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No Screening on Saturday 6th June 2020

President Drew’s Announcement on the hiatus of JAFWA

please read it here.

No JAFWA this week, but next week?

This would normally be our week off.

Hello fellow JAFWANs,

We have received responses to the last post both via Facebook and email, covering solid ground as to when and how JAFWA reopens. I thank you all who participated and voiced their thoughts and concerns.

I have looked over all the responses, and feel that the best path forward for JAWA is to wait until the restrictions lift further, and more so when the risk to JAFWA attendees is reduced. I would rather restart at a time when all can return.

With his in mind, the committee will wait until the next announcements (June I believe). There will be another post a similar question around that time, and I ask you all to again provide your feedback.

When I announced in March that JAFWA would be on hiatus, I made the decision to pause memberships. When we return, new (and fancy) membership cards will be issued with extensions to existing memberships to cover the time lost.


Drew Edgar

We have been in communication with the City of South Perth regarding the lifting of restrictions and the return of JAFWA, and the Collins Street Centre is now open for business. We are at the next stage of lifting of pandemic restrictions, so all our members can attend, so long as we follow the appropriate health compliance commitments. We here at JAFWA are eager to do so!

So what are our dear JAFWAites’ opinions on resuming JAFWA on June 13th? Please comment on our FaceBook page as to whether and how we should re-open.

Whichever way you vote, JAFWA shall return with the panacea of anime goodness, for when good order is restored. When the situation allows for JAFWA to resume, our expected screening can be seen here.
As always, be excellent to each other!

And until then, as long as Madman keeps operating, we will keep ordering stuff for you from their online catalogues with our club discount. Just e-mail us your orders, and we will respond with how to direct transfer the deposits and options for delivery. So far we have had a couple of JAFWAites pre-order stuff from the online catalogues.

With all the Travel bans, all is not lost if you need to reach out to Japan. We suggest you (remotely) visit our current favourite local shop (jump-start the economy):

BittaLime (Japanese kimono, antique, vintage fabric and collectables):
FB: BittaLime
Etsy: BittaLimeKimono
SC: BittaLime_Kimono

The latest Japanese Spring 2020 season of anime is underway in Japan. Do any of these or these titles look like they are worth previewing at JAFWA when we return? I am hoping for 2nd season of “Fruits Basket”, but also a desire for “Gleipnir”.

Comment on our FB page.

The resumption of the expected program for when next we screen is as follows:

Dates of Interest

presuming the Pandemic progression does not cause them all to cancel, as it did for Swancon.

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