard by what she has to say. Her uncle has been missing in Indiafor some time now, and the family now assumes he is dead and wish to hold afuneral ceremony. But before saying her final farewell to her uncle, Chitandawants to remember something. A conversation they had a long time ago about theClassics Club, a conversation that brought her to tears. And she is hoping thatOreki will be able to help her figure out what it was about.

Fairy Tail

Magic and mayhem in the world of Fiore. The members of the infamous mage’sguild Fairy Tail spend their days sorting out problems for the residents ofMagnolia and battling the odd apocalyptic demon or dark guild. Of course theydon’t let little things like that get in the way of having fun.

Tonight’s Episode:Edolas

The Fairy Tail guild hall, and indeed the entire town of Magnolia, is gone.And now Carla explains that they have been teleported to the world of Edolas, aplace that has begun to run low on magic. This is all part of a scheme byEdolas’ ruler to prevent the total loss of magic in their world. Carla alsoreveals that she and Happy were originally sent to this world from Edolas on aseparate mission. And she seems to be somewhat annoyed that Happy was, untilnow, blissfully unaware of any of this.

Hanasaku Iroha

After Ohana’s mother and boyfriend run away to escape debtors, leaving herbehind, she moves into Kissuiso, the inn run by her grandmother Sui. Here shediscovers a world very different to the one she grew up in as the learns theins and outs of working at an inn and comes to know the people she now livesand works alongside.

Tonight’s Episode:Sunny With a Chance ofBeans

There’s trouble at the Fukuyo Inn, the part time waitresses have all quitleaving the Inn uinderstaffed. Ohana offers to help but the manager won’t hearof it, customers should be enjoying themselves not working. Yuino is also busyshooting down Yosuke’s plans for the future, she has no intention of running anInn after she graduates. The class is sent out into the city for their freetime, but whilst she’s supposed to be buying souveneirs Ohana just can’t forgetthe problem back at the Inn.

Uchyuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers)

As kids Muta and Hibito Nanba made a promise, that they would both becomeastronauts. 19 years later Hibito is on the verge of fulfilling that promisebut Muta is not doing nearly so well, that is until he is accepted into theastronaut training program.

Tonight’s Episode:Next to Hibito

The second round of JAXA applicant exams continues, and Mutta finds himselfwith increased scrutiny from the other applicants due to his younger brotheralready being an astronaut. Hibito meanwhile, along with the rest of the MoonBase astronaut team, are going through further training before their missionbegins. Starting with a trip in a specially modified passenger jet doingrollercoaster-like dives and climbs to induce zero gravity for short periods.The JAXA applicants are watching a broadcast of this whilst waiting for theirinterviews, the final stage of the second exam.

Sword Art Online

VR technology has made full-immersion video games possible, and the latestand greatest is Sword Art Online. But the players who logged in on the firstday find that logging back out may be a lot harder, and the challenges of thegame more than they bargained for.

Tonight’s Episode:The Black Swordsman

A party of four out in the forest is having an argument. One of the group’stwo female members insists she needs all the healing crystals because she hasneither a pet lizard that heals her on command nor the adoration of the twomale members who will heal her if asked to. Silica, the other girl, storms off,leaving the group. Later that night Silica finds herself alone in the forestand outnumbered three to one. Only a sudden appearance by Kirito saves her fromcertain death, but he was not fast enough to save her pet, Pica. However, itmay not be too late for her little companion.

Girls und Panzer

The students of Ooarai Girl’s High School are showing their skill atSensha-do (tank martial arts). With new transfer student and former Sensha-dopracticioner Miho Nishizumi to lead the way, they will pit themselves againstthe best from other schools around the country.

Tonight’s Episode:Doing my Best as Captain

With all tanks decked out in a fresh coat of paint it’s time for OoariHigh’s first match. Miho talks them through the rules, whichever side has alltheir tanks taken out first loses. Miho’s tank will scout ahead for the enemytanks in … “Operation Sneaky”. Five enemy tanks move across the flat, barrenterrain in perfect formation. Miho and Yukari spy on them from a ridge away totheir left, quickly returning to their own tank and rejoining the Ooari squad.The plan is to draw the enemy into an ambush, and Miho’s tank will be thebait…

Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World)

A thousand years into the future all mankind possesses psychic powers, andthe people live in idyllic splendor. But the path that led to this tranquillife was not so perfect, and the world that Saki and her friends live in maynot be as genrtle and pleasant as it seems.

Tonight’s Episode:Bloodstained History

Sachi and her friends have captured the false minoshiro, and discovered itis not a monster but rather a repository. A mobile library storing thecollected wisdom of the civilisation that existed before the advent of psychicpowers. Sachi already knows what she wants to ask; do Fiends and Karma Demonsreally exist? The Library tries to stymie them with rules and regulations aboutlibrary membership but threatening to pluck out the remainder of its tentaclesquickly puts a stop to that. However the answers the library provides do notmake for easy listening …

Mawaru Penguindrum

Miracles! Mystery! Penguins! After a hat they purchased at the aquariumbrings their terminally ill sister Himari back to life, Shouma and KanbaTakakura find the hat has a mind of its own and uses their sister’s body tocommand them to seek out the “Penguin Drum” with the assistance of threehelper penguins… that no one else can see.

Tonight’s Episode:The Unforgiven

Shoma and Kanba discuss the state of the diary, Yuri had one half, and itseems clear Masako had the other. Shoma thinks the diary might be able tochange Himari’s fate. Kanba considers that both ridiculous and irrelevant,Himari now has the medicine that will save her, no matter what it ends upcosting. But enough of the depressing talk, it’s time to visit Himari in thehospital.

Toaru Majutsu no Index II (A Certain Magical IndexII)

Life continues to be anything but dull for Index, the girl with over ahundred forbidden grimoires sealed away inside her mind and Touma, her de-factoguardian and the young man with the power to dispel any effect he touches withhis left hand. As rogue magicians, dangerous psychics and religious fanaticsall decide to make Academy City their personal battleground, Index and Toumamust strive to protect their friends and their home. Such misfortune!

Tonight’s Episode:Hunting Dog Unit (HoundDog)

Accelarator has all but sacrificed himself to ensure Last Order escapes fromKihara when Index stumbles upon the scene. She is sufficient distraction forAccelarator to be able to commandeer a car, and an unwilling driver, and getboth of them to safety. Kihara’s attempts to destroy the fleeing vehicle areinterrupted by a new adversary, who Kihara leaves to his soldiers. Tohma andLast Order only arrive at the scene after the fight is done, but before theycan depart more soldiers arrive to clean up the bodies.

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