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Screening on Saturday 14th July 2018

Election Nominations

JAFWA will be holding its annual committee elections on July 21st, starting from 7PM, during the Dinner Break.

We are still accepting nominations until the end of the JAFWA session on July 14th. To nominate, you must be a signed up current JAFWA member for at least the last 3 months, resident in WA.

The JAFWA committee is 8 people with a love of anime and a desire to keep JAFWA running. Once elected, these 8 worthies decide amongst themselves whom will hold which position and duties. For years, there has been a rumour that they fight for the position of President, which goes to the loser.


Please be advised that on the 21st of July 2018 the Japanese Animation Fans of Western Australia will be holding it’s 2018 Annual General Meeting.

The meeting will be held at the Collins Street Centre in South Perth from 3:00pm onwards. The regular screening will commence afterwards, and during the dinner break the committee election will be held.

We request that all current members attend to meet quorum requirements and to have your voices heard!

If you have any matters you would like to have raised at the meeting, please email them through to
Or leave your query or statement at the front desk via the suggestion box.

The JAFWA committee has a few constitutional amendments to make that requires the approval and voting by the JAFWA membership.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Below is the program for the evening of Saturday July 14th, 2018.

We enter the second half of the year, refreshed after a bracing winter week off, eager with anticipation for next week’s AGM and elections.
We start no new regular series this month, but each week we will fit in a preview episode from the Japanese Spring anime season. This week, we take a cynical look at professional Baseball, from the point of view of a low earning player. Can he deliver the money pitch in “Gurazeni”?

Gurazeni (Money Pitch)

It is an unfotunate fact, but in Winter we are not able to properly keep the Hall warm. A reminder to bring along warm clothing.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:15pm Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card Ep 4/22
5:40pm Sakura Quest Ep 20/25
6:05pm Sora Yorimo Tooi Basho Ep 3/13
6:28pm Omae wa Mada Gunma wo Shiranai Ep 8/?
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Gurazeni Ep 1 (preview)
7:55pm Alice and Zouroku Ep 8/12
8:20pm SAO Gun Gale Online Ep 5/12
8:45pm Ancient Magus Bride Ep 18/24
9:10pm Late Break
9:25pm Overlord Ep 4/13 (v)
9:55pm Youjo Shenki Ep 5/12
9:58pm Magical Girl Raising Project Ep 4/12
10:25pm JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Ep 20/39 (v)

Doors Open before Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

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Dates of Interest


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CardCaptor Sakura: Clear Card

The long=awaited sequel. Sakura and Syaoran are starting junior high school. With the Final Judgment passed, Sakura thinks school life will be quiet, but then all her cards suddenly turn blank. The mysterious new power she discovers will change how she thinks about her powers.

This evening’s Episode:Sakura and the Lovely Transfer Student

Akiho Shinomoto, a student from abroad, transfers to the school, and quickly become friends with Sakura and the others. But the trees at the school grounds are moving by themselves, Yue can’t sense any magic from the new cards, and Eriol has his own issues.

Sakura Quest

Yoshino Koharu is a young girl trying to look for a job in Tokyo, but is only met with a series of rejections. However, she has a seemingly lucky break when she receives a job offer to work with the tourism board of the economically struggling Manoyama village as their “Queen”. With no other choice, Yoshino accepts the offer and travels to Manoyama only to find out that she was hired based on a case of mistaken identity and that her contract term is for one year instead of the one day, as she had initially thought. With nowhere else to go, Yoshino reluctantly becomes Queen of Manoyama.

This evening’s Episode:The Phoenix in the Holy Night

Maki has travelled to Tokyo to audition, but what has her absence wrought on Manoyama? The attempt to have a hot lunch party at the old School may not ahve been successful, mainly because that nobody has realised the school actually closed since a formal closing ceremony was never held. Which gives (Queen) Yoshino an idea.

Sora Yorimo Tooi Basho (aka A Place Further than the Universe)

Mari Tamaki is a second-year high school student who wants to make the most out of her youth but is usually too afraid to do so. One day, she meets Shirase Kobuchizawa, a girl who has been saving up to travel to Antarctica, where her mother disappeared three years ago. Joined by two other girls, Hinata Miyake and Yuzuki Shiraishi, they join an expedition headed towards the Antarctic.

This evening’s Episode:The Follow Backs Don’t Stop

The girls are approached by Yuzuki Shiraishi, a child actress who had just been chosen to go on the Antarctica expedition as a reporter, who asks Shirase to go in her place. However, Yuzuki’s manager and mother, Tamiko, is adamant about Yuzuki going as part of her job.

preview – Gurazeni (Money Pitch)

A commentary on the unforgiving money-and-statistics-centric world of professional baseball, in a similar concept to Moneyball, but through the eyes of players: A relief pitcher and left-handed specialist, Bonda Natsunosuke, and Tokunaga, a retired pitcher turned color commentator.

