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Screening on Saturday 23rd January 2021

Our first two screenings of 2021 were so wonderful that we are sure you will enjpy this week’s screening.

The first episode has finally screened on Japanese TV, so this week we plan to begin the last of our new regular series of January 2021. It hurts a little, but we decided to also have a couple of preview episodes screened this week. Hope you don’t mind that we had to drop an episode of a regular series to accomplish this.

My Next Life as a Villainess all paths lead to doom Dr Stone 2 Talentless Nana

We continue taking precautions to limit the possible second wave of CoVid-19, and we ask that you co-operate and even help where possible with our efforts to keep you safe – some social distancing, extra cleaning with antiseptic, library under limited access, etc. Also, we must ask that anyone unfortunate enough to be infected to not attend JAFWA until they are contagion free.
Help would be welcome during set-up and pack-up due to the extra duties imposed by COVID-19. Please arrive early to confirm personal details due to COVID 19 regulations. There will be Contract Tracing, either by the SafeWA app on your keitai (mobile phones), or by signing in at the contact tracing sheet at the front desk. And we need to wipe the chairs down with disinfectant before they are stacked away.

Below is the tentative program for the evening of Saturday January 23rd, 2021.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles. With assistance from a grant from and

5:15pm Fruits Basket Ep 20/25
5:40pm Arte Ep 3/12
6:05pm Appare Ranman! Ep 3/13
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom Ep 1 (preview)
7:55pm Dr Stone season 2 Ep 1/?
8:20pm Ascendance of a Bookworm Ep 3/26
8:45pm Revolutionary Girl Utena Ep 3/39 (retro)
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm Talentless Nana Ep 1 (preview)
9:45pm In/Spectre Ep 3/12 (v)
10:10pm Mahjong Legend Akagi Ep 20/26 (v)

Doors Open before Screening:~5:00 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

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Dates of Interest

Barring a resurgence of COVID-19 pestilence, these events are scheduled to happen:

  • From Thursday January 14th 2021 — In cinemas Lupin the Third: The First (dubbed version). Will screen at WA cinemas Innaloo – Event Cinemas, Mundaring – Kookaburra Cinema, and Raine Square – Palace Cinemas.
  • Saturday April 17th 2021, 9AM-12PM — Nexus Toy Fair Victoria Park Leisure Centres – Aqualife and Leisurelife.


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Fruits Basket (2020) season 2

After a family tragedy turns her life upside down, plucky high schooler Tohru Honda takes matters into her own hands and moves out into a tent. Unfortunately for her, she pitches her new home on private land belonging to the mysterious Sohma clan, and it isn’t long before the owners discover her secret. But, as Tohru quickly finds out when the family offers to take her in, the Sohmas have a secret of their own–when stressed or grasped by the opposite sex, they turn into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

This evening’s Episode:Are You Okay?

Rin/Isuzu (the Horse) has finlly broken down and received the comfort of Tohru, something the Rat and Cat understand well. But the school culture festival is approaching, and Tohru’s class has voted to do the play “Cinderella”. As student president, Yuki really needs a mobile phone, but that is not the only problem the student council has. Everything is up in the air. Buy what does Yuki really yearn for?


16th century Firenze, Italy. The birthplace of the Renaissance Era, where art is thriving. In one small corner of this vast city, one sheltered girl’s journey begins. Arte dreams of becoming an artist, an impossible career for a girl born into a noble family. In those days, art was an exclusively male profession, with women facing strong discrimination. In spite of these challenges, Arte perseveres with hard work and a positive attitude

This evening’s Episode:First Job

Leo decides to take Arte somewhere special, but insists she dress in men’s clothing. While passing through carnival, they meet Leo’s regular customer, a courtesan. Leo then takes Arte to observe a dissection, normally prohibited by the church except during carnival. Arte sketches the body to gain a better understanding of the human form. But it is forbidden for women to attend a dissection…

Appare Ranman! (aka “Appare in Full Bloom!”)

After a certain mishap, the brilliant but socially inept engineer Appare Sorano and the shrewd but cowardly samurai Kosame Isshiki find themselves drifting on a boat from Japan to America. Broke, the two decide to compete in the Trans-America Wild Race to win the prize and return to Japan. The two battle crazy rivals, outlaws, and the great outdoors itself as they race through the wild West from the starting line in Los Angeles to the finish line in New York — in the steam-powered car they built.

This evening’s Episode:DUEL

Kosame fails to defeat the thugs beating up the Indian boy, but they flee when they discover the newly arrived gunman is Dylan of the “Thousand Three”. The next day, the boy tells Appare and Kosame his name is Hototo, and that he came to the city from a tribe in the north-eastern US to find the man who killed his parents. Later, A European driver, Al Lyon, lands at the port with Sophia, hoping to win the Wild Race and prove to his family that he is a worthy heir to the BNW company. While drinking tea, Al informs Appare and Kosame that he has bought the storehouse in which they are staying.

preview item – My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom (Otome Geemu no Hametsu Furagu Shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei Shite Shimatta…)

Catarina Claes, the young daughter of a noble family, one day bumps her head and regains memories of her past life as an otaku. It is then that she realizes she has been reborn into the world of the otome game Fortune Lover, reincarnated as the game’s villainess who, regardless of what route the player took in the original game, is doomed to be either killed or exiled. She fights to avoid any of these fates.

