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DVD Ordering

Just a reminder to all our signed up members that the local providers of anime (Madman, Siren and Hanabee) each offer JAFWA a club discount, allowing us to buy items from their catalogue on behalf of our members at a lower price than usual.
We collect orders at our JAFWA screenings.

These titles are available within the month (prices are before discounts):
From Madman on November 1st 2018, available for order:

  • Armed Girl’s Machiavellism complete series ($59.95 BluRay)
  • Digimon Adventure Tri. Part 5 – Coexistence ($29.95 DVD / $34.95 BluRay)
  • Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution ($59.95 BluRay)
  • Naruto Origins complete collection (limited edition) ($249.95 DVD)
  • Naruto Shippuden collection 34 (Eps 445-458) ($49.95 DVD)
  • Naruto Shippuden Hokage box 4 (Eps 310-415) ($199.95 DVD)
  • Naruto Shippuden Rasengan movie collection 2 ($49.95 DVD)

From Madman on December 5th 2018, available for pre-order:

  • Akira – 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Box-Set ($159.95 BluRay)
  • Dragon Ball Super Collection 1 ($99.95 DVD / $109.95 BluRay)
  • Dragon Ball Super part 5 (Eps 53-65) ($49.95 DVD / $54.95 BluRay)
  • Dragon Ball Z: broly collection ($19.95 DVD / $19.95 BluRay)
  • Ghost in the Shell ($29.95 DVD / $34.95 BluRay)
  • Ghost in the Shell movie collection ($29.95 DVD / $34.95 BluRay)
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure set 1: Phantom Blood / Battle Tendency ($69.95 BluRay)
  • Princess Principal ($59.95 BluRay)
  • Sailor Moon S the movie ($29.95 DVD / $34.95 BluRay)
  • Scum’s Wish complete series ($59.95 BluRay)
  • Terraformars complete season 1 (Eps 1-13) ($59.95 BluRay)
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ($59.95 BluRay)

From Hanabee on September 13th, available for order:

  • Day 5 – Seasons 1 & 2 ($34.99 Blu-ray)
  • Initial D Legend 3 Dream ($29.99 DVD / $29.99 Blu-ray)

From Hanabee available for pre-order, released ???:

From Siren for order, released April 2016:

  • Perfect Blue ($34.95 Blu-ray)
  • Chihayafuru – complete seasons 1 and 2 box ($49.95 DVD)

We get a 20% discount from Madman’s catalogue ( for just about anything in their catalogue – anime, other movies, occasional figures and other novelties (eg these). With free postage for orders over $50.

We get a 10% discount from Hanabee (, and if JAFWA orders at least $100 worth of items at a time then we don’t have to pay for postage.

We no longer get a 15% discount on Siren’s anime (, and we do have to pay for postage. Trial and error has determined that JAFWA ordering 3 or 4 items at once optimally reduces the shared postage costs.

As always, we need about 50% deposit up front plus contact details (e-mail address is best), you have ~3 months to collect the items after they arrive or the deposit and items default to JAFWA. We will also mark up the total cost of the final delivery by approximately $1, to get to the next even dollar in order to offset service and handling costs that JAFWA incurs.
It traditionally takes up to two JAFWA screenings from when JAFWA places the order till the items arrive.

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