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Screening on Saturday 8th April 2023

Screening on the evening of Saturday, April 8th 2023

We have survived a week off from JAFWA, though some people consoled themselves at Oz Comic Con 2023, at the Perth Exhibition and Convention Center.
The month of April is now uponst us, the last month where JAFWA operates on normal, Summer hours. Or as a certain franchise would have us know – Winter is Coming.

This week a new regular series joins our program of anime goodness, and we preview a couple of other anime fresh from Japan. Though if you check out or JAFWA library, you might realise we have the first volume of the manga for one of the preview items.

Kaina of the Great Snow Sea Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!

It may be of interest to our members, but Luna Leederville cinemas has introduced Monday Double Features, which includes a couple of Mondays with anime. (Monday April 17 is “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Princess Mononoke”, June 12 is “Akira” and “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train”)

The next fundraising for JAFWA at Cannington Bunnings sausage sizzle is scheduled for Saturday May 6th, and we would appreciate a volunteer or 3 to help out.

Expected program for the evening of Saturday April 8th, 2023.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles. With assistance from a grant from and

5:15pm Do it Yourself! Ep 4/12
5:40pm Bocchi the Rock Ep 4/12
6:05pm Spy x Family Ep 25/26
6:30pm dinner break, with possibly interesting stuff
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated
Princess and the Genius Young Lady
Ep 1 (preview)
7:55pm Kaina of the Great Snow Sea Ep 1/12
8:20pm Legend of Galactic Heroes season 2 Ep 8/12
8:45pm Jujutsu Kaisen Ep 11/24
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm The Eminence in Shadow Ep 1 (v)(preview)
9:45pm Tokyo Revengers Ep 15/24 (v)
10:10pm Summertime Render Ep 24/25 (v)

Doors Open before Screening:~5:00 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

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Dates of Interest

Barring a resurgence of COVID-19 pestilence, these fannish events of interest are scheduled to happen:

  • Easter Weekend April 8th & 9th 2023 — JAFWA still on.
  • From Thursday April 13th 2023 — Cinemas showing Makoto Shinkai’s new anime movie Suzume.
  • Weekend April 29th & 30th 2023 — Hoshi Con 2023 at Perth Exhibition and Convention Center.
  • Saturday May 6th 2023 — JAFWA performing fundraising with a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle at Cannington Bunnings.
  • Saturday May 20th 2023, 10AM-5PM — Tokyo Alley 11 – Marine at Perth Exhibition and Convention Center
  • Weekend June 24th & 25th 2023 — SupaNova Perth 2023 at Perth Exhibition and Convention Center.
  • Date to be announced (maybe September) 2023 — Pixel Expo 2023.
  • Date to be announced (maybe November) 2023 — Kai-Con 2023.


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Do It Yourself (Yofukashi no Uta)

Serufu Yua (pronounced “yourself”) is a laid back first year high-school student, very accident-prone and is known for having a perfect attendance record at the nurse’s office. She fails to get into Yuyu Girls’ Vocational High School for technology with her best friend Miku Suride, instead getting into the lower class Gatagata Girls’ High School. But there is a student club that may catch her attention.

This evening’s Episodes:‘DIY’ Means You’ll Find It Possible to Feel Comfortable Anywhere

Miku comes over to Serufu’s house while Jobko is visiting, discovering that Jobko is the daughter of the CTO of a cutting-edge tech company. After hitting it off with Miku, Jobko one-sidedly decides to start living at her house the next day.

Bocchi the Rock

Extremely anxious and socially awkward Hitori Gotou longs to become a rock musician in spite of her struggles, whilst fulfilling her desires to one day make friends. She is even given a chance to do so after she is taken in by Nijika Ijichi to become a member of the newly formed Kessoku Band.

This evening’s Episode:Jumping Girl(s)

Bocchi is tasked with writing lyrics to a new original song. She even tries to put herself in the mindset of a party girl, but ends up frightening her family. The next day, the band decides to go out to a park for inspiration.

Spy x Family part 2

In order to ensure World Peace, a master spy who has to “build a family” to execute a mission, not realising that the girl he adopts as his daughter is a telepath, and the woman he agrees to be in a marriage with is a skilled assassin.

This evening’s Episode:The Role of a Mother and Wife / Shopping with Friends

Yor believes that Loid will replace her with Fiona, raising rumors and worrying Loid, who immediately arranges a date to clear the issue. Becky takes Anya to go shopping at an exclusive high-class shopping mall for Anya to get Damian’s attention. Becky’s butler, Martha, is glad that the once haughty and unsociable Becky has found a friend in Anya.

preview – The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady (Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou no Mahou Kakumei)

Despite her supposed ineptitude with regular magic, Princess Annisphia defies the aristocracy’s expectations by developing “magicology,” a unique magical theory based on memories from her past life. One day, she witnesses the brilliant noblewoman Euphilia unjustly stripped of her title as the kingdom’s next monarch. That’s when Annisphia concocts a plan to help Euphilia regain her good name—which somehow involves them living together and researching magic.