Tonight’s Episode:I Recalled the Memories of My Past Life…

Catarina Claes, a young noble girl, one day bangs her head and recalls lost memories from her past life, in which she was an otaku who had been killed in a traffic accident after staying up all night to play a dating simulator known as Fortune Lover. After inadvertently entering an engagement with the young prince Geordo Stuart, Catarina realises that she is in the fantasy game world of Fortune Lover itself, being reincarnated as the villainess who is doomed to either exile or death regardless of the routes players take in the original game.

Dr Stone season 2 “Stone Wars”

Modern society is lost when a mysterious light leaves everyone petrified in stone. Thousands of years in the future, super genius Senku awakens and begins restoring civilization with his Kingdom of Science. Now as he sets down blueprints for a smartphone in the stone world, Tsukasa and his Empire of Might prepare for the upcoming war.

This evening’s Episode:Stone Wars Beginning

Senku decides to make space food, so that they can eat during the war with Tsukasa. With the help of Chrome and Kaseki he makes cup ramen. That night Senku, Gen and Chrome decide to fool the Tsukasa empire soldiers with the record of Lillian’s voice, in order to raise their hopes about someone trustworthy out there. In the morning, Chrome, Gen, Kohaku, Magma get ready to go near the battlefield to set the phone.

Ascendance of a Bookworm (Honzuki no Gekokujou: Shisho ni Naru Tame niwa Shudan o Erandeiraremasen)

The story follows Motosu Urano, a book-loving post-secondary student and soon-to-be librarian who ends up crushed to death beneath a pile of books during an earthquake. With her dying breath, she wishes to be reincarnated in a world where she can read books forever. Urano awakens in the body of a weak, five-year-old girl named Myne in a world where books are scarce and only available to elites. Myne, retaining her memories from her previous life, decides to create and print her own books so that she can read again.

Tonight’s Episode:The Events of Winter

Two months after Myne’s consciousness came to the new world, winter struck the city hard and buried it in snow. Since every day is spent indoors, Myne’s attempts to create pseudo-papyrus paperfails. Effa comes up with an idea for Myne to help weave baskets, to which Myne has prior knowledge of how to make from when she was back in Japan. Myne makes her basket with ease and surprises Tuuli and Effa with its efficiency, though Tuuli gets upset since she wants to become an apprentice seamstress and Myne appears to be better than her.

retro – Shoujo Kakuemi Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Utena Tenjou, a teenage girl who expresses her desire to be a prince through her strong-willed personality and tomboyish manner of dress. She finds herself drawn into a series of sword duels at Ohyori Academy, to win the hand of Anthy Himemiya, a mysterious girl known as the “Rose Bride” who possesses the “power to revolutionize the world”.

Tonight’s Episode:On the Night of the Ball

Utena tries to convince Anthy to make more friends, and fights off Student Council President Touga’s romantic advances. Utena and Anthy ultimately decide to go to the school’s masked ball, but Touga’s little sister Nanami, jealous of Touga’s attention, has laid a trap for Anthy there.

preview item – Talentless Nana (Munou na Nana)

An academy on an island in unnavigable waters. There, students trained tirelessly to fight back against the enemies of humanity. Nana, a student newly transferred there, also sets out with the intention of eradicating all enemies of humankind.

Tonight’s Episode:Talentless

Talentless student Nanao Nakajima deals with bullies in his class when two new students arrive: a terse boy named Kyouya Onodera, and an upbeat girl named Nana Hiiragi with the talent of reading minds. Nana tries to become friendly with Nanao, and even pushes him to run for Class President. Nana continues following Nanao around campus sharing information about her mind-reading talent.


When she was still just a girl, Kotoko was kidnapped by yokai. These spirits made her into a powerful intermediary between the spirit and human worlds, but this power came at a price: an eye and a leg. Now, years later, she watches out for dangerous yokai while developing feelings for a young man named Kuro, who is also special: an incident with a yokai has given him healing powers. He’s surprised when Kotoko asks him to team up to handle renegade yokai, preserving the thin line between reality and the supernatural.

Tonight’s Episode:The Rumors of the Steel Lady

Kotoko finally gives the Guardian Serpent an explanation that it can accept. Two years later Steel Lady Nanase, the ghost of teen idol Nanase Kirin, causes a car crash. Policewoman Saki Yumihara, Kuro’s ex-girlfriend, now suffering from depression, investigates the crash. Soon she will encounter Kotoko fighting the “ghost”. Things get awkward.

Retro – Touhai Densetsu Akagi (Mahjong Legend Akagi)

After a death-defying game of chicken one evening in 1958, Akagi nonchalantly enters a yakuza mahjong parlor to shake the police’s trail. Although he is unfamiliar with the rules of mahjong, his gambling intuition saves a small-time gambler, Nangou, and grants him a seat at the gambling table. Thus begins Akagi’s legend among the Yakuaza as the best player and gambler of Mahjong.

Tonight’s Episode:Hope and Folly

The first round ends with Akagi in first place. However, Akagi refuses to regain the 1100cc of blood that he lost, instead demanding all his winnings to be redeemed into money, meaning that if Washizu achieves mangan even once, it will mean instant death for Akagi. Ougi and Yasuoka do not understand his intentions.

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