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Weekly Bulletin for Saturday 22nd June, 2013


The tentative JAFWA program for Saturday 22nd June 2013 is below. To be held
in the Collins Street Community Center on Collins Street just off Canning
Highway in South Perth.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:15pm Kamisama Hajimemashita Ep 12/13
5:40pm Kamisama Hajimemashita Ep 13/13 Final
6:05pm Hyouka Ep 11/22
6:35pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Hanasaku Iroha Ep 23/26
7:55pm Space Brothers Ep 12/64
8:20pm Sword Art Online Ep 12/25
8:45pm Girls und Panzer Ep 12/12 Final
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm Death Billiards OAV
9:45pm Shingeki no Kyojin Ep 4/25 (violence)
10:10pm Psycho-Pass Ep 5/22 (violence)

Doors Open Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

Dates of Interest

  • 15th June – Nominations closed last week. Thank-you to the
    people nominating
  • 22nd June – Election Night.
  • 29th June – Supanova.


Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss)

After her father runs away to escape his gambling debts and she is evicted from their meagre apartment, Nanami Momozono finds a sudden change in her fortune after rescuing a stranger from a dog. She is rewarded by being made the diety of the local shrine, gaining a home, two cheerful servants and one very snarky fox spirit.

Tonight’s Episode:Nanami Quits Being a God

It’s a bright and sunny day and Nanami is on her way into town to do some
shopping when she notices two small boys hiding in the bushes alongside the
steps up to the shrine. When they run off in terror Nanami is a bit confused
and more than a bit offended, that is until she overhears a conversation in the
supermarket. It seems her shrine is considered both abandoned and haunted. The
thought of Tomoe’s hard work on the shrine not being appreciated leaves Nanami
with only one option, time to hold a festival and attract people back to the

Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss)

A Double Episode!

Tonight’s Episode:I Became a God

We’re not going to spoil the ending of the first episode by telling you the
start of this one!


Unable to say no to his elder sister, Oreki Hotaro joins his school’s
Classic Literature Club to prevent it from being shut down. And despite his
earnest desire to avoid expending any energy at all, the other members of the
club will drag him along on all manner of mysteries. Making good use of the
deductive skills he refuses to believe he possesses.

Tonight’s Episode:End Credits of the Fool

Hotaro’s revision of Class F’s movie has been screened for the first time,
and now Mayaka has taken him aside to voice her concerns. Specifically the fact
that the rope which Hongou had asked for did not appear anywhere in the movie.
Then Satoshi confronts him about another problem, this time with the type of
trick used in the movie. Finally Chitanda finds him after school, she too is
unsatisfied with things but for a different reason. With everyone else finding
fault, Hotaro begins to doubt his conclusions himself.

Hanasaku Iroha

After Ohana’s mother and boyfriend run away to escape debtors, leaving her
behind, she moves into Kissuiso, the inn run by her grandmother Sui. Here she
discovers a world very different to the one she grew up in as the learns the
ins and outs of working at an inn and comes to know the people she now lives
and works alongside.

Tonight’s Episode:Compensation for a Dream

With the Manager having dropped a bombshell during Enishi and Takako’s
wedding Ohana is somewhat lost. If the inn closes, Minchi and Tohru will be
fine, their skills all but guarantee them another job, but Ohana is not so sure
of her own future. The news has rattled the rest of the staff as well. Enishi
suspects it has to do with the money swindled from the inn by the fake film
crew and announces to the manager her plan to return to Tokyo, to track down
the money. Sui decides that Ohana should go with her, to discuss her future
with her mother.

Uchyuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers)

As kids Muta and Hibito Nanba made a promise, that they would both become
astronauts. 19 years later Hibito is on the verge of fulfilling that promise
but Muta is not doing nearly so well, that is until he is accepted into the
astronaut training program.

