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Review:- Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

As this series follows Fujiko Mine, the comedy and gags of Lupin III are swapped for somewhat heavier themes and the sexual, yet sensual seduction of our new title character. Trying to work out if she is acting or genuine, a ruse to get the loot or hide her fragility.

The episodes are great in that every scene contributes to the story and offers a greater insight and understanding of the characters themselves whilst viewing them in different perspectives throughout.

The artwork is unique and some may be put off by it, particularly when characters are in shadows, but I found it refreshing in a nostalgic sense. A noticeable difference is the way the series is shot. The camera is normally bouncing all over the place chasing Lupin III and company, but here, reflecting the difference in personalities, the camera moves in a gentle, yet calculated way.

I was somewhat disappointed that the 8th episode doesn’t appear on DVD, only on BluRay, and a lack of any extras (maybe on the 2nd series) but fans of Lupin III will enjoy how the gang came to be, or people wishing to see a strong heroine character will be mesmerised by the woman called Fujiko Mine .

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