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Weekly Bulletin for Saturday 26th September, 2015

Event Afternoon before JAFWA screening

JAFWA has the hall from 12:30PM to 4:30PM, where it is make our own amusement time.
There is probably at least one sewing machine is coming along, for cosplay creation related purposes. We have some excellent sewers amongst the membership, who may be willing to impart their skills.
We haven’t seen Ryan and James, so they may not be bringing in the 8 player Super Smash Bros. Does anybody have their own gamer machine and games they want their fellow JAFWAites to play? JAFWA will bring out the projector and screen.

These are just a cou-le of suggestion. What do you want to do?


Below is the program for September 26th, 2015.

This is one of our official movie nights – come in anime cosplay for free entry.
And after the Late Break there will be a somewhat violent and adult related preview item, not suitable for younger viewers.

This week’s movie is the recap of the TV series. JAFWA previewed the series once, but it didn’t get in the program as a regular item. Now you find out what you missed out on.

All items in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

5:15pm Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic Ep 7/12
5:40pm Kamisama Hajimemashita, 2nd Season Ep 6/12
6:05pm Fairy Tail Ep 175/245
6:30pm dinner break
7:15pm door prize drawing, and announcements
7:30pm Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova movie
9:15pm Late Break
9:25pm Gangsta Ep 1 (Vr)
9:50pm Akame ga Kill Ep 15/24 (v)
10:15pm JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure Ep 8/26 (v)

Doors Open Screening:~4:55 PM

Program Finishes:~10:50 PM

Dates of Interest

  • Saturday September 26th – Next JAFWA event afternoon for make your own fun.
  • October 1st to 7th – Attack on Titan Part 2 Innaloo 7pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 4:45pm and 7pm Monday is not listed yet .
    Carousel ( IMAX only ) & Garden City, NFT Films (No Free Ticket=Full Price All tickets) – Thursday 1st at 7pm, Friday 9pm, Saturday 4pm and 9pm, Sunday 4pm, Monday not listed yet
  • Saturday October 3rd – Look forward to Yobe Chibi-con
  • Saturday October 10th – From 11AM Perth Kodomo Festival, presented by Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre in Perth in Perth, Australia.
  • October 10&11 – PokePerth 10am- 6.00pm, Subiaco Sports bar, Subiaco WA.
  • October 15 to 21 – Boruto – Naruto the movie
  • Saturday October 24thRahCon (Mandurah Pertforming Arts Centre) 10am-4pm.
  • 28 Oct to 1 Nov – Japanese Film Festival.

And never forget the other theatrical releases forthcoming from reelanime.


Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic (Kiniro Mosaic, Season 2)

It’s Alice’s second year in Japan. Her second year living with Shino, going to school with Shino and being with Shino and all her other friends in Japan. It’s time for another year of fun.

Tonight’s Episodes:My Dear Hero

Karen’s timid and clumsy classmate Honoka finally plucks up the courage to ask her golden-haired idol for her email address after meeting Karen and her family’s restaurant, where Youko was defeated by a monstrous parfait too big even for her appetite. The girls also learn a bit more about their homeroom teachers, like the fact that both Kuzehashi-sensei and Karasuma-sensei graduated from the school they now teach at. The two even knew each other in high school although Kuzehashi hadn’t realized it until now, much to her embarrassment.

Kamisama Hajimemashita, 2nd Season

omozono Nanami continues to serve as the Earth Deity of the Mikage Shrine, and the fox spirit Tomoe continues to serve as her familiar. Their feelings for each other are becoming harder to ignore, but Nanami’s duties as an Earth Deity won’t wait. And an old friend of Tomoe’s is starting to stir up trouble.

Tonight’s Episodes:The Deity Meets a Little Tengu

The Divine Assembly has come to an end and Nanami has learned new things and interacted with other deities. Whilst Tomoe has come to the realization that his feelings for Nanami weren’t just the effects of his contract as a familiar, even though he still can’t bring himself to express them properly. But on the final day of the Divine Assembly Mikage briefly reveals himself to Nanami, explaining his reasons for appointing her and stepping down from his shrine; he wants Tomoe to think of humans as more than frail, fleeting creatures he should avoid dealing with.

