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Screening on Saturday 11th June 2022

Screening on the evening of Saturday, June 11th 2022

Welcome to June!
Winter is definitely here, but JAFWA is here to warm your soul with the cultural goodness that is anime.

This week we will be starting two new regular series, though technically since we previewed the first episode just a couple of weeks ago in May, this week one of the new regular series starts with episode #2!
Be aware that there is some discourse within your beloved committee as to which new series we will start this week – either “Deaimon” or “Spy x Family”. Just another reason for people to nominate for the upcoming JAFWA elections – make your voice heard and opinion count!

Deaimon Spy x Family Attack on Titan

Nominate for the JAFWA committee

Official announcement that JAFWA is taking nominations for election to the JAFWA committee.

Yes! this is when fresh blood enters the governing committee of JAFWA!
If you are have been a signed up JAFWA member for the last 3 months, and resident in WA (preferably the Perth region), please nominate your self for the election in July, by bringing written notification to either the President/Shogun Drew, or our Secretary/Daimyo Glenn.

This is a reminder to think about the upcoming Annual General Meeting and committee elections on July 16th. We request that all signed up members come along that afternoon to find out how the current committee have been doing over the last year, discuss issues to be dealt with, raise motions for actions to be carried out in your names, and then in the evening Dinner Break, vote in the new committee.

Cash for Containers

As people may have noticed, JAFWA collects the recyclable containers (cans and bottles) that are disposed of by our attendees. It helps in a small way.

if you too would like to help JAFWA, and get rid of your unwanted recyclable containers, then please take them to Containers for Change, and quote JAFWA’s account number – C10505693.

Below is the tentative program for the evening of Saturday June 11th, 2022.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles. With assistance from a grant from and

4:15pm Non Non Biyori repeat Ep 11/12
4:40pm Uramichi-Oniisan Ep 11/13
5:05pm Deaimon Ep 2/? TBC
5:30pm dinner break
6:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
6:30pm Lupin III part 6 Ep 14/25
6:55pm Steins; Gate Ep 16/24 (retro)
7:20pm Demon Slayer season 2 Ep 7/18
7:45pm To Your Eternity Ep 15/20
8:10pm Late Break
8:20pm Attack on Titan – final season, part B Ep 1/12 TBC
8:45pm Golden Kamuy Ep 8/12 (V)
9:10pm Cells At Work: Black Ep 12/13

Doors Open before Screening:~4:00 PM

Program Finishes:~9:45 PM

Comment on our FB page.

Dates of Interest

Barring a resurgence of COVID-19 pestilence, these fannish events of interest are scheduled to happen:


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Non Non Biyori – Repeat

In the countryside small town village of Asahigaoka, a place lacking many of the conveniences that people from the city are accustomed to. The nearest stores are a few miles away and one of the local schools consists of only five students, each of whom is in a different grade of elementary or middle school. Hotaru Ichijo, a fifth grader from Tokyo, transfers into Asahigaoka Branch School and has to adjust to countryside life with her new friends. A year has passed

This evening’s Episode:I Became a Pampered Child ” season 2

During winter break, Komari learns how to send an e-mail on Konomi’s phone, but struggles to get a signal due to her short height. Meanwhile, Hikage becomes curious as to what Renge is drawing on her New Year’s cards. Later, Hotaru spends New Year’s Eve at home, where she acts more like a spoiled child than she does in front of her friends.


31-year-old Uramichi Omota has two sides to his personality. He appears as the young man in charge of physical exercises on the educational program “Maman to Together.” Although he has a fresh and upbeat demeanor on the show, he is actually a bit emotionally unstable, he can’t help but reveal his jaded, worn-out personality.

This evening’s Episode:Fateful Encounter

Uramichi-oniisan has strained his neck and can’t turn his head. This may cause problems, especially with overly-observant children. Life has a way of finding his weakness, so can he somehow subvert an upcoming scene. Still, he has the honour of becoming more than one action figure, thanks to Kikaku-san of Marketing. Personal relationships are approached, and Usao-san may have the wrong idea, once again.


Nagomu is a man who left his home in Kyoto and his family’s confectionery shop when he became a musician. Upon hearing that his father has been hospitalized though, he comes back home to take over the family business. However, while he was gone, a young girl named Itsuka started working at the shop. The whereabouts of Itsuka’s parents is unknown, and she has no other relatives, and Nagomu finds himself as foster parent for Itsuka. Itsuka, on the other hand, dislikes Nagomu for abandoning the family to become a musician. She proclaims that it will be her who will take over the shop one day instead of Nagomu.

Tonight’s Episode:Echoing Through the Hydrangea

Nagomu notices Mitsuru Horikawa, a worker at Ryokusho, who supports Ryokusho by allowing them to sell her handmade phone charms. Mitsuru helps support her parents and four siblings but is also secretly the amateur online musician Neon. Itsuku notices Neon’s phone charm on one of her videos and realises Neon is Mitsuru. Her fans also recognise the charm and Ryokusho is blitzed with phone calls by fans of Neon, causing a major inconvenience.

Lupin III part 6

The World’s greatest gentleman thief Lupin III, and cohorts, contending with detective Sherlock Holmes when Lupin becomes the top suspect in the murder of the former’s longtime partner, Dr. Watson. Lupin is also after a treasure hidden by The Raven, a mysterious organisation that manipulates the British government from the shadows

Tonight’s Episodes:The Mirage Women

Lupin visits Mattea who is recovering at the hospital, although she is not surprised to learn his true identity. Fujiko arrives to reveal that the group of female thieves is called “Elvira” and their leader is Mercedes Camilo. She explains that their next target will be the Banco Alban Bank in Mexico within five days, but Lupin suspects he is the real objective. On the way, Lupin explains to Jigen and Goemon that Tomoe is not his biological mother, but a teacher assigned by his grandfather to see if he was worthy of the “Lupin” name.

