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Screening on Saturday 30th October 2021

Screening on the evening of October 30th 2021

Welcome to the final week in October for JAFWA. Have you booked interest in JAFWA’s end of year Dinner yet? Time is passing quickly, and we will need to know how many to book for.
Also, not directly JAFWA related, tickets have already sold out for the anime movies in the Japanese Film Festival for Perth. However, there is always the possibility that dues to proven popularity, extra sessions my occur, so keep watching the web-site.

This week we will be holding our monthly survey to determine which items (be they regular or recent preview) in the JAFWA program that appeals to our discerning audience. Then at the end of the Dinner Break we will have our monthly Member’s Prize draw.

Aggressive Retsuko

Annual General Meeting resolutions

Resolutions that occurred during the AGM on July 17th include:

  1. Experiment with earlier hours during the coldest part of Winter. We changed the bookings for August for this trial, now completed. – Resolution 19 to 2 that we should have 1 hour earlier starting next May through to August.
  2. Have a celebratory Dinner for the JAFWA committee members and general members, to be held on the evening of Saturday December 18th 2021, in lieu of a screening.
  3. New mascot design – will try asking at the next Artist’s Alley.
  4. Tell people they can sponsor an anime night.

We will be attempting to implement these as soon as practical.

Currently we are looking for suggestions for a location for the dinner, and we are taking expressions of interest for attendees.
We will need to make the booking by the end of October, so places and attendance by then.

JAFWA member Roy has submitted an interesting design for the logo which is under review. Any other budding artists at JAFWA who want to gives it a try?

Covid-19 Safety Precautions

We continue taking precautions to limit the possible future waves of CoVid-19, and we ask that you co-operate and even help where possible with our efforts to keep you safe – some social distancing, extra cleaning with antiseptic, library under limited access, etc. Also, we must ask that anyone unfortunate enough to be infected to not attend JAFWA until they are contagion free.
– Help is always welcome during set-up and pack-up due to the extra duties imposed by COVID-19 precautions.
– Please arrive early to confirm personal details due to COVID 19 regulations. There will be Contract Tracing, either by the SafeWA app on your keitai (mobile phones), or by signing in at the contact tracing sheet near the entry.

Below is the tentative program for the evening of Saturday October 30th, 2021.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles. With assistance from a grant from and

5:15pm Fruits Basket (final season) Ep 6/13
5:40pm Shadows House Ep 5/13
6:05pm Odd Taxi Ep 9/13
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm So I’m a Spider, So What? Ep 18/24
7:55pm So I’m a Spider, So What? Ep 19/24
8:20pm Revolutionary Girl Utena Ep 34/39 (retro)
8:45pm Fire Force (season 2) Ep 19/24
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm Vivy – Fluorite Eyes Song Ep 5/13 (v)
9:45pm Wonder Egg Priority Ep 8/12 (v)
10:10pm Talentless Nana Ep 3/13 (v)

Doors Open before Screening:~5:00 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

Comment on our FB page.

Dates of Interest

Barring a resurgence of COVID-19 pestilence, these fannish events of interest are scheduled to happen:

  • From Thursday October 28th 2021 8AM-12 — My Hero Academia movie 3: World Heroes Mission at Luna Leederville cinemas (says Japanese with English subtitles).
  • November 4th to 7th 2021 — Japanese Film Festival in Perth. Keep checking the JFF web-site for more details.

  • November 20th 2021 — JAFWA next Event Afternoon, where we have the Hall from 1PM for “make your own fun”. Perhaps work of cosplay for Kaicon the week after?
  • November 27th to 28th 2021 — Kaiga Anime Festival Kaicon at Claremont Showgrounds.
  • Sunday November 28th 2021 8AM-12 — Collectors Zone Toy & Hobby fair at ECU Sportd and Fitness Centre, Joondalup
  • Saturday December 4th 2021 — JAFWA doing a fundraising Bunnings sausage sizzle in Cannington. Looking for a couple of volunteers to help out.
  • Saturday December 11th 2021 — Final JAFWA screening of 2021.
  • Saturday December 18th 2021 — Dinner for JAFWA attendees.


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Fruits Basket – final season

After a family tragedy turns her life upside down, plucky high schooler Tohru Honda takes matters into her own hands and moves out into a tent. Unfortunately for her, she pitches her new home on private land belonging to the mysterious Sohma clan, and it isn’t long before the owners discover her secret. But, as Tohru quickly finds out when the family offers to take her in, the Sohmas have a secret of their own–when stressed or grasped by the opposite sex, they turn into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

This evening’s Episode:It Was So Foolish ” season 3

With Isuzu (the Horse) visiting, Tohru learns that the zodiac curse is weakening, but is still worried about Kyo, who is destined to be locked up in a cellar for life after graduation as long as he is possessed by the cat spirit. Kyo on the other hand, has an encounter with Tohru’s grandfather and hears about Tohru’s relationship with her late parents.

Shadows House (Shadou Hausu)

In a grandiose and dark mansion, the denizens of the Shadow House live, attended by their Living Doll partners who endlessly clean the soot their masters emit. Emilico, a young and cheerful Living Doll, is delighted to start serving her mistress Kate. As the two grow closer and are slowly exposed to various events within the House, they start to discover a number of dark secrets.

Tonight’s Episode:The Debut

With the soot phantom case resolved, Emilco returns to serve Kate, only to discover the all-important Debut is tomorrow and they have not practiced. But not all the Shadow candidates treat their Living Dolls the same. But how will Emilico and Kate survive the Debut?

