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Weekly Bulletin for Saturday 23rd August, 2014


Below is the program for August 23rd, 2014.

Please remember that during the AGM it was voted that the attendance prices increased by 50 centsAll items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:10pm Fairy Tail Ep 115/175
5:35pm Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon) season 2 Ep 8/11
6:00pm Log Horizon Ep 21/25
6:25pm Pupipou Ep 8/15
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Nobunaga Concerto Ep 1 (preview)
7:55pm Soul Eater NOT! Ep 9/13 (n)
8:20pm Samurai Flamenco Ep 18/22
8:45pm Genshiken Nidaime Ep 5/12 (?)
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm Tokyo ESP Ep 1 (preview)
9:45pm Knights of Sidonia Ep 6/13
10:10pm Kill la Kill Ep 18/24 (?nv)

Doors Open Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

Dates of Interest

  • Saturday August 30th – “DRAGON BALL Z: BATTLE OF GODS” theatrical screening. See Below
  • Sunday August 31st 9AM-2PM – Collector Zone @ Craige Leisure Centre, Whifords Avenue, Craigie.
  • Saturday October 11st – Yobe chibi-con.
  • October 29th to November 2nd – Japanese Film Festival – Hoyts Carousel & Hoyts Millennium.
  • Saturday December 20th – End of Year extra-long screening. What do you want to see?

DRAGON BALL Z: BATTLE OF GODS” theatrical screening

Madman is proud to announce that DRAGON BALL Z: BATTLE OF GODS will screen across Australia and New Zealand on August 30th as a very special Reel Anime theatrical event. Session times and more available at

View the trailer:

The special event screenings will take place on Saturday, August 30th in Perth at LUNA LEEDERVILLE – 3.00pm


Fairy Tail

Magic and mayhem in the nation of Fiore. The members of the infamous mage’s guild Fairy Tail spend their days sorting out problems for the residents of Magnolia and battling the odd apocalyptic demon or dark guild. Of course they don’t let little things like that get in the way of having fun.

Tonight’s Episode:Frozen Spirit

Bolstered by the knowledge of all the friends and allies she has at her back, including even the imprisoned Jellal, Erza has found the strength to triumph over Azuma. The protection of Tenrou, and their magic power has been restored to the Fairy Tail Guild. Azuma, however, has overused his lost magic and now pays the price. Erza manages to learn more of Grimoire Heart’s plans, and also of their involvement in the fate of her childhood friend Jellal … She also hears of how Ultear was responsible for Jellal’s madness and is Master Hade’s most trusted lieutenant.

Gin no Saji, Season Two (Silver Spoon), Season Two

Life continues at Ooeno Agricultural School for city boy Hachiken. As the current crop of seniors prepare to move into the work force, more club responsibilities are passed on to the younger students. But in the midst of all the club activities, delicious food and good friends, Hachiken discovers that slaughtering animals might not be the only troubling aspect of farm life.

Tonight’s Episode:Hachiken Howls

Despite captivating the entire school with their heroic struggle to the championship, Ezonoo’s baseball team was knocked out in the semi-finals. But it’s now been a week since the team got back from their defeat in Sapporo and Komaba has not been to a single class, he hasn’t even been seen in the dorms. It would seem he has caught Mr Nakajima’s flu. But there is movement from Mr Nakajima’s hidden cheese cellar. A terrifying form, hidden away since the cellar was emptied during the Culture Festival, has arisen…

Log Horizon

Elder Tale is an MMO with over twenty million players world wide. When a new expansion is added to the game, Shiro and his friends find themselvers amongst the several hundred thousand players across the world that are now literally trapped inside the game.

Tonight’s Episode:The Two of us Shall Waltz

Choushi is safe, the Goblin King’s army has been defeated, and Rundel Haus Code is now a fully-fledged adventurer thanks to the new spell that Shiroe devised. It’s time for the celebrations, but it turns out that such things do not interest Shiroe. Much to Akatsuki’s disappointment. Crusty is left to mingle with the grateful nobles and flatter them with his false modesty. The Goblin King himself hasn’t been defeated yet, but Shiroe decided that forging proper alliances with the People of the Land was more important than finishing off the goblins.

Preview Item – Nobunaga Concerto

Saburou is not a particularly bright or attentive student, particularly in history class. So when he finds himself transported back in time and made to stand in for the legendary, but ill-fated, Oda Nobunaga, he has no idea what is in store for him…

Tonight’s Episode:Saburou Nobunaga

Muttering about the pointlessness of history classes on the way home from school, Saburou accidentally slips from a chain link fence and lands on a completely unfamiliar bit of riverside just as a man on horseback comes galloping past. The rider stops to investigate, and both find that the other looks remarkably like them. For the rider this is a wonderful opportunity. He passes his sword to Saburou and then gallops off, leaving Saburou to be taken in by the family retainers as the runaway (and now presumed to be brain-addled) Oda Nobunaga.

Soul Eater Not!

DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy) is the place to go if you find that you are able the change into a weapon and need to master your new-found ability. Which is how Harudori Tsugumi finds herself in the United States, as part of the new class of students at the academy. Here she will learn to control her power and team up with one of the meisters (Students training to wield Death Weapons). However, she can’t quite make her mind up about which one to team up with.