Tonight’s Episode:The Magical Revolution of the Princess and the Young Lady

The first princess of the Kingdom of Palettia, Anisphia, has always loved magic yet cannot use it herself. So to compensate, she used her memories of her previous life on Earth to invent all sorts of magical gadgets in hopes of one day achieving her dream of flying through the sky on a magic broom. Unfortunately, this also led her to become a troublemaker who pushed her responsibilities onto her younger brother, Algard. As part of his duties, the crown prince has an arranged marriage with Euphyllia, the daughter of his father’s adviser.

Kaina of Great Snow Sea (Ooyuki umi no Kaina )

In a world where land is being swallowed by the encroaching Great Snow Sea, humanity ekes out a harsh life above the Tenmaku that stretches from the roots to the tops of giant Orbital Trees. The story centers around Kaina, a boy who lives above the Tenmaku, and Liliha, the princess of the small country Atland in the Great Snow Sea.

Tonight’s Episode:The Boy from the Canopy

On a frozen seascape in the sky, a lone hunter scores a valuable catch. But his home at the top of an orbital spire tree is dying. Far below on the Great Snow Sea, he suspects there may be other people. Down below Princess Ririha seeks the Great Sage above to save her homeland from the oppressors. And so the two shall meet.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These (Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Die Neue These Kaikou) second season

In humanity’s distant future, two interstellar states – the monarchic Galactic Empire and the democratic Free Planets Alliance – are embroiled in a never-ending war. The story focuses on the exploits of rivals Reinhard von Lohengramm and Yang Wen-li as they rise to power and fame in the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance respectively.

Tonight’s Episode:Tragedy

Meanwhile in the Galactic Empire, Kircheis’ Fleet is on the Frontier facing his own battles. With a pathetic enemy who maintains no loyalty. Lohengramm is also mopping up his share of incompetent nobles. Well, apart from Admiral Merkatz. Then there is the nuclear option, that should be unthinkable…

Jujutsu Kaisen

Negative human emotions – regret, bitterness, shame – are the source of all curses that infest the world and hide in everyday life, leading to death in the worst cases. Yuji Itadori, a particularly strong young man, attempts to save a friend from a curse, only to wind up consuming the special grade curse of Ryoumen Sukuna’s finger. Only a curse can eliminate another curse, and Yuji’s career as a cursed person who must exorcise curses has now begin.

Tonight’s EpisodesNarrow-minded

Nanami easily emerges victorious against Mahito this time. Mahito survives because he was able to manipulate his own soul and change his form. Yuji bonds with Junpei over a shared love of movieseven bing invited to dinner by Junpei’s mother

preview – The Eminence in Shadow (Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! )

Even in his past life, Cid’s dream wasn’t to become a protagonist or a final boss. He’d rather lie low as a minor character until it’s prime time to reveal he’s a mastermind or at least, do the next best thing-pretend to be one. And now that he’s been reborn into another world, he’s ready to set the perfect conditions to live out his dreams to the fullest

Tonight’s Episode:The Hated Classmate

Akane Nishino is a famous actress, good student and friendly with her classmates. However this is a fake persona she created after an incident when a fan kidnapped and molested her. Inside she is angry, bitter and despises everyone, in particular classmate Minoru Kageno who barely acknowledges her existence. When Nishino is kidnapped by criminals who intend to ransom her. They are interrupted by Kageno disguised as a masked vigilante calling himself Stylish Ruffian Slayer but when they see Slayer uses dual crowbars they realise he is actually a dangerous brawler who can defeat gangs by himself, known as Balaclava Berserker.

Tokyo Revengers

Watching the news, Takemichi Hanagaki learns that his girlfriend from way back in middle school, Hinata Tachibana, has died. The only girlfriend he ever had was just killed by a villainous group known as the Tokyo Manji Gang. He lives in a crappy apartment with thin walls, and his younger boss treats him like an idiot. At the height of his rock-bottom life, he suddenly time-leaps twelve years back to his middle school days. To save Hinata, and change the life he spent running away, hopeless part-timer Takemichi must aim for the top of Kanto’s most sinister delinquent gang.

Tonight’s Episode:No Pain, no gain

At school, Takemichi is visited by Valhalla member Kazutora Hanemiya, who brings him to his gang’s base as a witness for Baji’s initiation. Takemichi finds Baji brutally beating his vice captain, which officially grants him membership into Valhalla. Takemichi unsuccessfully tries to convince Baji to return.

Summer Time Rendering

Upon hearing of Ushio’s death, Shinpei returns to his hometown of Wakayama City on Hitogashima and reunites with his childhood friend’s family. The funeral goes smoothly, but under the surface something strange is brewing on the island.

Tonight’s Episode:Summertime re-rendering

In the timeless world of Shadows, Ryuunosuke grabs Ushio from the sky, and Haine remarks that Ushio’s body is in severe shape and she cannot fight anymore. Shinpei proposes that Ryuunosuke possess Shide’s armor. Shide is shocked at Haine’s betrayal.

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