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2019 AGM agenda items

The following issues are to be raised at the AGM to be held on Saturday 20th of July 2019, starting at 3PM at the Collins Street Community Center.

  • Discussing how to prioritise spending money raised from our Bunnings BBQs. Essentially, what things should definitely get some of this money and what should only get money if there‚Äôs some left after everything else.
  • Covering the cost involved in screening Anime movies (i.e. paying local rights holders companies, such as Madman, for permission to screen movies). Whether there should be a one-time increase in the entry fee to cover the expense or if the money should come from somewhere else (such as BBQ money).
  • Discussing an idea floated at a recent committee meeting, seeking a grant from the City of South Perth to cover the cost of a movie screening, and providing free entry for residents of South Perth.
  • The question of Events Days, brought up at the last AGM, must be covered in this AGM as they have not paid for themselves in the intervening year.
  • The committee members involved were looking for some feedback from the JAFWA membership about our surveys. What people thought of the special trailer survey we did at the start of the year as well as their thoughts or opinions on the regular surveys. Also, the committee would like to know if anyone is interested in being involved in the process of creating these surveys.
  • The committee is looking for suggestions or opinions from the rest of JAFWA about incorporating more Japanese cultural activities into JAFWA screenings, such as preparing/cooking Japanese foods like okonomiyaki at the screenings and doing things like tea tastings.
  • The committee is looking for suggestions or opinions on running auctions during Event Days, where members can bring in items they might wish to sell.
  • The committee is looking for suggestions, opinions and ideas for a new Logo for JAFWA, and a new design for our Flyers

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