Tonight’s Episode:Pumpkin Growing

Eternal Feather’s life was saved, and Tsugumi and her friends pranked and terrorized, by Doctor Stein. But the doctor did confirm that Eternal Feather was both poisoned and under mind control. The search for the witch continues. Meanwhile, Anya and Meme have finally confronted Tsugumi about her indecisiveness, asking for her to finally pick one of them as her partner by Halloween. And Halloween approaching means it’s time to start planting pumpkins, if they can wake Meme up. Of course, part of the reason she is so hard to wake up is because she sleepwalks during the night.

Samurai Flamenco

He started as an enthusiastic amateur, grew into a trained hero with high tech gadgets, and now he leads a team of heroes backed by a giant robot. Hazama Masayoshi’s childhood dream of becoming the hero Samurai Flamenco has been fulfilled and then some. Of course, to be a hero you need villains to fight. But there seems to be no shortage of candidates lining up for that role …

Tonight’s Episode:Flamenco In Space

The Prime Minister’s purpose has finally been revealed. An alien force has been taking over countries across the world and the entire scheme to frame Hazama and the other heroes was an attempt to supercharge his Public opinion-powered battle suit in order to defeat Alien Flamenco. With that plan having been thwarted by Hazama and the others, it now falls to Samurai Flamenco to do battle with the alien invader. But the invaders, it seems, are willing to just talk. In fact they claim this is not an invasion at all. However they are only interested in speaking to Hazama alone …

Genshiken Nidaime (Genshiken Second Generation)

The old guard have graduated and now only Ogiue, Ohno and Kuchiki remain. As a new year begins Genshiken is once again infused with new members, who bring with them their own quirks, tastes and personal baggage with which to befuddle, bemuse and entertain the rest of the club. The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture (Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyukai, Gen Shi Ken) is back.

Tonight’s Episode:Go Next

After a mad rush and the assistance of both Genshiken and her friends from the Manga club, Ogiue managed to finish both her professional work and the Comifest books, although the effort left her too tired, and fevered, to make it to the convention. The rest of Genshiken did make it, along with Kanako’s friend Angela from the United States. Day two of Comifest will also be Angela’s last day in Japan, and she takes great pleasure in teasing Madarame once he joins them for the train ride there.

Preview Item – Tokyo ESP

In a world where a small percentage of the human race has gained psychic powers, many of those so gifted have decided to ascend to their rightful place as mankind’s overlords. The handful of espers who do not wish to rule or terrorize humanity battle against tremendous odds as well as the prejudices of the ungifted. And the most famous of the heroic espers is the White Girl … Rinka Urushiba.

Tonight’s Episode:White Girl

It is Christmas in the city of Tokyo. The populace goes about their usual Christmas activities; shopping, partying, meeting with friends. But amidst all the bustle and mundane events, armed soldiers stand guard on the city streets. And it would seem there is good reason for their presence, for a thunderous sound carries through the city streets and the soldiers gaze up to see a huge piece of earth floating through the sky. Someone has decided to kidnap the Japanese parliament by stealing the entire building …

Sidonia no Kishi (Knights of Sidonia)

A thousand years after mankind fled Earth, Sidonia is a vast colony ship traversing deep space. The people within, genetically altered to contend with the harsh demands of space travel and Sidonia’s limited resources, live under a military dictatorship. Nagate Tanikaze however knows almost none of this, he has spent his life in the service tunnels of the ship, training in mecha combat simulators. When he is finally found by the rest of the Sidonia’s population, Tanikaze finds himself inducted into their military to help defend the colony ship against monstrous beings known as Gauna.

Tonight’s Episode:Salutations

After Sidonia’s entire defensive wing mutinied to go in search of Tanikaze and Hoshijiro, the slayer of the Gauna has now been returned to the ship to receive a hero’s welcome. Although Kobayashi expressed her desire to go after him when confronted about it by Hiyama. It took the actions of non-immortal crew members to bring him back. Now Tanikaze returns to a hero’s welcome, slayer of the Gauna and saviour of a fellow trainee. And Kunato must again languish and seethe in his shadow.

Kill la Kill

Ryuko Matoi is a girl on a mission; to find the person responsible for her father’s death. Her search has led her to Honnouji Academy, a brutal, totalitarian school where the student council, led by Satsuki Kiryuin and empowered by their Ultima Uniforms, rule over everyone else. Ryuko quickly finds herself at odds with Satsuki’s dictatorship, but aid comes to Ryuko both from unexpected allies within the school … and a set of skimpy talking clothes.

Tonight’s Episode:Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

The rebellion against the mind-controlling, decapitation-resistant Ragyou has not gone well. And she has shocked everyone by revealing Ryuuko is her discarded second daughter, by ripping Ryuuko’s life-fibre infused heart from her chest. The Four Devas do their best to hold back the people-harvesting COVERS, but they cannot stop all of the ominous white suits. Satsuki, meanwhile, may have been stripped and beaten to within an inch of her life, but she is not finished yet. She triggers bombs throughout the stadium in a last desperate assault against her mother.

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