Tonight’s Episode:My Workplace

Bonda Natsunosuke is a left-handed short middle relief pitcher and Left-handed specialist for Jingu Spiders. He has been a pro-baseballer for 8 years. Of all the statistics about opposing players, the one he finds most reliable is how much they are paid. Will he be able to improve his game, to the point where he can be a pitching coach after retiring?

Alice to Zouroku (Alice and Zouroku)

Sana Kashimura, a little orphan girl who is one of the children that holds the power of “Alice’s Dream,” a special ability that enables her to materialize anything she imagines. After escaping a lab where she was a test subject, she ends up in the outside world where she encounters a grumpy old man named Zouroku, but she wonders if he will help her.

Tonight’s Episode:The Evil Witch

Hatori is a young girl who lives in a troubled family, with her parents constantly arguing with each other. Thinking that it’s her fault her parents are angry at each other, Hatori wishes that they would get along, which is when her Dream of Alice power manifests. The next day, Hatori, along with her friend Ayumu, find out that Hatori can use her power to mind control people.

Sword Art Online side-story – Gun Gale Online

This is a side story from the Sword Art Online universe, this is all new characters – no Kirito or Asuna. We follow the story of Karen Kohiruimaki, a university student with a complex about her abnormal height. She begins playing a VR game called Gun Gale Online after it gives her the cute, petit avatar that she has always wanted.

Tonight’s movie:Leave the Last Battle to Me

Why did M try to kill Llenn? The answer is surprising. Leaving M alone, Llenn tries to take on the final team SHINC herself, only to get caught up in their trap.

Maho Tsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus Bride)

Chise Hatori, 15 years old. Lost, without hope, and without family, she is bought for money … not by another person, but by a non-human magus named Elias Ainsworth. Though she hesitates, she begins life anew as his apprentice and future wife.

Tonight’s Episode:Forgive and forget.

Stella visits Chise with her payment of sweets. Elias, irritated by Stella, runs away. Chise finds him hiding in a shadow but becomes worried as he restrains her and seems to want to bite her. As Stella returns to London, both Ashen Eye and Cartaphilius are seen nearby. But dealing with Elias’s fears take precedence.


Momonga, master of the Ainz Ooal Gown guild, was logged in to the Virtual Reality MMO Yggdrasil on the day it closed. Instead of being logged out he found his VR game had somehow become a real world that he was now trapped in. As a massively over-powered Lich Lord, there’s very little that can threaten him, so Momonga begins exploring the world surrounding his guild headquarters and meeting with its inhabitants in the hopes of finding anyone else from Earth trapped in this world with him.

Tonight’s Episode:Ruler of Death

Nigun Grid Luin, the captain of the Sunlight Scripture of the Slane Theocracy marches on Carne Village with a team of magic casters to kill Gazef. Realizing this, Gazef attempts to convince Ainz Ooal Gown (Momonga’s new name) to defend the village to no avail, so he sets out with his men to confront them while Ainz assists the villagers in escaping.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku (Magical Girl Raising Project)

Himekawa Koyuki plays a popular social game known as the Magical Girl Raising Project, that secretly has the ability to grant players a 1-in-10,000 chance of becoming a real-life magical girl. Each of the magical girls possess unique abilities and earn Magical Candies by protecting people and performing good deeds. However, shortly after Himekawa Koyuki becomes the magical girl Snow White, the administration has decided that sixteen magical girls in a certain city is too many, and the number needs to be reduced…

Tonight’s Episode:Add More Friends!

Yunael, Minael, and Tama lure La Pucelle away while Ruler has Swim Swim steal all of Snow White’s Magical Candies. The time of the weekly results soon approaches, with the magical girl with the fewest candies fated to die. Meanwhile, as Top Speed and Ripple meet up with Nana and Winterprison, another magical girl is searching for a white magical girl.

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken – Diamond is Unbreakable (Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure – Diamond is Unbreakable)

It’s the year 1999, 11 years after Jotaro Kujo’s desperate fight against Dio in Egypt. Jotaro meets with Josuke Higashikata, the illegitimate son of his grandfather Joseph Joestar. He discovers that Josuke also has the same “Stand” power and that a new threat is surfacing in Morioh City.

Tonight’s Episode:Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella

While downhearted over her efforts to make Koichi love her, Yukako Yamagishi comes across an aesthetician named Aya Tsuji, who uses her Stand, Cinderella, to remodel her face slightly so that Koichi will fall in love with her. Finding the treatment effective but temporary, Yukako risks ever more to finally steal a kiss from Koichi.

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