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Weekly Bulletin for Saturday 11th May, 2013


The tentative JAFWA program for Saturday 11th May 2013 is below. To be held
in the Collins Street Community Center on Collins Street just off Canning
Highway in South Perth.
All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:15pm Kamisama Hajimemashita Ep 8/22
5:40pm Hyouka Ep 7/22
6:05pm Fairy Tail Ep 83/17
6:35pm Senyuu Ep 2
6:40pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Hanasaku Iroha Ep 19/26
7:55pm Space Brothers Ep 8/12
8:20pm Sword Art Online Ep 8/25
8:45pm Girls und Panzer Ep 8/13
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm Shin Sekai Yori Ep 8/24
9:45pm Mawaru-Penguindrum Ep 22/24 (weird stuff)
10:10pm Shingeki no Kyojin Preview

Doors Open Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

JAFWA Survey Results for 2013-04-27

Title Date shown Vote Approval Diversity
Sword Art Online Current 20 / 24 64 63.5
Suisei no Gargantia 20-Apr-13 16 / 24 60.5 54.5
Fairy Tail Current 14 / 24 59 61.5
Kamisama Hajimemashita Current 11 / 24 51.5 56
Hyouka Current 14 / 24 49 55
Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic 15-Dec-12 11 / 24 49 53.5
Nodame Cantabile: Finale Pre-preview 10 / 24 42.5 53.5
Hanasaku Iroha Current 13 / 24 41 51
Kotoura San 23-Mar-13 10 / 24 40 65
Space Brothers Current 8 / 24 39 41
Mawaru-Penguindrum Current 6 / 24 36.5 55
Shin Sekai Yori Current 10 / 24 36 54
A Certain Magical Index II Current 5 / 24 31.5 52.5
Girls und Panzer Current 9 / 24 31 54
Kokoro Connect 18-Aug-12 7 / 24 29.5 58.5
Little Busters! 15-Dec-12 5 / 24 27.5 57.5
Psycho-Pass 15-Dec-12 8 / 24 25.5 51.5
Sukitte Ii na yo 16-Feb-13 2 / 24 18 22.5
Tari Tari 15-Sep-12 3 / 24 15.5 45
Kuroko’s Basketball 29-Sep-12 0 / 24 10 42.5


  • Bakemonogatari – Available through Hanabee.
  • Ghost in the Shell: Arise x 2 – We can’t get this before it is released
    in Japan now can we?
  • Ginga Kik?tai Majestic Prince
  • Gokudo
  • Hataraku Maou-sama!
  • Henneko
  • Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magika
  • Tenchi Muyo!
  • Zetsuen no Tempest x 2

The late night voting for the replacement for Index went:

  1. Psycho Pass – 7 votes.
  2. Jormangund – 6 votes.
  3. Muv-Luv – 6 votes.
  4. Fate Zero – 5 votes.
  5. Zetsuen no Tempest – 5 votes.
  6. Show nothing and finish early – 1 vote.
  7. Hakuoki Reimeiroku – 0 votes.

Thanks to the 12 people who participated.


Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss)

After her father runs away to escape his gambling debts and she is evicted
from their meagre apartment, Nanami Momozono finds a sudden change in her
fortune after rescuing a stranger from a dog. She is rewarded by being made the
diety of the local shrine, gaining a home, two cheerful servants and one very
snarky fox spirit.

Tonight’s Episode:The God Goes to the Beach

Summer approaches, the best time of the year! Nanami is sure to be
delighted, filling her days with plans for summer vacation with her friends.
Only, that isn’t what is happening. Still demoralized after realizing her true
feelings for Tomoe, and then getting shot down almost immediately, Nanami seems
to have no energy left. Not even bothering to eat lunch. Her situation with
Tomoe seems only to have worsened, and so to escape the depression Nanami
accepts Nekota’s invitation to go to the beach. Tomoe, unfortunately, has other
ideas. The beach is no place for an Earth Diety.


Unable to say no to his elder sister, Oreki Hotaro joins his school’s
Classic Literature Club to prevent it from being shut down. And despite his
earnest desire to avoid expending any energy at all, the other members of the
club will drag him along on all manner of mysteries. Making good use of the
deductive skills he refuses to believe he possesses.

Tonight’s Episode:When the Fog Lifts

The Classics Club is taking a trip to Zaizen village over the summer
vacation. Having solved the mystery surrounding the Classics Club and
Chitanda’s uncle, Chitanda has organised this club excursion to visit the hot
springs of the village and gotten Houtaro to come along in spite of his energy
conserving ways. Mayaka’s relatives own an inn in the area and since it’s being
renovated, they all get to stay for free. And after the food and the hot
springs, a vacation isn’t complete without an evening of ghost stories. In
fact, the Blue Mountain inn has a ghost of its very own …

Fairy Tail

Magic and mayhem in the world of Fiore. The members of the infamous mage’s
guild Fairy Tail spend their days sorting out problems for the residents of
Magnolia and battling the odd apocalyptic demon or dark guild. Of course they
don’t let little things like that get in the way of having fun.

Tonight’s Episode:Extalia

Natsu and company have been captured by Nightwalker, the Edolas version of
Erza. Natsu and Wendy are thrown into a cell, and their captor taunts them with
suggestions of Lucy’s fate. Natsu does not take well to this. What he tells
them of Happy and Carla is even worse. He says that the two Exceed have
completed their mission, and that by now they are back in the Exceed homeland
receiving their reward. Meanwhile the Edolas Gajeel is snooping around the
giant Lacrima made up of the people of Fairy Tail, and his Earthland
counterpart observes the area perched on a tower not far away.

