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Screening on Saturday 28th January, 2016


Below is the program for the evening of January 28th, 2017.

It took us a while, but we are finally going to screen the original “Bubblegum Crisis” in our retro timeslot. Unfortunately it means we will have to reduce the Dinner Break by a quarter of an hour in order to fit it in. The BGC OAVs come from an era where they did not all have the same length episodes.
Though considering what this week’s preview episode is, you might not care about the shortened Dinner Break.

Little Witch Academia TV “+”
Bubblegum Crisis

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:10pm Akagami ga Shirayuki-hime Ep 11/14 (v)
5:35pm Sweetness and Lightning Ep 3/12
6:00pm Little Witch Academia Ep 1 (preview)
6:25pm Flying Witch Petit Ep 5
6:30pm dinner break
7:00pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:15pm Bubblegum Crisis Ep 1/8 (retro)
8:00pm Ore Monogatari Ep 11/24
8:25pm ReLIFE Ep 3/13
8:50pm Yamada-kun & 7 Witches Ep 3/12
9:15pm Late Break
9:25pm Re: Zero Ep 10/25 (v)
9:50pm Sakurako-san Bones Beneath Her Feet Ep 8/12
10:15pm Jojo: Stardust Crusaders Ep 21/26 (v)

Doors Open Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:50 PM

Dates of Interest

  • From Thursday January 26th 2017 – “Yu-Gi-Oh! THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS” Sneak Peek Screenings. At Hoyts Carousel, Event Innalo, and Luna Cinemas Leederville.
  • Saturday January 28th 2017 – Tokyo Ally 2 mini artist ally, from 11AM at Tokyo Underground.
  • Sunday February 5th 2017 – Tosche Station Collectors Fair, from 10AM.
  • Sunday February 19th 2017 – Collectors Zone! Toy and Hobby Fair in Joondalup, from 9:30AM.
  • March 4th & 5th 2017 – Madman anime Festival.
  • March 25th & 26th 2017 – Oz Comic-con.

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Akagami no Shirayukihime – (Shirayuki (“Snow white”) princess of the red hair)

Shirayuki is a young pharmacist from the kingdom of Tanbarun who is cheerful, spirited and dedicated to her job. She also has brilliant red hair, which is very rare. When the first prince of Tanbarun decides to claim her unique beauty for himself, Shirayuki flees to the neighbouring kingdom of Clarines to start her life over. There may be eccentric nobility here as well, but there are also friends, and at least she can do her job.

This evening’s Episode:Encountering… A Color for the First Time

After being kissed by Zen, Shirayuki becomes too flustered to face him directly, while Zen, despite eager for an answer from her, must leave for a short trip with Mitsuhide and Kiki. Once reunited, Zen and Shirayuki finally share their true feelings for each other.

Amaama to Inazuma (Sweetness and Lightning)

Kohei Inuzuka is a teacher and a recent widower, raising his young daughter alone. With a full time job keeping him busy, little Tsumugi has been getting mostly pre-packaged meals. But a chance encounter with one of his students, Kotori Iida, leads Kohei to take up cooking in order to provide proper meals for his daughter.

This evening’s Episode:Tsumugi and the Long-Awaited Hamburg Steak

Tsumugi gets into a fight with her kindergarten classmate, Mikio. The experience leaves her upset so K?hei and Kotori decide to make Hamburg steak to cheer her up. Kotori encourages K?hei to properly listen to Tsumugi’s side of the story. K?hei assures her he knows she is a good girl, and after she cheers up, she helps them finish making the steaks before letting out the feelings she’d been holding back.

preview item – Little Witch Academia TV

Akko Kagari enrolls into Luna Nova Academy, a school for young witches, after being inspired at a young age by a witch named Shiny Chariot, and often spends her days hanging with her classmates, Lotte and Sucy. However, she has trouble paying attention in class, doesn’t know how to ride her broom, and is often looked down upon for admiring Chariot, whom many believe gives the wrong impression about witches.

This evening’s Episode:A New Beginning

Having been inspired by the illusory magic of the performing witch, Shiny Chariot, Atsuko “Akko” Kagari decides to enroll at Luna Nova Magical Academy, where Shiny Chariot studied. On her way to the school, she gets teased by the other students, who mock her non-magical bloodline. Unable to fly on a broom through a leyline leading to Luna Nova, Akko manages to get a lift from another new student, Lotte Yanson. However, she and Lotte, along with another witch named Sucy Manbavaran, end up falling out of the leyline into the forbidden Arcturus Forest.

retro series – BubbleGum Crisis

In the near future, Tokyo was left flattened from a great earthquake. A new city, MegaTokyo, was then recreated with the aid of a multi-national company, Genom Corp. Genom created and mass-produced biomechanical creatures called Boomers to aid in the restoration of MegaTokyo. When the Boomers began to run out of control, the ADPolice at first tried to stop them, but they proved to be very difficult to deal with. Under the looming Boomer threat, a group of four girls from varying sections of society banded together. Calling themselves The Knight Sabers, they were the only ones with enough firepower and resourcefullness to defend the fledgling MegaTokyo from Genom and its berserk Boomers.