Odd Taxi

Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, it follows the story of Odokawa, a 41-year old Walrus taxi driver shown to have no relatives and does not have much to do with others. But he usually has conversations with other animal inhabitants that ride in his taxi on their way home. With Odokawa having those conversations with several people, they may give him some leads to a high school girl who has disappeared several days ago.

This evening’s Episode:The Hero’s Melancholy

Odokawa tries to get the younger Daimon’s help but Daimon is reluctant to arrest his older brother or pursue Dobu outside of his jurisdiction. Later, Odokawa tries to get Dobu’s help to rescue Kakihana, while sending a message to Kabasawa to meet Dobu at that same location, as Kabasawa starts to have regrets about his sudden online fame. While Odokawa is driving Dobu, the masked gunman tries to trying to kill Odokawa again while driving a white van.

I’m a Spider, So What? (Kuma desu ga, nanika)

After a Japanese classroom was destroyed by a mysterious explosion all the students reincarnated as humans on a fantasy world except for a female student who had the lowest reputation on the classroom, she was reincarnated as a spider monster. Being the weakest monster on the dungeon she need to survive using all her human intellect and courage.

Tonight’s Episodes:You Guys Are Kind of Awful, Huh? ” and “I Guess, This Is a Class Reunion?

The now regemerated Nameless finds herself near baby Sophia’s hometown, which is once again being targeted by elves. In the present, Shun’s party travels through that same town. While there, they learn of the animosity between the world’s two dominant religions, the Word of God church and Goddess Religion. Back in the past, Nameless kills the elves trying to abduct Sophia along with anyone suspicious. This draws the attention of Potimas, who fears Ariel and the church might have realized his intentions to gather the reincarnations. The townspeople eventually become aware of Nameless as well and believe she is a Divine Beast sent by the Goddess. A mother later brings her sick child to Nameless and begs her to heal him, which she reluctantly does. However, the next day, Nameless finds that word has spread and the entire town has now lined up to be healed by her. She is beginning to affect politics by her presence. But the Queen Taratect is now weakened enough that Nameless thinks she can attack. Shun’s party finally arrives at the Elf Village where they are shockingly met by Potimas, who they thought had been killed in Hugo’s coup. After a night’s rest, Ms. Oka leads Shun, Fei, and Katia to the other reincarnations held at the Elf Village. However, whilst sharing a happy reunion, the others reveal that they were, in fact, kidnapped by the elves, causing Shun and co. to grow suspicious.

retro – Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Utena Tenjou, a teenage girl who expresses her desire to be a prince through her strong-willed personality and tomboyish manner of dress. She finds herself drawn into a series of sword duels at Ohtori Academy, to win the hand of Anthy Himemiya, a mysterious girl known as the “Rose Bride” who possesses the “power to revolutionize the world”.

Tonight’s Episode:The Rose Signet

The Shadow Play Girls host a play telling the generally accepted myth of the Rose Bride. After a conversation with Akio about the prince of her past, Utena has a dream depicting the truth about Anthy, Akio, Dios and herself.

Fire Force (En’en no Shouboutai, literally “Blazing Firefighting Corps”) – season 2

In the year 198 of the Age of the Sun, Tokyo is a crowded cosmopolis. But the world’s most populous city is threatened by devils that cause people to burst into flame at random. The only ones who can stop it are the Pyrofighters, a team of specialized firefighters. The young Shinra, blessed with the ability to ignite his feet and travel at the speed of a rocket, wants nothing more than to be a hero, and knows that this is the place for him. But he’s not the best at following orders.

Tonight’s Episode:The Oze Family

Fire soldier Oze Maki has a rare dinner at the family home with her mother, Madoka, her father, General Danro and brother Tagaki. After dinner, they discuss the situation within the Nether, where strange smells have been emanating lately. When Takagi investigates underground, he ends up injured by a white-clad suicide bomber. General Oze decides that the military must intervene in the activities of the Evangelist. He commissions Commander Honda of Company 2 to investigate the Nether and Honda requests the assistance of Company 8. However, Maki is ordered to return to the military by her father for her safety.

Vivy – Fluorite Eyes Song

A songstress AI named Vivy is given the mission of making people happy with her songs, and works to one day take the main stage of the amusement park where she works. However, she encounters another AI named Matsumoto who claims to have been sent from 100 years in the future in order to prevent a destructive war between humans and AIs, starting Vivy’s 100-year journey to save the world.

This evening’s Episode:Sing My Pleasure – To Make You Smile

Five years after the Sunrise incident, AI development has progressed much more compared to the original timeline, as has Vivy’s idol career. Deeming the AI progress to be out-of-control, Matsumoto gives Vivy a new mission: disabling an unmanned AI factory named Metal Float. She will need aid from the Toak terrorists.

Wonder Egg Priority

Avoiding school, Ai scores a “Wonder Egg” from a gachapon machine at a deserted arcade. But now when Ai falls asleep a girl emerges from her Wonder Egg, the worlds of dreams and reality begin to collide. And it’s all connected.

Tonight’s Episode:The Happy Friendship Plan

The mysterious Acca and Ura-Acca recap the events of previous episodes.

Talentless Nana (Munou na Nana)

An academy on an island in unnavigable waters. There, students trained tirelessly to fight back against the enemies of humanity. Nana, a student newly transferred there, also sets out with the intention of eradicating all enemies of humankind.

This evening’s Episode:Talented vs. Talentless

Kyouya investigates the cliff where Nanao was last seen. Meanwhile, in the classroom, Nana, Moguo, and Seiya are having a conversation when Kyouya shows up. In private, Kyouya reveals that he came to the island because his younger sister is missing. He also reveals that he found Nanao’s watch during his investigation.

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