Hanasaku Iroha

After Ohana’s mother and boyfriend run away to escape debtors, leaving her
behind, she moves into Kissuiso, the inn run by her grandmother Sui. Here she
discovers a world very different to the one she grew up in as the learns the
ins and outs of working at an inn and comes to know the people she now lives
and works alongside.

Tonight’s Episode:Sloppy Omelet Rice

Minko is helping Toru to sharpen the knives in the kitchen. The day is over
and Nako drops in to report changes to the menu for tomorrow as well as pass
along compliments from the guests and herself, Toru remarks on how Nako has
become more outgoing. Then Ohana calls and when Minko says she is too busy to
talk, Toru remains on the phone to chat with her for a while. Nako is not
pleased. Then at school the next day, the class has decided to run a ‘Princess
Café’ for the cultural festival and Minko finds she has been volunteered as
one of the princesses, in charge of the kitchen.

Uchyuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers)

As kids Muta and Hibito Nanba made a promise, that they would both become
astronauts. 19 years later Hibito is on the verge of fulfilling that promise
but Muta is not doing nearly so well, that is until he is accepted into the
astronaut training program.

Tonight’s Episode:Smoky Heaven

Mutta is backstage at a US television station getting made up for his
appearance on live TV. The attention is making him nervous. Meanwhile the JAXA
selection committee has reconvened at Nimura and Hoshika’s insistance. Just as
they begin to make their case for choosing Mutta, another staff member rushes
in with the news that the man himself is on american television for having
foiled a robbery. Back at the US TV station, Ozzy is embellishing the story of
what actually happened.

Sword Art Online

VR technology has made full-immersion video games possible, and the latest
and greatest is Sword Art Online. But the players who logged in on the first
day find that logging back out may be a lot harder, and the challenges of the
game more than they bargained for.

Tonight’s Episode:Black and White Sword Dance

It has now been 2 years since the first batch of players were trapped inside
Sword Art Online. Having dispatched his latest adversary, Kirito takes a moment
to ponder the activities of Kayaba Akihiko, the creator of the game, before
returning home. Later Kirito finds himself strolling through a wooded area and
spots a small creature amidst the trees, a few precise throwing darts and he
has his prize, the meat of the Ragout Rabbit. An S-class rare item that causes
quite a stir with the merchant that he brings it to. The problem is, they can’t
think of anyone that has a cooking skill high enough to actually prepare the
meat. And then, Asuna happens to walk in the door …

Girls und Panzer

The students of Ooarai Girl’s High School are showing their skill at
Sensha-do (tank martial arts). With new transfer student and former Sensha-do
practitioner Miho Nishizumi to lead the way, they will pit themselves against
the best from other schools around the country.

Tonight’s Episode:Up Against Pravda!

Darjeeling, captain of the St Gloriana team, is having afternoon tea with
Katyusha, captain of the Pravda High School Sensha-do team. Katyusha mocks
Darjeeling for her early exit from the competition. Darjeeling notes Katyusha’s
laid back attitude to training in preparation for her next match, and reveals
the news that the head of the Ooarai team is a former member of the high
ranking Black Forest school team. Katyusha is shocked until she learns which
member of the Nishizumi clan it is, and then goes back to being nonchalant.
Ooarai meanwhile has a new tank to add to their team and a new tank crew as
well, the Disciplinary Committee has joined the Sensha-do club.

Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World)

A thousand years into the future all mankind possesses psychic powers, and
the people live in idyllic splendor. But the path that led to this tranquil
life was not so perfect, and the world that Saki and her friends live in may
not be as gentle and pleasant as it seems.

Tonight’s Episode:Omen

It has been two years since the events of their summer excursion outside the
holy barrier, and the war against the Ground Spider colony. Saki and her
friends seem to have avoided any repercussions for their actions, and school
life seems to continue on without any serious problems. With one exception,
Saki finds her feelings for Shun growing each day, but Shun’s affections
currently belong to another.

Mawaru Penguindrum

Miracles! Mystery! Penguins! After a hat they purchased at the aquarium
brings their terminally ill sister Himari back to life, Shouma and Kanba
Takakura find the hat has a mind of its own and uses their sister’s body to
command them to seek out the “Penguin Drum” with the assistance of three
helper penguins… that no one else can see.

Tonight’s Episode:Beautiful Coffin

Ringo finds two very suspicious looking people outside the Takakura house
and confronts them. But they’re not siuspicious at all, honestly, they’re just
there to give Himari a present. However Himari is not at home, nor is Kanba.
Instead Kanba is becoming more and more involved in his parents old terrorist
organisation, because Sanetoshi has informed him that the medicine for Himari
won’t work anymore, but there is another way to save her…

Preview Item – Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

The entirety of mankind lives encased within a series of fortified walls
which protect them from the Titans. giant humanoid monsters who devour people,
that roam the world beyond the outer wall. But now, after nearly a hundred
years of relative safety, new Titans have appeared.The security of the walls is
a thing of the past, and mankind may be facing extinction.

Tonight’s Episode:To You, 2000 Years in the Future: The Fall of Zhiganshina – Part 1

Eren Jeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and their friend Armin
Arlelt live in the outermost circle between walls Maria and Rose. Eren has
alawys idolized the Recon Corps, planning to join them himself once he is old
enough. Despite the objections of his mother and the general poor regard most
other citizens have for the Corps. Eren shares his friend Armin’s view that
humanity cannot simply remain behind the wall forever. Unfortunately neither of
them are prepared for what happens when their lack of faith in the wall proves

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