Steins; Gate

Rintaro Okabe is a self-proclaimed “mad scientist” who believes that an international organization is conspiring to reshape the world according to its own interests. He and his friend Itaru Hashida inadvertently create a gadget able to send messages to the past. The discovery and experimentation of this instrument become the catalyst of fundamental alterations to the present. Oblivious of the consequences of their actions, Rintaro and his friends end up creating modifications of grievous proportions. He must then try to find a way to return as close as possible to the original timeline in order to save his precious lab members.

Tonight’s Episodes:Sacrificial Necrosis

Unable to get much information about the badge maker’s client, Rintaro decides to leap back in time to confront the client in question, only to find it was Daru, who wanted to make a fake badge to cheer Suzuha up. Daru then reveals that Suzuha’s time machine is only able to travel backward in time, meaning they won’t be able to see her again once she leaves.

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) – season 2

Tanjiro Kamado is a kindhearted and intelligent boy who lives with his family, making money by selling charcoal. Everything changes when his family is attacked and slaughtered by demons (oni). Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko are the sole survivors of the incident. Nezuko has now become a demon, but still surprisingly shows signs of human emotion and thought. Tanjiro becomes a demon slayer to help his sister turn human again and to prevent the same tragedy that happened to him and his sister, from happening to others.

Tonight’s Episode:Set Your Heart Ablaze ” Mugen Train arc

With all that is left in him, Kyojuro unleashes one last, powerful attack at Akaza, momentarily stunning him. However, Akaza fatally injures him, and seeing the arrival of daybreak, flees. In desperate fury, Tanjiro flings his sword with all his force at Akaza, who nonetheless escapes as an enraged Tanjiro denounces him as a coward for running away.

To Your Eternity (Fumetsu no Anata e) season 1

An omnipotent narrator casts an orb of light to the Earth, watching as this entity copies the shape of a rock and then, many years later, mimics the moss on a rock. When a wolf dies beside the moss, it evolves, taking on the creature’s shape and gaining movement for the first time. As the wolf, the orb observes the dead wolf’s owner, a young man who lives alone on a frozen tundra. The time the orb spends with the boy leaves a mark on the entity as it observes, mimics, and bonds with the boy and then the other creatures it eventually comes across—all while transcending death and living for time immemorial.

Tonight’s Episode:A Girl Named Tonari

As Fushi wonders what caused Parona’s death, a thirteen-year-old girl named Tonari claims that there are good people who become criminals, having had the same experience when remembering her father. Fushi tries to rescue Pioran but the Beholder is against this and tells him to follow Parona’s legacy. In the next round, Fushi proves his superiority as a fighter but his rival refuses to give up. As the villagers become antagonistic with Fushi, the Nokkers appear.

Attack On Titan (Shingeki ni Kyojin) season 4 part B

Young Eldian Warrior candidates Gabi Braun and Falco Grice, seeking to inherit Reiner’s Armored Titan four years after the failed mission to claim the Founding Titan. As Marley’s dominance over competing nations begins to weaken due to the development of anti-titan weaponry, they plan to invade Paradis to develop their military using the resources on the island and also recover the Founding Titan. However, Eren Yeager and the Survey Corps have reached the Marley shoreline

Tonight’s Episodes:Judgment

Hange and the Jaegerists discover Levi’s body and find Zeke as he emerges from the dying Pure Titan fully healed, which Hange uses as a distraction to escape with Levi. Zeke explains to Floch that his massive wounds were treated by a mysterious girl in the mystical place called the Paths. Meanwhile at Shiganshina, Marleyan soldiers descend from their airships, and Pieck and Gabi reunite with Magath and Colt.

Golden Kamuy

Saichi Sugimoto, a survivor of the battle of 203 Hill in the Russo-Japanese War has become a miner in Hokkaido in order to provide for the widow of his dead comrade, Toraji. He hears a dubious story of hidden Ainu gold stashed by a criminal group, and accidentally finds clues to its location. He decides to search for the gold along with an Ainu girl, Asirpa, who rescues him from Hokkaido’s harsh northern wilderness. Though other parties are also hunting for the gold.

Tonight’s Episode:Everybody, Get Together! It’s a Murder Hotel!

The group and Ushiyama separately check into a hotel run by Ienaga Kano, a tattooed prisoner who murders and eats her guests. Shiraishi and Ushiyama are held in a basement torture chamber while Ienaga attempts to kill Asirpa.

Cells at Work! Code Black (Hataraku Saibou Burakku)

A newbie Red Blood Cell is one of 37 trillion working to keep this body running. But something’s wrong. Stress hormones keep yelling at him to go faster. The blood vessels are crusted over with cholesterol. Ulcers, fatty liver, trouble (ahem) downstairs… It’s hard for a cell to keep working when every day is a CODE BLACK.

Tonight’s Episodes:Return, the Heart, and Demise

AA2153 finally returns to work and resumes coaching a rookie. When they pass by the stomach, he is traumatized by remembering what happened to AC1677, but cheers up when the gastric cell remembers him and says he is glad he is all right, so he works with gusto. The blood vessels have been rupturing and filling with plaque, forcing the platelets to repair them and hindering the red blood cells.

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