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Jafwa Election Results…

Jafwa elections have passed, we (well, I would anyway) would like to thank Drew and Steve for tallying the votes and verifying that everything was above board.

The committee has had two withdrawals, and had 4 new members sign up for nomination.  Jafwa would like to thank Wendy and Jacen for all their efforts and hard work that they have put into Jafwa and helping out when it’s been needed.  The remaining 6 members of the committee were (unfortunately?) re-elected back into the current running of things.

The new committee will come into effect at the Jafwa Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled for the 7th of August, 2010 starting approximately 6:30pm, and will be after the Westlodge Doctor Who screening on the same day.

The committee after the Jafwa AGM will be as follows:

President Philip Cummins
Vice President Lindsay McLennan
Secretary Owen Wilde
Treasurer Sally Sutherland
Master of Ceremonies Dale Verdi
Chief Medical Officer Paul Clune (Promoted!)
Shogun in Training Glenn Clifford
Neko-hime Katie Dedman

We hope to see you at Supanova!

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