Fairy Tail

Magic and mayhem in the nation of Fiore. The members of the infamous mage’s guild Fairy Tail spend their days sorting out problems for the residents of Magnolia and battling the odd apocalyptic demon or dark guild. Of course they don’t let little things like that get in the way of having fun.

Tonight’s Episodes:Natsu vs the Twin Dragons

The two Sabertooth dragon-slayers show off ever greater powers culminating in Dragon Force, an ability Natsu has only managed to use when externally supercharged, which Sting uses to single-handedly blast both Natsu and Gajeel through a massive hole in the stadium floor. But it seems even his best isn’t enough to put the two first generation Dragon Slayers down for good. And after tossing Gajeel into a convenient mining cart, Natsu turns the tables once again and proceeds to take on Sting and Rogue single handed.

Movie – Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio – Ars Nova (Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova)

In the year 2039 a fleet of mysterious, technologically advanced warships dubbed the Fleet of Fog devastated the world’s navies and imposed a global sea and air blockade. Completely cutting nations off from one another. Now, seven years after it began, rogue submarine captain Gunzo Chihaya has the only ship capable of challenging the blockade and giving humanity a chance to reclaim the seas … I-401, a former Fleet of Fog submarine.

Preview – Gangsta

Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown are “handymen” living in the town of Ergastulum. When you need a job done Worick and Nicolas are the ones to call, whether you’re a Mob Boss who needs a rival eliminated or an old lady who wants the local hooligans to leave. Obviously the nastier jobs pay better, and this dirty little town has more than enough crime lords and crooked cops to keep them busy.

Tonight’s Episodes:Naughty Boys

From the second floor window of their apartment, Nicolas watches events unfold in the alleyway below. A street walker getting a ‘lesson’ from her boss about coming up short with the money. But business comes first, and the Handymen have a new job. It’s not far from their office, however, because that same street walker is not far away, even though the locals don’t care for her kind hanging around.

Akame ga Kill (Red-Eye Kill)

Tatsumi was hoping to find enough money in the capital to save his poverty stricken village, what he found instead was corruption and slaughter. The prime minister is the power behind the throne, manipulating the infant emperor for his own gain, and the common folk of the empire suffer under his reign. A group of assassins known as Night Raid prowl the city, leaving a trail of corpses in their wake. But as Tatsumi quickly discovers, they may be the only hope the empire has.

Tonight’s Episode:Kill the Puppets

The time draws near for the Revolutionary Army to finally act. Allies are assembled, the populace is set to be roused, and Night Raid can see their opportunity to take out the Prime Minister himself. Only two things threaten the plan, the Empire has a plant within the Path of Peace religion who will stop it from fomenting rebellion amongst the people, and of course there’s Esdeath and her Jeagers. To deal with the latter Night Raid has lured them out of the capitol and split them in two, but just Akame’s sister Kurome may be more than a match for all of Night Raid put together.

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure)

The Joestar’s are a wealthy English family, but one with a dark fate. Ever since the days of Jonathon Joestar and his adopted brother Dio Brando, and the succession struggle that came about from Dio’s greed, the Joestar family line has found itself embroiled in supernatural horror and world-threatening ambition. And it always falls to the current Jojo, whomever it may be, to stop the madness.

Tonight’s Episode:Bloody Battle! Jojo and Dio

Just as prophesied, Zeppeli has been killed. However he did manage to fulfil the rest of his destiny, saving Jojo from strangulation and passing along all his Hamon power. The renewed, and super-powered, Jojo goes on to easily defeat Tarkus and after a final farewell to Zeppeli they proceed on to Poco’s village. On the way they meet Zeppeli’s companions, summoned by him to aid Jojo but arriving too late to save their friend. But in truth, all of them are too late. Dio has already devoured the village and turned its inhabitants into zombies. All but one that is …

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