Tonight’s Episode:My Name is Itou Serika

The JAXA applicants have been divided up into three teams of five and each
team sealed in its own training module, where they will live together for the
next two weeks and then must select who amongst them are the two best
candidates. Also they’ve been given their first task, take a stopped clock and
battery and determine what the time is. Everyone else in team A goes through
involved estimates of the time taken to reach the facility to estimate the
time, Mutta sees it as much simpler than that, because he has one piece of
information the others are missing.

Sword Art Online

VR technology has made full-immersion video games possible, and the latest
and greatest is Sword Art Online. But the players who logged in on the first
day find that logging back out may be a lot harder, and the challenges of the
game more than they bargained for.

Tonight’s Episode:Yui’s Heart

Back in the Town of Beginnings Kirito, Asuna and Yui watch on as a somewhat
chaotic breakfast takes place in Sasha’s church. They are still concerned about
Yui’s amnesia, but a full night’s rest seems to have improved her general
health at least. Sasha unfortunately cannot offer much help. However their
discussion is interrupted by an arrival, Yulier of the Army. Contrary to
expectations, she has come to thank them for their actions the other day. A
power struggle within the Army is responsible for their poor behaviour and
Yulier is looking for some outside assistance.

Girls und Panzer

The students of Ooarai Girl’s High School are showing their skill at
Sensha-do (tank martial arts). With new transfer student and former Sensha-do
practitioner Miho Nishizumi to lead the way, they will pit themselves against
the best from other schools around the country.

Tonight’s Episode:A Battle Without Retreat

The Maus has knocked Mallard and Hippo’s tanks around like stuffed toys.
Ooarai now has just five tanks and the remainder of Blackforest is closing in
on the city. Successive ambush attempts proive fruitless, the Maus’ armour is
just too thick for Ooarai’s tanks to penetrate. But the Maus must be disposed
of if they hope to finish this in an urban battle. But then a stray comment
from Saori gives Miho an idea. A crazy, desperate idea …

Preview Item – Young Animators Training Project: Death Billiards

An elderly man exits from a stately elevator into a lush, bamboo lined
hallway and is greeted by a dark haired woman. She leads him into a even more
stately bar room where a younger man already sits at the bar drinking. The
bartender welcomes him to the Queen Decim. Neither can remember how exactly
they arrived here, and now the bartender informs them that they must risk their
lives in a game in order to leave…

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

The entirety of mankind lives encased within a series of fortified walls
which protect them from the Titans. giant humanoid monsters who devour people,
that roam the world beyond the outer wall. But now, after nearly a hundred
years of relative safety, new Titans have appeared.The security of the walls is
a thing of the past, and mankind may be facing extinction.

Tonight’s Episode:Night of the Disbanding: Restoration of Mankind – Part 2

It has been two years since Eren and his friends enlisted. Training
continues, and various recruits are beginning to distinguish themselves. The
tough and trustworthy Reiner Braun. The lone wolf Annie Leonhart. Jean
Kirstein, who causes friction with the others. The unconventional Sasha Blouse.
And of course the relentless Eren and his friends, the peerless Mikasa and the
intelligent Armin. But Eren has a problem, not all of the training they do
seems to be in service of his goal of killing Titans. Who in their right mind
would use a disarming technique against a 15 meter tall monster?


In a future where the psychological profiling system Sybil determines your
place in society, or your removal for the good of society, new police force
recruit Akane Tsunemori finds herself facing both the challenge of catching
madmen loose in society, and of working alongside those deemed half mad
already. All the while dealing with the consequences of a society that will
lock you up or kill you for thinking bad thoughts…

Tonight’s Episode:Nobody Knows Your Face

Akane is back on the ‘web, apologising to Spookie Boogie. Unaware that the
real Spookie Boogie has already been murdered and she is instead adressing an
imposter. Kougami, however, already has his suspicions. The Talisman imposter
has not changed his behaviour at all, still carrying on his façade of being
the original and even discussing the failed bust at Club Exoset. His behaviour
leaves the team stumped as to his motives. So while Ginoza works on tracing
Talisman directly, Kougami follows up on his suspicions about Spookie

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