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Website Update

Hey folks.

Just a short(ish) post to advise everyone who visits the JAFWA website that there have been some new additions to the site that allows for a little bit more interactivity between the public and JAFWA.

First off – the Contact JAFWA page now actually has a proper feedback form, which is Guaranteed to be read by the JAFWA Committee.  Yes, 100% Guarantee.  So if you want to say anything, Click Here to be redirected to the page.  Please note, this is a secure page and will ask you for your email address twice and for a security code, this is to prevent spamming.

Secondly, we have implimented an option to share Any page on Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.  This addition is powered by an addition to the website called “Add To Any“, and is perfect for JAFWA for allowing us to get viewers to share the word.

Next – we have added a Links page.  If you would like to advertise your business with us, as long as it has something (Anything!) to do with Anime or Manga in general, please let us know through the Contact JAFWA page.  We already have links to a couple of businesses that JAFWA has regular dealings with, so check them out.

And finally – we have our logo in the banner, but you probably didn’t even see that, did you?

If you, the JAFWA community would like to recommend anything, say anything or even ask us anything – we’re more than happy to respond.  Just pop over to the Contact JAFWA page and let us know – and one of the committee WILL respond to you.  How awesome is that?

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  And remember – JAFWA couldn’t have made it without you!

President @ JAFWA

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