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No Screening on Saturday 4th September 2021

No JAFWA on the first Saturday of September (4th)

Life! that glorious thing called “Life” can be enjoyed and celebrated this week!
One fannish thing to do is head down to Bunbury for the South West Festival of Japan.

JAFWA intends to return on September 11th, at the usual 5:15PM start, pandemic permitting.

JAFWA intends to return on August 14th, pandemic permitting.

Annual General Meeting resolutions

Resolutions that occurred during the AGM on July 17th include:

  1. Experiment with earlier hours during the coldest part of Winter. We have changed the bookings for August for this trial – Completed.
  2. Have a celebratory Dinner for the JAFWA committee members and general members, to be held on the evening of Saturday December 18th 2021, in lieu of a screening.
  3. New mascot design – will try asking at the next Artist’s Alley.
  4. Tell people they can sponsor an anime night.

We will be attempting to implement these as soon as practical.

Currently we are looking for suggestions for a location for the dinner, and we are taking expressions of interest for attendees.
We will need to make the booking by the end of October, so places and attendance by then.

JAFWA member Roy has submitted an interesting design for the logo which is under review. Any other budding artists at JAFWA who want to gives it a try?

The expected program

Below is the tentative program for the evening of Saturday September 11th, 2021.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles. With assistance from a grant from and

5:15pm Fruits Basket season 3 Ep 1/13
5:40pm Reincarnated as a Slime Ep 12/12
6:05pm Odd Taxi Ep 4/13
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm I’m a Spider, So What Ep 12/24
7:55pm Revolutionary Girl Utena Ep 28/39 (retro)
8:20pm Fire Force s2 Ep 12/24
8:45pm preview item Ep 1 (preview)
9:10pm Late Break
9:20pm preview item Ep 1 (preview)
9:45pm Wonder Egg Priority Ep 3/12 (v)
10:10pm Attack on Titan final season part 1 Ep 13/16 (v)

Doors Open before Screening:~5:00 PM

Program Finishes:~10:45 PM

Comment on our FB page.

Dates of Interest

presuming an outbreak of the Pandemic progression does not cause this to cancel.

  • Weekend September 3rd and 4th 2021 — On JAFWA’s off week, why not head down to Bunbury? For the South West Festival of Japan
  • rescheduled October 2nd to 3rd 2021 8AM-12 — Perth SupaNova at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.
  • Saturday October 16th 2021 8AM-12 — Nexus Toy & Collector fair at Victoria Park Leisure Centres – Aqualife and Leisurelife
  • November 4th to 7th 2021 — Japanese Film Festival in Perth. Keep checking the JFF web-site for more details, the full program will be will be announced on September 16.
  • November 20th 2021 — JAFWA next Event Afternoon, where we have the Hall from 1PM for “make your own fun”. Perhaps work of cosplay for Kaicon the week after?
  • November 27th to 28th 2021 — Kaiga Anime Festival Kaicon at Claremont Showgrounds.

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