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JAFWA Program 14th February 2009

JAFWA will be glad to see you about 4:45PM this week, in the Jones lecture theatre 405.102.

Saturday 14th February 2009

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles

5:10pm Akiba-chan Ep 1&2 preview
5:40pm Slayers Revolution Ep 9/13  
6:05pm MahoutsukaiTai! Pt 1/6  
6:30pm dinner break    
  Possibly showing something during Dinner Break    
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements    
7:30pm Chi’s Sweet Home Ep 24/104 =^_^=
7:35pm Vampire Knight Ep 2/13  
8:00pm Pumpkin Scissors Ep 14/24 (v)
8:25pm KuroKami Ep 1 preview TBC
8:50pm Spice and Wolf Ep 2/13 (n?)
9:15pm Late Break    
9:25pm A certain Magical Index Ep 7/13  
9:50pm Soul Eater Ep 14/51 (v?)
10:15pm Kenichi – World’s Strongest Disciple Ep 49/50 (v)
Doors Open: ~4:50 PM
Program Finishes: ~10:45 PM
Members: $3.00
Associate Members: $4.00
Guest/General Public: $5.00
Children under 12 (under adult supervision): $1.00
After 10PM: $gold coin

JAFWA will attempt to rate the various program items to aid the viewer. JAFWA does not claim that the rating system will be very effective.

Key :-

N Nudity, characters without clothing.
D Disturbing, something that might upset the pschological balance of an “ordinary” person.
R Restricted, warning that viewers of insufficient maturity will be asked to leave.
V Violence, including death scenes.
? Weird Stuff, aka “What the…?”
TBA To Be Announced – we don’t yet know what this is.
TBC To Be Confirmed – uncertain if we will actually show this.

Unavoidable or Unexpected situations may cause program changes at a moment’s notice.

We start the night off with a sample of some of the other anime out there that hasn’t found room in the JAFWA program. This time we will try a little show called “Akiba-chan“, mainly because it is St Valentine’s Day related. This show seems like it has merchandise tie-ins, as it features the adventures of dolls.

Followed by another episode of “Slayers Revolution“, the fourth TV series of this franchise. Allowing themselves to be captured, our heroes are brought before Countess Gioconda. But so many people have hidden agendas, such as Inspector Wiser Flyon and the maid Ozel. Though Zuuma the Assassin is straightforward. Insider! He who knows the real truth.

Before the Dinner Break we start a retro series, the gentle tale of high-school romance, magic and aliens known as “MahouTsukaiTai!” (aka “I want to do Magic”). The Earth has been invaded, the aliens have landed, humanity defeated. Otherwise nothing much has changed. However, one highschool club full of ditzy members seeks to fight back! With magic?

During the Dinner Break we will try to have something to show. I don’t know what yet. Does anybody have something? Remembering that we don’t screen anime during the Dinner Break except under exceptional circumstances.

After the Dinner break is a few minutes of kitten goodness with “Chi’s sweet home“. Chi goes to the Hospital, and she may hate the family’s father forever.

Then we continue our new regular series “Vampire Knight“. On Valentine’s Day, Yuki and Zero are forced to organize the exchanging of gifts between the Day Class and Night Class members, a process made difficult by the fact that most of the Day Class is enamored with members of the Night Class.

Followed by more “Pumpkin Scissors” and the somewhat grim adventures of the War Relief Unit. While removing homeless people from the sewers, Section III must deal with drug dealers operating there. And worse. The Flame still Burns.
Unfortunately this episode was scheduled before the current bushfires. We mean no disrespect.

Then another sample of some of the other anime out there that hasn’t found room in the JAFWA program. The anime adaption of “Kurokami” may prove to be popular. Keita Ibuki is currently a high school student living alone in Tokyo while being assisted by his father who remits money for his allowance and daily visits by his old childhood friend, Akane Sano. Keita is an aloof student after his mother dies from an encounter with her own doppelgänger as a young boy. After seeing the spitting image of someone with the same looks as his own mother, Keita visits a ramen stall when Kuro shows up with her dog, Punipuni.

Before the Late Break we continue our other new regular series called “Spice and Wolf“. When it starts to rain, Lawrence and Horo take refuge in a nearby church. There, they meet a younger traveling merchant named Zeelen, who tells Lawrence of a plan that regards the trading of old silver coins for new ones in order to make a profit. Wold and a Distant Past.

After the Late Break we contine the show called “Toaru no Majutsu Index“, where magic and esper super-science collides in an anime with too many girls. T?ma, who still keeps his memory loss a secret and after buying an expensive reference study book with Index meets two of his classmates Motoharu Tsuchimikado and Pierce Aogami who he doesn’t recognize. T?ma suddenly finds himself alone in an empty street and meets Styil who tells him he has a mission for him. Aureolus Izzard, an alchemist and leader of a secret science worshiping cult at Misawa Cram School has return after three years in hiding, has imprison a girl codenamed Deep Blood who has the ability to kill Vampires. Misawa Cram School (Cult of Science).

Follwed by the weirdness of “Soul Eater” continues. A big test is coming up, and the students in Shibusen are all studying for it, one way or another. Maka feels she has to be the best in class like her mother was, but she has rivals in Ox Ford and Death the Kid. (Super) Written Test: Heart-Throbbing, Trembling, Nervous, Lies?

And we finish the night with the penultimate episode of martial arts mayhem and terror known as “Kenichi – history’s strongest disciple“. Unable to evade Ryuto’s punches at all, Kenichi starts to counter attack by constantly changing his fighting style, imitating his masters’ personalities (to their combined horror and amusement). The most powerful transformation! The rhythm of Ryouzanpaku!

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