This evening’s Episode:Tinsel City Rhapsody

With biomechanical boomers going berserk in the street it looks like the AD Police are overmatched. The mercenary Knight Sabers are hired to rescue a little girl from a group of kidnappers, but the girl is far more than she seems…

Ore Monogatari! (My Love Story!)

Takeo Gouda is tall. No, Takeo Gouda is huge. He’s a high-schooler in a giant’s body. That’s been great for all the school sporting clubs he was part of, but less useful in his attempts to find love. But the real problem there is his handsome best friend Makoto Sunakawa, who ends up getting confessions from everyone Takeo likes. In fact it happens so often Takeo now expects it. And then one day, quite by accident, Takeo meets Rinko Yamato …

This evening’s Episode:My Ocean

Rinko invites Takeo and his friends to join her and her friends to the beach. As Rinko’s friends encourage her to make her boyfriend’s heart skip with a new swimsuit, Takeo remains determined to keep the beach experience purely about swimming and avoid looking at her in a lecherous way.


Kaizaki Arata is 27 years old and has held a full time job for a grand total of 3 months (quitting because it “wasn’t a fit for his talents”). He spends his days getting turned down at job interviews, lying to his friends about having a job, and moping around his apartment. When his parents finally get sick of sending him money he is thrown a lifeline by Yoake Ryou, a representative of the RELife Company. RELife gives jobless deadbeats like Arata a new lease on life… By giving them a pill that makes them look like teenagers again and having them repeat high school.

Tonight’s Episode:You’re Old Now

ring gym class Arata ends up hurting himself, and Ryo explains that despite his youthful appearance Arata’s body is still biologically that of a 27 year old man. Meanwhile Chizuru takes Arata’s advice to try smiling more in an attempt to make friends, but her forced smiles are misinterpreted by Rena as Chizuru mocking her.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Yamada and the Seven Witches)

Ryuu Yamada’s, well deserved, reputation as a delinquent is no longer his biggest problem. After an accident on the stairs causes himself and the school’s top student Urara Shiraishi to swap bodies, the discovery of this strange ability makes his life a great deal more complicated. But for the gruff, friendless Yamada, spending some time literally in other people’s shoes might not be such a bad thing.

Tonight’s Episode:Will You Accept? Or Won’t You?

It looks like the Supernatural Studies Club is not being assigned an official budget. Which means that Yamada won’t have a microwave to heat his lunch. Something must be done, but the cunning student president knows more about the club’s activities than Yamada realises. Which will lead to Yamada and his body swapping ability being used to find out why super-studious Shiraishi is not aiming for university.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re: Life in a Different World from Zero)

Being teleported to a fantasy world means you’re the chosen one, right? Natsuki Subaru certainly thought so, but it seems he’s not the fated hero, he’s just another guy in a world full of wizards, warriors and demi-humans. Still, there are decent people in this world and Subaru quickly finds people willing to lend him a hand, people he wants to help in return. But how can a mere high school student hope to challenge the monstrous and magical forces of this world? After all he only gets one shot at this, right?

Tonight’s Episode:Fanatical Methods Like A Demon

Subaru wakes up the next day having survived the attack with the timely arrival of Emilia and Ram. Though the witchbeasts have inflicted multiple curses on him via their bites. Now it is time to save Rem from her attempt to save him. With Ram at his side, he travels into witchbeast territory, and learns about Rem’s demonic nature.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru (A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako’s Feet)

Tatewaki Shoutarou has a life outside his high school, one that makes the drama and socialising of his peers seem far less important to him. He assists Sakurako Kujou, an unsociable and obsessive collector of bones and the niece of a prominent forensic scientist. But this eccentric isn’t just interested in bones, she is an expert in them. When she and Shotaro go out collecting, they seem to have a knack for finding human remains, and Sakurako’s keen eye and forensic knowledge can quickly tell what befell the previous owner of the latest set of bones she has become obsessed with.

Tonight’s Episode:The Entrusted Bones, Part 2

Sh?tar? and Sakurako deliver Sasaki’s belongings to his sister, Sayuki Haruma, who explains how Natsuko was her caregiver and close friend to her and Sasaki. After Natsuko had a premature birth, resulting in the death of her child, she left the household and died a few years later, with her bones accepted by Sayuki. As Sh?tar? hides a photograph, Sakurako follows clues leading her to where the baby’s bones were buried, which also contains one of Natsuko’s bones that Sasaki had put in with them.

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken – Stardust Crusaders (Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure – Stardust Crusaders)

It’s 1989. Fifty odd years have passed since Joseph Joestar did battle with the immortal Pillar Men and now his
Japanese grandson, Jotaro Kujo, finds his life turned upside down. A strange new ability awakens within his
bloodline, granting him great power but threatening to kill his mother.

… An ancient enemy of the family has returned.

Tonight’s Episode:Judgement, part 1

Arriving on an island by the Red Sea, Joseph reveals that the person he needs to meet is Abdul’s father, who lives as a hermit. Polnareff, still struck with grief over him causing Abdul’s death, runs away. On the shore of the island, Polnareff discovers an aged lamp that, after he rubs it, causes a genie named Cameo to appear. Cameo grants Polnareff three wishes, to which Polnareff is extremely skeptical.

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